We Are Enchanting VS One Direction

"Wh-what the hell are you..? Are you even human..."


10. The Bitter-Sweet Coffee

AUTHOR'S NOTE ~~~~~~~~~~~I'm sorry it's been a while since I've updated, but there have been some technical difficulties, family, school, friends, etc... Any~who here it is. Oh! ps. I haven't picked a winner yet, so it's not too late to enter, also don't hate me for what's in this chapter, just trying to be a good author, xxo :*

*Chauny's Pov*


I walked out the door of my bedroom, leaving the girls to their...laughing fit. I didn't really care what I wore, so all I had on was a singlet, shorts(not too short) and a pair of black high tops. I also "borrowed" my sisters leather jacket(but not real leather, I don't wear cow). I just chucked my hair into a messy pony tail..eh it'll do. After all, I really don't care what the paparazzi say.

"Ready to go?" Harry asked, looking a bit too happy with his cheeky smile. I must admit, he is a little cute...not that I would date him or anything....

"Yeah, let's go" I say as I walk past Harry and I was about to walk down the stairs when Harold had to grab my hips and spin me around.

"Oi!! What the hell are you doing!!!" I glare at the curly hair baboon man handling me.

"No! You fell before because you're a klutz, therefore I'll have to carry you so it doesn't happen again" Harry said while flipping over his shoulder. His shoulder blade digging into my abdomen (A/N~~ it's the stomach near your hip, hurts like hell)

"Do you really have to? Because your shoulder is digging into my side and it hurts like a b*tch" I told him, while whacking his back with my hands, I squealed because that dirty b*stard slapped my arse!!! I swear if I could my magic on his..oh boy he'd be dead.

"Don't swear, it's not ladylike" Harry said with one of those 'teacher tones' then flashing me one of famous grins

"A little warning buddy...touche my arse again and you will suffer my black belt skills" I threatened him, then gave him an electric shock and flipped off of his should while landing safely on the step behind him. While Harry had his back hunched a little, so I pushed my hands off of his back and  flipped over him landing three steps in front.

I skipped down the last four steps, my hair moved quickly in slow motion as I spun around to Harry giving him one of my grins. His jaw dropped in awe...good.

"Come on grandpa, what's taking you so long?" I said winking at Harry, and leaned against the door waiting for Harry.

"How...did.....how did you do that?" Harold asked, walking down the last few steps.

"Well every girl needs her secrets" I told him while walking out the door


The walk to star bucks was...ok, I mean people did stare and I got a couple of dirty looks, but I really don't care. I was only here for my caffeine goodness.

Harry got his usual order and I got my favorite 'iced cafe mocha', we decided to sit down, so it would give us a chance to talk.

"So? Chauny, Why do you and the girls hate me and the boys?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow

"I guess it's your music, don't get me wrong, I mean your lyrics do help with a girls insecurities, but it doesn't represent you and show what you're all about. Like with our songs, we write them and they're about us, about the problems that haven't been solved, about everything that could empower anyone to stand up for themselves. You know? Kinda like P!NK" I told him, trying to put it as gentle as possible.

"oh....Oh! Shit!" Harry almost shouted

"Well then. So you have the ability to swear, but when it comes to everyone else it's like shame on you" I was about to continue, until I saw what he was talking about. Taylor Swift, and a mystery guy, soon to be the reason for her future grammy award. Oh..even better, she was coming here too, oh joyful.

"Quick! Lets  get out of here!" Harry said while trying to rush me out of my seat.

"What! Now? No, this just got interesting" I said while chuckling at his facial expression. No way I was gonna miss this, I think this day is going to be very...interesting.

I continued to sit on my chair, waiting for Taylor and her new song with legs to come through the doors. I finally got Harry to sit down and relax, but not by my charm, but the other magical charm. I started to have a laughing fit, why? Well if you saw Taylor's face then you would too, Harry just glared at me, but that only made it worse.

Then I realized that Taylor was coming my way, only for two possible reasons~1~to gloat about her new boyfriend or 2~to try and pick a fight with me for laughing at her.

"What's your problem?!" Taylor said bluntly with way to much spit. I wiped my face before answering her.

"Well first of all: say it don't spray it. And second it doesn't concern you one bit, I mean last time I checked there wasn't a law for laughing" I sassed at her, she just rolled her eyes and scoffed

"Whatever! Wannabe Hipsta!" Little Miss Hill Billy snapped at me, Now it was on...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TO BE CONTINUED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

AUTHOR'S NOTE~~~~~~ ok so........it is to be continued because I wanted you guys to read the next part, but there's more to go. Please tell me what you think about this chapter!!! I don't know if I should restart it or not?

T E L L         M  E       P L E A S E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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