We Are Enchanting VS One Direction

"Wh-what the hell are you..? Are you even human..."


14. Poetry's A Bitch

*Chauny's Pov*


"I'm just gonna get ready, I'll be quick ok..?" I told Shaun as i kissed him on the cheek. I quickly turned around and rushed up the stairs. I mean Shaun was like my brother, it was ok to kiss him on the cheek.

God, What happened with Harry? I mean...I...I don't know...God, what's wrong with me? I..I mean...I..I just..I just don't know anymore. Now to suffer with Tom's poetry, I mean I love Tom and all, but he has awful poetry skills. I snapped out of my thoughts when I ran into the bedroom door, 

"Ow." I mumbled as I backed away and opened the door, rubbing my forehead.

I walked across the bedroom-(There were five Queen sized beds spread across each side of the walls, Taylah and mine were joined together as she has a fear of the dark, the walls were painted white with multi-colored graffiti on parts of it as we all had a go at spray painting little bits and pieces on them. On the left side in the middle was a walk-in closet and straight across the room, was the bathroom)-and headed for the door that lead to the bathroom. I quickly stripped and jumped in the shower, and coated myself in body wash, I let the warm water wash off the soap bubbles, then washed my hair.

I turned off the water and wrapped a towel around my body and hair, I stepped out of the shower and walked across the hall to the walk in wardrobe I picked out my skin bra and white boyleg underwear, my baby blue and white polka dot play suit which had a heart at the back of it. I grabbed my thigh high white socks and a pair of Kristina's black ankle strap heels that were only a couple of inches high. I made my way back to the bathroom, towel still on my head, I checked the time, shit. Almost 5! How long was I in that shower for? I got back at 3:30pm?..I..I think. Oh well, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.

I unwrapped the towel from my head and sighed, I looked awful! My hair was a mess and my freckles along my cheeks stood out, urgh! I quickly applied some BB cream and a little powder, I pulled back my hair into a messy bun and left a few wet curls dangle around the side of my face. Done...I hope.


*Harry's Pov*


"I'm just gonna get ready, I'll be quick ok..?" Chauny said as she kissed this Shaun guy on the cheek! She then rushed up the stairs, I clenched my jaw in anger. What the fuck, she kisses me then kisses this Shaun guy! Is she playing me? Was that kiss fake? Or my kiss? I think my heart just crushed...and now it was filled with rage.

The girls crowded "Shaun" with hugs and giggles and kisses from Chauntelle. I mean, what's so great about him anyway. I glared over at the attention he was getting, what does Chauntelle see in him anyway. I noticed Lou, still staring at me in amazement

"What?" I snapped at him 

Lou raised his hands in defense "Nothing" 


*Louis' Pov*


I raised my hands in defense "Nothing" wow, I thought Harry was just being Harry with all the flirting with Chauntelle, now that kiss and this Shaun guy. Just..interesting how things can change within seconds. The girls hurried Shaun into the lounge room where Niall, Liam, Zayn and Taylah were. I wonder how they all knew each other? At least  Harry got his kiss, even though it didn't last that long. 

The girls brushed Shaun into the lounge room, where the boys were. I walked to Harry before he could go into the lounge room

"What's up with you?" I questioned

"Nothing. Ok. Just leave it." Harry snapped at me, jeez it's not like Hazza's in love with her or anything.

"Alright then" I gave up, Harry then shoved past me and went into the kitchen



*Harry's Pov*


After sitting in the kitchen thinking, I decided to go for a shower to clear my head, I started to walk up the stairs, I pulled out my phone and went onto twitter, just to see what the fans are up to. I didn't realise until I looked up that I was going to bump into Chauntelle. Perfect. Obviously Chauny didn't know as she put her hands out in front of herself.

Her palms landed on my chest, a couple of her curls at the side of her face brushed in front of her beautiful eyes, Chauny looked at where her hands were placed, then up at me. Chauntelle quickly removed her hands from from chest and bit her lip, while putting her hands behind her back

"Oh, sorry" Chauny mumbled

"It's fine." I replied bluntly, in sync we both stepped to the right then the left

Chauny apologized again. I ignore it, then grabbed her by her shoulders and lifted Chauny up and aside while she blushed. I brushed past her and up a few steps.

"I guess," Chauny stalled "I'll see you later?" she called out to me

"Yeah, whatever" I said then continued up the stairs.


*Chauny's Pov*


"Whatever" did I do something wrong? I mean, I enjoyed the kiss, a lot and I had fun with him and..and..I think that I might actually like Harry. I mean before all of this started we were....never mind. I made my way down the rest of the steps and towards the lounge room, I figured they would be there, after all that's where all the laughter was coming from. I pushed past the door and saw everyone in conversation? What happened when I was gone? Anyway, as soon as Shaun spotted me, he got up and headed my way.

"Hey, ready to go?" He questioned

"Yeah" I replied, giving him back his 'Bob Marley' hoodie.

"Bye" I shouted as we left the lounge room, and down the hall towards the front door, thankfully it has stopped raining but we took Shaun's car anyway. I had always loved his car it was a black 2007 Ford Mustang V6 coupe, I guess I've always been into cars. We drove to the coffee house that was hosting Tom's poetry reading.

"So," Shaun continued "What's with you and that guy? Harry, right?"

"Huh?" I questioned "Oh right, um, nothing I guess" 

"It...uh, didn't seem like nothing" he inquired

"Well trust me, it wasn't anything" I stated

"Chauntelle, you know what happened last time" 

"Yeah Shaun, I know. Look, can we please just forget about this, please" I snapped at him, I felt bad though

"Ok then," Shaun mumble

"I'm sorry," I apologised "how's the band going?" I changed the subject

"Yeah, it's going fine, but Jared is um..well.." Shaun struggled for words

"A douche?" I suggested 

"No. Well maybe a little, but still that's not what I was going to say"

"Then, what were you?" I asked 

"Never mind, it's fine. We're here anyway" 

Shaun pulled up onto the side walk of the coffee house called the 'Paradox'. This was going to be long and brutal. I always hate going to the poetry readings, I mean Tom only does them because he thinks it's good publicity for their band, which still doesn't have a name. 

"Yay" I stated sarcastically getting out of the car

"Come, on. It's won't be that bad" he said while getting out of the car and shutting the door behind him. 

We walked into the 'Paradox', the walls were covered in vigorous posters of urban bands like 5 seconds of summer, screamo-suicide silence, indie-flume and tons of other bands and singers like Bombay Bicycle Club and Green Day. The colors on the walls were splattered  like drops of blood, but in dark purple, red, black, dark blue and some orange here and there. There was one wall behind the stage that sat on the back wall of the coffee shop, which was pure white with different tags and graffiti. It was amazing how different and unique this place was. 

Shaun got the both of us at the back near the register a red velvet lounge with a circled black coffee table. 

"I'm gonna go order, what do you want?" Shaun asked

"Coffee, black like my soul" Shaun then chuckled at my remark and gave me a side smile

"Ok then, I'll be back with your back soul"










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