We Are Enchanting VS One Direction

"Wh-what the hell are you..? Are you even human..."


8. Let The Love-Hate Begin

*No ones Pov*

They repeated the chant over and over again, till Chauny gasped and gulped for air like you would once awakoning from a nightmare. Chauny quickly sat up while the rest of the girls came to her side to embrace her from her near death experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                        "What happened?" Georgia questioned                                              

"Yeah, what triggered it" Kristina asked,                                    

"Back Up! ok! Yes I know we're all thankful Chauny is ok, but jeez give the woman some space!" yelled Taylah.          

"I-I don't know what  happened....but somethings changed....I-I can feel it....guys I-Its Isobel" Chauny stuttered out, worried. 

"Wait! Hold up! You mean Isobel the witch? Isobel who is now an accient spirit, thats take possession of you every full moon, the one thats make you turn?!" Nessa said in an over dramatic voice.         

"Yep, thats the one" Chauny replied unenthusiastically, knowing the danger the boys had been put in.

*Liam's Pov*

"So?" Harry questioned, as I walked into the kitchen.                                                                                                                           "So, What?" I couldn't stop thinking about what just happened, I mean Chauntelle could've gotten brain damage from that. "What was all the comotion about mate? The girls were here, then they up and left" Niall answered   

"Poof! Kinda like magic, don't you say Harry?" Louis teased, the boys laughed a little besides Harry        

"Oh, right. Well I was walking down the stairs and Chauntelle was just standing there, then she fainted and the next thing I know the girls come and rush her upstairs" I couldn't stop thinking about how something like that could happen, I mean its not easy being famous, and they're only 15, they shouldn't have that much pressure on them, I continued to think about the subject, when I was snapped out of thought by Zayne

"Bro, calm down. You have that worried 'Dad' look on your face" Zayne said, being as calm as ever                                     

"He's not the only one thats got it" Niall snickered, then burst into laughter by his own remark while pointing at a Harry                                                                                        

"Maybe someone should she if she's ok? You know, just in case she has to go to the hospital? Harry mumbled, before walking upstairs towards the girl's room or  'santuary' as they called it.    

*Harry's Pov*

I couldn't believe that Chauny had fell down the stairs, I mean she seems so well balanced, well she didn't look like one of those people who fell off the stairs causually or anything. What am I saying! I am babling about how Chauny doesn't have balance, what the hell am I doing?! I knocked on the door, nervious as ever. Like you were on a first date, but in this case I wasn't on a date with her, I wish I was though. It was like we had a Love-Hate thing going on. You know? Let the Love-Hate begin, I had all the love, while she had been given the hate.

"What do you want!?" Vennessa snapped at me, obviously she didn't like me either

"I-Is Chauny ok?" I asked, worried I hope she was alright

"Chauny is just fine!" yelled Kristina from behind the door, what was going on in there?

"W-Well can I talk to her?" I said stuttering, while trying to peak my head into the room

"Yes, yes I can talk! Is there something you want!?" Chauny yelled walking towards the door and myself

"umm can we talk in private?" I said, looking at the girls who were standing behind Chauny, she scoffed

"Fine! If I have too!" and closed the door behind her, leaving groans from the girls

"Well! What!?" she asked bluntly, her hair was in a messy ponytail and she had a red singlet with deman shorts and even better no makeup, I was taken out of my thoughts by her

"Hello!? Ugh! Seriously! What is it!? And stop staring at me! Its creepy!"

"Oh, right..um...did...you..want..to...um...I don't know...maybe...you...know go out...with me?" I finnally got out, but Chauny just looked at me weirdly, "Oh..as friends of course" I quickly added

"Well we aren't friends for one thing, but I have been craving real coffee, so starbucks?" I can't believe she said yes! Stop it Harry gotta play it cool!

"Yeah..sure...did you want to go now?" I asked trying my hardest to not stutter

"Umm, yeah let me get my wallet" she said as she turned and walked into the room, I thought to myself, 'this is it, this is my chance to show her I'm nothing like those rumours, that I'm not a manwhore! This is my chance to try and win her over, to prove to her that I'm actually a nice guy and not all about 'one night stands'.

*Chauny's Pov*

I can't believe I said yes, but I guess I could give him a chance, then again I guess there might be feekings, but with Harry It's always kinda been like 'let the love-hate begin'. I don't know, maybe I might like him.

"So? Whats happening with Harry Hornbag?" Taylah asked, while Kris laughed at Taylah's little 'joke'

"Nothing, It's just coffee, nothing more, nothing less. Plus we're only going to starbucks" I replied attempting to not laugh, but failed.

"Right! Coffe! Thats how it always starts!" Yelled Ness while laughing, those girls are a real piece of work, I chuckled at my own remark.



*Author's Note*

Hey guys! I don't know if I should continue this movella or not. So tell me what you think.


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