We Are Enchanting VS One Direction

"Wh-what the hell are you..? Are you even human..."


1. Knowing 'We Are Enchanting'

Chauny AKA Chauntelle~ Purple/blue eyes, long curly blonde hair, short/curvy,  thigh gap and freckles onlong her cheeks. Chauny may be a good little girl at times, but she'll do anything to prove someone wrong. Chauny is the flirt of the group and can be a little bad, she created the band with her four best friends.

(Taylah, Kristina, Vennessa and Georgia)

Kris AKA Kristina~ Brown eyes, medium straight brown hair and tall/curvy, thigh gap. Kristina is the lovable one of the group, as she always knows what's going on.

Taylz AKA Taylah~ blue eyes, medium straight blonde hair, teal tips/very tall, box gap, very skinny. Taylz is know for the tom boy of the group, as it's basically once every blue moon Taylz will have her hair down or in a dress.

Gg AKA Georgia~ Brown short curly hair, green eyes, medium height, no thigh gap. Gg is the smartest of the girls as she always has a plan in mind and and is able to make peace with anyone, no matter how bad the argument is. 

V AKA Vennessa~ Short black hair, hazel eyes, very tall, no thigh gap, very curvy. Vennessa is know to be the bitchiest of them, I mean all girls are bitchy, but Vennessa would win an award for it.

Together they make up 'We Are Enchanting' founded by Simon Cowell in the Australian X-Factor.


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