We Are Enchanting VS One Direction

"Wh-what the hell are you..? Are you even human..."


13. Forbidden Love?

*Niall's Pov*


I was sitting in the lounge room, the lads and I were watching the "Hangover" we were all gathered around the tv, but we couldn't find Hazza. Suddenly the girls came into the room, but Chauny wasn't with them...?

"Here comes trouble" Zayn chuckled.

He was right, knowing our previous run ins with Vennessa, she's always a joy. Georgia is just the peace keeper and always buried in a book or something, Kristina only gets involved when she wants to and Taylah is just beautfiul...wait what? I mean she's you know...never stops eating...Oh, I get it now, Harry must have cracked Chauntelle, after who knows how many times the lad has crashed and burned. 

I chuckled to myself as I remember one of many failed attempts to talk to Chauny.. But was snapped out by Taylah's adorable laugh..

"Are you guys seriously watching this?! I love this! It's the best thing ever!" She exclaimed

"C-Can I watch it with yous?" Taylah sheepishly asked

I jumped in before the boys could disagree

"Of Course! The more the better!" I practically yelled, buying a few stares from the boys. 

"Depends if you can put away your claws?" Lou questioned, eyes still glued on the Tv

"Look, I know we've never gotten along before or anything, but lets face it we're gonna be stuck for the rest of our break till we go back on tour. The least we can do is act civil until it's over, who knows? We might actually have things in common?" Georgia sugested, 

I mean the girl had a point, something's she says things that would come from someone twice her age. 

"You've made a good point, I'm sure we can all try to get along." Liam replied


*Liam's Pov* 


I think Georgia would be good as a peace maker or a lawyer or something when her music career was finished. Maybe that's why her head is always stuck to a book, unless of course she's cleaning up the mess Vennessa would get them into.

"I guess we could play nice" Zayn expressed

"You're right Gg, after all we are all stuck here" Kristina admitted, then looked at Taylah

"What? I'm fine with playing nice" she shrugged

Kristina then scolded at Vennessa and cleared her throat, as a gesture

"Oh fine! The claws are going away. Ugh, seriously you guys are so boring" Vennessa rolled her eyes, then left the room. 

Well, I'm sure it'll be fun to see what Vennessa's definition of "nice" is.

"I'm sorry about Vennessa," Kristina started "she may come across as a bitch, but really deep down-"

Lou cut in with a sarcastic tone "She's really a bigger bitch?"

"No. Well, yes. But still, she isn't that bad, she's quite sweet when you get to know her" Kristina finished

I turned back to the tv, we had forgotten to pause the telly! We missed the part were they think Doug is in the boot of the car. This was my favorite part!


*Harry's Pov*


"Oh honey, all the Hipstas' wannabe Me" Chauntelle replied slightly calm

"You're so fake, even Barbie hates you!" Taylor quickly replied

"Honey, are you really gonna insult me with quotes from tumblr? Ok, I'll play along" Chauntelle continued "Sweety, you're just jealous Barbie envies me" 

Taylor was about to retaliate, but I decided to try to break it up by changing the subject 

"Hi, Taylor." I said bluntly, hoping this nightmare would end. Why me? Why now?

"Harry." Taylor glanced at me, then back at Chauntelle. I had a feeling in my gut this would not end well, I mean if you hadn't noticed, Chauntelle has a very tempered personality. 

"Are you done now?" Chauntelle asked " Or is there a reason you have a plus one when stalking one of your ex'?" she finished with a half smirk. Yep, this is going to be trouble. 

"..What?..I'm not stalking Harry,...I'm here with my boyfriend.. I'm sure you've heard of him..Sterling Knight" She said proudly, as if it was an achievement 

A new boyfriend, isn't that a surprise? That poor, poor, bloke.

"Wow, Sterling, has a good ring to it." Chauntelle continued "What's the name of the song?"

Taylor acted shocked " What song."  

"Oh you know, for when Sterling dumps you? And then you get a grammy for trashing yet another ex." Chauntelle explained "Here's a good title 'No Longer My Knight'" Then smiled innocently, pushing up her cute bubbly cheeks, flashing her long lashes each slow blink

A few people started to notice their little argument. Taylor looked furious, I could imagine the steam whistling from her red face, then she slapped Chauntelle! She slapped her!


*Chauny's Pov*


That bitch slapped me! That insest-hill-billy-boy-trashing-kiss-arse slapped me! Well I did have it coming, but it wasn't just me saying all that stuff, Isobel did lend an unwanted hand, but I must say it was worth it. 

I fixed up my fringed, then clenched my knuckles together

"Ok. That stung" I mumbled under my breath..Uh oh, everyone saw that and worst of all they had it on camera..whoops for Taylor, they had caught her slapping me and nothing else. This was my decision to make, say something back and have the paparazzi binge false stories about me or walk away and have the paparazzi call me a 'wimp' or 'too goody'. I couldn't let down our fans. 

"Ok Taylor, I thing to say to you" I continued "Smile for the cameras sweety, you need to perfect your timing" I then pointed to everyone with cameras. 

If I can't run away, then I'll make sure Taylor does. There is no way I'm getting thrown to the paparazzi for "Little Miss Goody Goody" having anger issues. 

Taylor scanned the room full of cameras video taping her every move, I sat back and took a sip from my drink. 

"Come on, let's go" Taylor grabbed Sterling and pulled him towards the exit of the coffee shop. On their way out, Sterling sent me a little smile. I kindly returned it. 

"Well, that was fun" Harry stated sarcastically, I chuckled at his remark

We continued talking till 2pm, then left to walk home. We got stopped by a couple of Directioners and Enchantees, I didn't mind and I don't think Harry did either. Both of our fans kinda started multiplying and we ended up having to sprint away from them as they kept trying to cut some of my hair off and rip Harry's clothes. It was even better when it started raining, not. It started pouring harder, I almost slipped over while turning a corner when Harry grabbed my hand and we continued running. I hesitated about Harry holding my hand, but left it there. I had to admit it was nice and the rain made it more dramatic. Like something out of a movie, one of those really cheesy chick flicks that I despise, but it wasn't so bad making it come to life. 

*Zayn's Pov* 


Kristina and Taylah ended up staying to watch the rest of the movie with us. it wasn't that bad than I would've thought. But Georgia, left for the study with her music blasting through her head phones and a big thick 'English Literature' book, pens and a note pad. 

It was 3pm and Harry or Chauntelle hadn't been back yet. They left at 12pm, what would take them so long? I noticed it was raining, they would probably be waiting for the rain to stop. I'd better text him to see how things are going. 

~Text~ Zayn: "Hey, where are you guys?"

~Text~ Harry: "Sorry, running from fans :Ll Be be back soon"

 *Niall's Pov*


I spent the whole movie laughing with Taylah, this was my chance now, if I wasn't gonna do it n ow I wouldn't try again. 

I spoke up "Taylah..?"

"Yeah..?" she answered

"...D-do you, w-wanna I-I don't know," I stuttered out "like go out with me...or something?"

"Sure, I'd love too, plus I'm starving. Nandos..?" Taylah suggested, I love this girl, eats food, loves funny stuff, just wow.


*Lou's Pov*


That was a good movie, as always. Then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it" I called as I left the room and walked towards the door, huh I didn't know it was raining.

I answered the door to a bloke tall, a little buff, brown ruffled hair and crystal clear blue eyes. He was wearing a 'Bob Marley' hoodie and jeans that had a couple rips here and there. Was this guy lost? 

"How long does it take to open a door?" Zayn called out from the room.

Kristina peered out from the door and her eyes brightened. 

"Shaun!" She exclaimed, as she ran towards the guy at the door, so that was his name.

"What are you doing here?" She questioned as she let him in.

"It's 3pm..?" Shaun replied, I cleared my throat

"Oh, right. Shaun this is Louis, Louis this is our best friend Shaun" I shook hands with him, hmm good grip. 

"So, where's Chauny?" Shaun asked looking around, his hands buried in his pockets of his jeans

"Oh! Right you guys were going to Tom's poetry reading, good luck" Kristina chuckled 

"Yeah, Chauny isn't here, at the moment" Kristina added

I was so confused right now, who was Tom? What poetry reading? Why was it funny?

"Really? Do you know when she'll be back?" He inquired 


*Harry's Pov*

<best when reading if you listen to Sacrilege by Yeah Yeah Yeahs> 

We finally made it back, we were both drenched from head to toe, Chauntelle's hair was sticking to her face and curling at the edges.

We stopped at the front door, sadly Simon didn't get a house with a roof at the front door. I was stairing in Chauntelle's eyes and she was stairing into mine, she quickly looked away. I turned her face with her chin and lifted it up, I leaned closer, my face inches from her's, my lips hovering over her natural blood red ones. Then I kissed her and she kissed me back. Our lips moved in sink, her hands ran up my chest and to the back of my neck and entwined her hands with my hair, as I pulled her closer to my body, as she applied more pressure to the kiss. My hands went from her hips to up her back and around her neck to her cheeks. Then suddenly the door opened, dam the censor light, they must have seen it from outside. 

<you can stop listening to it now, I got my point across>

Chauntelle quickly back away from me and fixed herself up, as she saw who was there Kristina, Lou and a guy, who was he?

Chauntelle spoke up "Hi Shaun" 


*Shaun's Pov*


"Hi Shaun" she said with a little shame, what the fuck was she doing with that guy?! My best friend kissing some guy! What the fuck! Stay cool, don't lose it, but I couldn't help but get angry which made my jaw clench. 

"Chauny, get your arse in here girl! You're gonna freeze to death!" Kristina exclaimed

"Chauntelle, you're soaking, here" I said while placing my hoodie around her, she smiled at me. I saw from the corner of my eye that guy looked angry, good. No one messes with my girl. 

"Harry, this is Shaun" Chauny said shivering

"Come on, You can introduce me to everyone later, but you need to change before you get sick" I told her, she nodded

"I'll tell the girls you're here Shaun" Kristina said, then shouted "GIRLS, GET YOUR ARSES TO THE FRONT DOOR, SHAUN IS HERE" 

I missed the girls, Gg and her books, Kris and her spirit, Taylah and her humour, Venessa and Chauny and her smile. They all came around to the door, embracing me with hugs. 

"I'm just gonna get ready, I'll be quick ok..?" Chauny told me as she kissed me on the cheek.






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