We Are Enchanting VS One Direction

"Wh-what the hell are you..? Are you even human..."


4. Confusion..

*Vennessa's POV*

Chauny had all of our minds linked since grade 8, she started talking really fast.
"Hold up, and breathe" I told her, Chauntelle talking fast is like a loud scribble you get on a broken record.
"Explain what happened" Gg asked she always gave out the best advice. Chauny slowly started to explain what had happened between herself and Harry.
"Well why didn't you hit him back" I stated
"Because she had made it awkward and plus she's here now, by the way where is Harry?" Kristina asked

"He's still on the balcony, confused as hell, I might add" Chauny said worried.

I was interrupted by a stairing Zayn
"Hello, hello?! Anyone in there" I snapped back
"WHAT!" I shouted again, everyone said I was kinda 'the b*tchy one, but what can I say. Zayn looked at me as if I had offended him, so he kept quiet.

*Zayn's POV*

Gosh Venessa was so b*tchy.. but for some reason that really turned me on.
Wipe those thoughts out of your head! Your Zayn Malik! You don't need to fall for your rival!

*Harry's POV*

Chauny left me completely and utterly confused! She said some weird word then my hand went numb. I wasn't going to let this pass like that! It was almost like she did some sort of spell... That's stupid! Maybe my ego is getting to me. I should stop thinking about it.. but I can't. I went back into the room and the girls were all staring at me - practically burning holes through me. I awkwardly sat down as everyone kept talking. 
"Well... As a celebratory gift. For my two most amazing bands.. I know this is a lot but I've bought you all a... 




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