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"Wh-what the hell are you..? Are you even human..."


16. 50 Shades Of Jealousy (15+) 1/2


*Chauny's Pov*


Everyone was upstairs and asleep, I was sitting in the lounge room watching TV, curled up on the couch. I wasn't tired, so I decided to flick thought the channels as nothing was on. I ended up staying on 'channel 10', "Sex In The City" was on. I didn't mind "sex in the city" but it was better than watching "home shopping". I heard my phone go off, turns out I had 149657 new interactions from twitter...whoa. I tried to replied to as many people as I could, but I was interrupted by Harry.

"Hey, what's up?" I started the conversation, placing my phone on my lap and gave him a smile

I was wearing a black singlet that said "what doesn't kill me...better start running" in white font, black p-jama shorts and fluffy black and red polka dot ugg boots, along with my gold cross necklace and gold tiger tunnel earrings. And Harry, well he was wearing boxers..and I wasn't complaining 

"Couldn't sleep, thought I'd watch the telly" He shrugged, but there wasn't much emotion in his voice

"Okay..., sit" I patted the space next to me, Harry sat down with hesitation and on the other side of the couch, god what's wrong with that boy

"So," I started "how come you can't sleep?" I bit my lip as a nervous reaction, Harry just sat there watching the TV, ignoring me. I groaned getting impatient . 

I slid over to "his" side of the couch and waved a hand in front of him "Hello..? Earth to Harry..?"

Still nothing, so I got up, sat on his lap and linked my arms around his neck.

"Okay, seriously, why are you ignoring me? Cause I'm getting sick of it...Tell me!" I groaned starting to stare into his eyes

"Get off me." was all Harry said as he shoved me off him and onto the floor, I glanced at him as I got up slowly

"You know what? No. I'm not going to take that as an answer!" I stated, standing in front of his view

I jumped back onto Harry, straddling his waist, putting my hands firmly on his shoulders 

"Harry, seriously..just tell me what's wrong?" I calmed down and talked soothingly "Harry..please"

"Fine, but I'm not moving till you talk to me" I stated, looking deep into his eyes, there was something that flickered..it looked like...no...that wasn't possible..was it? 

I got whacked out of my thoughts when Harry picked me off of him and placed me down on the couch under his body, hovering over mine, only inches away, I bit my lip harder. As he brushed his body over mine, making me shudder...in a good way. I smiled awkwardly at him

"Do you wanna know why I've been ignoring you? Because you make it so hard, just being next to you without being able to touch you, to feel you, to love you. Do you know how hard it is for me when you're just so god dam irresistible and all I want to do is kiss you and just sleep with you, not sex, but just lie down with you in bed and have you all curled up in my arms. As our hearts beat together and just watch you sleep without a care in the world because you know that I'll protect you, no matter what. And I know how wrong this is but, god. I honestly don't care and I don't care if I'm being selfish, because as long as I have you, nothing matters to me. And when I saw you with that Shaun guy, I was torn, my heart shattered and--" a tear rolled down his cheek 

"Shaun," I interrupted "he's just a friend, my best friend, he's like my brother" I whispered, touching Harry's cheek lightly with my finger tips on my right hand.

Harry closed his eyes and wrapped his hand tightly around my wrist, it made me gasp

"Don't Lie To Me" as he opened his eyes, I saw it, that anger entwined with jealousy and lust in Harry's eyes, his beautiful emerald eyes. That now darkened, making old unwanted memories surface, those memories that scared me so much I had to run away from them.

"I'm not lying to you Harry" I was starting to freak out, he applied more force to the grip on my wrist, making a tear shed from the pain of a once broken wrist. I tried to use a spell, but it wouldn't work.

"Harry, please!Stop! You're hurting me" I sobbed out

The color of his eyes only got darker "Why don't you love me?" he let go of my wrist and pulled both of them above my head, holding them in place firmly with one hand as the other slid down my waist

"Please! Harry," I sobbed louder "you don't have to do this" 

"I'm going to make you love me" by now all I could see was pure black inside his eyes,

I tried again and again to do any and every spell I could think off, but there was no use. I was powerless, defenseless  vulnerable and even worse it was history repeating itself.

"No, you don't have to make me. I can love you, I promise I can love you. Please just don't do this"

"You're Still Lying, Why Are You Lying?!" I tried struggling, but he kept on hurting me. His hand slid up behind my back and unclipped my bra. He was now closer and closer to my body, I could feel his erection growing against me. I cried louder, screaming for someone to help me. 

"NO! HELP ME! HARRY PLEASE!!" I cried and screamed as Harry's free hand traveled down to my waistline where my shorts and underwear sat on my innocent body. I mean, I was a flirt but, I wasn't a slut.

"Shut up," He growled at me "be a good girl" I started whimpering, as his cold hands started pulling down my shorts, below my knees. More and more tears streamed down my face almost as if I was in a shower of sorrow and terror. I could feel his erection more and more. 

"please harry please" I whimpered out, instead all he did was quicken his actions. Harry pulled down my underwear just above me knees, I cried out louder but no one came to save me.

"harry...please..." I sobbed, tears continued to fall being the last innocent things that I would have had. Harry removed his boxers and started thrusting, I cried again and again. Harry placed his head on one side of my neck, his once beautiful curls brushed my neck as he nibbled and kissed it

"Do you love me now" was all he repeated to whisper into my ear, I was biting as hard as I could on my lip tasting blood, trying not to moan 

"how could I ever love you" I whispered still trying to not moan.

Harry continued to thrust as he pulled something silver and shiny from behind his back, a dagger. I squeezed my eyes tightly letting my last tears fall forever, as I die forever young, letting out a final scream.

"Look At Me" it wasn't Harry's voice, it was his...I opened my eyes to see the one I was running from... Ezra as he lifted the dagger and brought it down into my chest I screamed as loud as I could.


*The Boy's Pov-Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam*

Niall-We all woke up to screaming and yelling coming from upstairs, the girls room. It was fucking 3, turdy-seven in the morning

Liam-We were all really worried, I mean it sounded like someone was being killed or was having some sort of sexual activity

Louis-All I thought was who the fuck was it? What filthy peasant was ruining my sleep? Were we being punked? 

Zayn-To be honest I just wanted to sleep, but we need to know if the girls were alright.

Harry-It was Chauntelle. I know it was Chauntelle. It sounded like someone was well rapping her or killing her, but I knew it was her, I don't know if the boys heard her or not but she was screaming my name and not in a good way, god please let her be okay

Liam-So we all got bats or some form of weapon just in case something bad was happening


*The Girl's Pov-Gg, Taylah, Vennessa and Kristina* 

Taylah-We knew it was Chauny and why

Gg-We kept on trying to wake her up but it wouldn't work

Vennessa-I took her temperature and she was burning, at least 50 degrees c 

Kristina-I went to go get Shaun, he always knew what to do whenever this happened


*Shaun's Pov*

I was already at the girl's room, when Kristina opened the door, I was only wearing 3-1/4 blue, red and blue superman p-jama pants. Chauny and I had came back late and asked if I wanted to crash in the guest room, I'm glad I did. As soon as I got into their room, I walked over to her bed and scooped Chauntelle up and into my arms, she started to grip onto me with all the force she had, she was burning and sweating. All of a sudden the boys burst into the room with bats and all, what the fuck were they doing?

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Taylah yelled at them

I could feel Chauntelle take a deep breath and then this high pitch scream came afterwards, making everyone cover their ears. She tilted her head back and gasped and coughed for air, she was shaking and shivering, her hair was all stuck around her head covering her face, I felt a couple of tears fall from her cheek. As soon as she looked at me she hugged my torso and clung onto me like a child would if they were scared, Chauntelle continued to take deep breaths. Everyone came over to the bed and the girls jumped on making sure she was okay, while the boys just stood there awkwardly and happily. 

I went to move Chauntelle off of me, but she tighten her grip on my chest 

"p-p-please...d-don't...leave..m-m-me" she whispered/stuttered out digging her head into my neck

I could feel more tears escape, but her hair covered it. 

"Well," Louis started "now that's sorted, whatever that was I'm going to bed" and the boys walked out, all beside Harry, he came closer to Chauntelle.

"Are..are you okay babe?" he went to put a hand on her, but she hugged my tighter like a bear hug

"I think you should leave now, obviously she's tired" I told him firmly as I stroked her back, Harry turned and walked out of the door and shut it behind him.

"Okay, you two share this bed and we'll bring one on each side so we can stay with her too" Gg suggested

"Fine by me" I said as I laid back with Chauntelle still in my arms, she curled up against my chest still holding on tight as I wrap my arms around my princess, keeping her safe 

"Shaun, I'm scared, what if he comes back and finds me?" Chauntelle whimpered into my chest

"Don't worry, it was a nightmare. Okay?" I say rubbing her back soothingly "Plus I'm here to protect you, I promise I won't let anything in the world hurt you" I noticed she was back asleep, 

"You're my princess," I whispered into her hair "I will always love you and fight for you. I love you Chauntelle, you're my princess" I told her as I kissed her hair.


*Harry's Pov*

Is it just me or did it look like she was terrified of me. I was took out of my thoughts by the boys

"Poor Chauntelle, it looked and sounded like she'd just been attacked or something, something horrid must have happened to her for something like that to occur so strangely  Liam said while putting back the bat he had grabbed and hopping into his bed

"Well we can ask her tomorrow why she disturbed my  beauty sleep" Zayn muttered

"Guys, she seemed really scared almost terrified for her life, what could make someone do or act like that?" I questioned

"Who knows? Maybe childhood trauma? " Niall guessed "I don't know, but I'm fucking tired. Night lads" 

We all said our good nights and went to back sleep, but I still couldn't help but think what might be wrong with her?

I don't think the lads heard her, Chauntelle, before she started screaming, she was whimpering and saying my name and telling me to stop, but it wasn't in a good way though, it was as if I was hurting her. I mean when I saw her grip tighter onto Shaun as she whimpered into his neck, when I went near her, tried to touch her, I was torn. I couldn't get that image out of my head, she was terrified...of me...

********NEXT MORNING************

*Chauny's Pov* 

I woke up by myself, no one was in the room and I couldn't hear any distant chatters. The events of last night kept on playing over and over in my head, that darkness in his eyes, that voice, what he did to me, those memories...but I couldn't do that right now, I pushed down those feelings and memories that threatened to escape. I blinked back the tears that were about to fall as I kicked off the blankets and went into the bathroom.

I walked in slowly, turning on the light and then hitting my hip on the sink from the blindness of the light. 

"OW...I've Been Hit!" I groaned out loud putting my hands on my hip.. ow. fuck

My eyes adjusted, perfect timing. I laid down on the tiles and dragged myself to the bathtub, being the lazy person I am. Getting up to my feet as I arrived to the tub, I stripped off my clothes and place them in a pile by the door and grabbed a towel to wrap around my body.

I sat on the edge of the bath as the water filled up, I turned off the water, dropped my towel and slipped into the tub. Simon really outdid himself the bathroom was beautiful, the pearl white of the tiles shimmered against the ray of sunlight. The watered glittered in the sunlight, dancing as it moved around me. I closed my eyes and slid further under the water. 


*Isobel's Pov*

What a stupid girl, taking a bath while I'm still trapped inside her head, cursed by Ezra. Oh how he disgusts me. Chauntelle is such an idiot, doesn't she realize I can keep her under water, making her drown ever so easy. But I had something better in mind, something more cruel and painful, oh well I can still have some fun, make her go mad, after all who do you think manipulated that memory of hers' to feel like reality. Don't get me wrong it will become a reality, just you wait. 


*Chauny's Pov*

 I opened my eyes to see the water shine like a diamond from another perspective. A few more seconds went by and I was still memorized by it, I don't know why but something so simple can be manipulated to look like a completely different thing.

I started to get hungry, I lifted up my arms from the water and placed on the edges of the tub. Trying to pull myself up, it wouldn't work, almost as if gravity had been a bit too generous and was pulling me back down to earth with it. 

I struggled and struggled, now also using my hands and feet to get up as my last breaths were coming, I started to scream, louder and louder until I was out of air, suddenly everything went black and I was completely deafened 


A/N- oooooooo, is someone gonna save her..? 

who do you think is gonna save her..?



-One of the girls

-One of the boys

-No one..?


Aww poor Harry right? 

Who do you think is or are a cute couple in this thing here or should be a couple...?


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