Hurting Love

I wiped the single tear away. There's no going back now. I can't let this take me over. Yet every time I walk away I end up running back to his arms. I thought I'd never love anyone ever again till I saw him. His curly brown locks. His emerald green eyes. He changed it all. Even if I don't admit it I know its true.


4. Your joking right?

Rachel's POV: 

"Who are you?" I asked him pretending to not recognize him. "Harry Styles!" A boy wearing stripes yelled. "Alright boys how about y'all let me introduce you." Simon suggested. They all nodded. But my eyes were still on the Curls.

"This is Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, And Harry." Simon pointed to each of the boys. "Can you repeat that?" I asked. I'm not good with names. "Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Harry." Simon said once more. I nodded as I kept track of their names. 

"okay the one with the birthmark is Liam. The one who is wearing stripes is Louis. The Blondie is Niall, The bad boy is Zayn, and The curls belong to Harry." I Said. Simon nodded. "I will leave you all to get to know each other. By the way boys, this is Rachel." Simon patted my head and left me. I felt like I was a babysitter.

"I do know you." Harry smirked. "Is that the girl who snapped at you Harry?" Louis asked. Harry nodded still smirking. "I don't remember you. I don't usually remember the faces of Peasants." I replied. The boys burst out laughing while Harry and Louis turned bright red. 

"You sound JUST like Louis!" The blond one shouted in-between laughs. "NO she doesn't! No one sounds like me! I'm the queen!" Louis snapped his fingers. "Yeah I second that I don't think I could ever imitate this male of the sort." I frowned. The boys Laughter rose even louder. 

"Louis is the female of the group." Liam explained to me. I nodded. "I noticed." I replied as I checked over Louis. "Like what you see?" Louis smirked. I quickly looked away. 

Right then my phone started to vibrate. I took it out of my Pocket. Caleb.

"I have to leave for a second my boyfriend is calling." I announced as I slowly turned to leave. The boys waved me off, except for Harry who was standing by the door. Harry looked concerned. And Creepy. 

As I left I answered my phone. 

Me: Hi Caleb!

Caleb:Hey babe I was just checking up on you. How's the first day of work. 

Me: It's good, but I think my job isn't a maid anymore. 

Caleb: WHAT!?!?

Me: Yeah but don't worry I'm still working for One Direction. I'm having bonding time with them. 

Caleb: Don't let any of them touch you.

Me: I won't

Caleb: cause your body is mine to hold.

Me: ok...

Caleb: don't let them kiss you.

Me: It probably won't happen. 

Caleb: Don't let them love you.

Me: They are world famous. Why would they fall in love with me.

Caleb: and Promise you won't Fall in love with any of them. Or I will kill them and I'll never let you go out EVER again.

Me: You can't just Ban Me from the world!

Caleb: want a bet?

Me: You know I won't be yours forever!

I hung up right after I finished. Well now I probably won't get my cute dinner. I walked back to the room and opened the door. As soon as I opened it I four the boys running to seats while Harry stayed by the doorway. 

"Were y'all snooping on me!?" I exclaimed. "Love he does't sound like a very nice guy." Harry said serious. "So!? Don't snoop on MY conversations! They're private!" I shouted as I ran out slamming the door behind me. "Wait Rachel!" I heard. I turned and saw Simon standing there. "Is something wrong?" Simon asked. 

I ripped my tears. "Nope I was just looking for you." I replied as I plastered a smile on my face. "Okay are you ready to hear your new job?" Simon asked. I nodded excited and nervous. 

"Your job is Your going to be their wardrobe expert and Your going to fake date Harry." Simon stated. 


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