Hurting Love

I wiped the single tear away. There's no going back now. I can't let this take me over. Yet every time I walk away I end up running back to his arms. I thought I'd never love anyone ever again till I saw him. His curly brown locks. His emerald green eyes. He changed it all. Even if I don't admit it I know its true.


3. I know those curls

Rachel's POV:

I walked through the door of the apartment. I knew I couldn't come back to Caleb, but I always do. Its my way of life. I opened the door and slipped through the entrance. The apartment was quiet and reeked of Alcohol. I tip toed to my room. As I passed the couch I saw Caleb passed out. Perfect!

I continued to my room and slipped through the door. I tip toed to my bed and layed down. I was tired and I had work tomorrow. 

*next morning*

"Rachel GET UP YOU LAZY SLUT!" Caleb yelled in my ear. I opened my eyes. My alarm clock was blaring and a angry hung over Caleb was standing next to my bed. "Good morning to you to babe." I yawned with sarcasm. "Get up or you'll be late for work!" Caleb yelled. 

I rolled my eyes and hopped on my feet. I walked to my closet and grabbed some clothes. I put on a tank top that said 'live while we're young.', I wore jeans, and some black and white sparkly bobs. 

I went to the kitchen and sat at the table. Caleb came in the room shortly after. "Hey babe I'm sorry." Caleb said as he walked over to me. He draped his arms around me. "Its okay I forgive you." I replied. 

I really do forgive him. I've gone through his drama so much that I'm used to it. "How bout I take you out to eat later. How does that sound?" Caleb asked as he planted a kiss on my cheek. I smiled. "Sounds perfect." I replied. Caleb grinned. 

"Now get outta here I don't want you to get fired." Caleb helped me up and slapped my ass. "But I don't wanna go." I groaned hanging my arms around Calebs neck. "Rachel Now." Caleb said sternly. I nodded and dragged myself out the door. 

I went in my car and drove off the sony studio. I parked my car and hopped out. I walked towards the entrance. "Rachel I'm glad to see you made it on time!" Simon Cowell grabbed my hand and shook it firmly. I smiled. "Yeah so where am I going exactually?" I asked. Simon chuckled.

"Before you get to work I want you to meet the boys. Then we will talk about your job." Simon put his hand on my back and pushed me towards the meeting room. "Simon did my job change?" I asked. Simon chuckled. "Yeah." He said nervously. 

"But I applied for being a maid not whatever else you want me to do!" I shouted. "But Rachel you job application said otherwise. Plus during your interview you said your quiet the expert in wardrobe."Simon stated. I rolled my eyes.

Simon pushed open the door and standing in front of me were 4 boys....4...wait. "You said there's 5 guys in the band." I thought aloud. Simon looked at the boys. "Where's Harry!?" Simon exclaimed. 

"He's late." a guy wearing with blond hair stated. "WHY????!?!?!?!?" Simon shouted. 

"Sorry I'm late!" A deep voice said from behind me. Simon and I turned around. I looked up and a guy with curls was standing there looking down at me smirking. 

"I remember you!" said the boy. I frowned. This won't be good. 

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