Hurting Love

I wiped the single tear away. There's no going back now. I can't let this take me over. Yet every time I walk away I end up running back to his arms. I thought I'd never love anyone ever again till I saw him. His curly brown locks. His emerald green eyes. He changed it all. Even if I don't admit it I know its true.


1. How it started

My name is Rachel. I guess you can call me those crazy love puppies. I'm one of those people that when they fall in love they are always in love.

I have blond straight hair and brown eyes. I am TALL. I have huge feet and hands. I have moderately clean teeth. And My hair is NEVER perfect.

I was once a stupid girl. I fell in love with a boy named Caleb. He took care of me and loved me when no one else would. He would be the last person I talked to at night and the first person I would see in the morning. I was kicked out of my family's house cause my whole life revolved around Caleb.

But living with him came with complications. He once proposed to me, but I turned him down cause I was only 16. He also had raped me and more, but I always loved him. No matter how badly he treated me I would always run back to him and let him love me.

Now I'm 18. I live in London England and I still live with Caleb. I don't plan on marrying him, but I can't break up with him. Cause your first love will always be your love even if you forget their name you will always have them burned in the back of your brain.


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