Hurting Love

I wiped the single tear away. There's no going back now. I can't let this take me over. Yet every time I walk away I end up running back to his arms. I thought I'd never love anyone ever again till I saw him. His curly brown locks. His emerald green eyes. He changed it all. Even if I don't admit it I know its true.


2. Fuck Off

Rachel's POV:

"Hello my sexy little slut." Caleb greeted me as he kissed my neck. I moaned in pleasure. "Now sweety how was the job interview?" Caleb asked as he bit on my ear. "I'm now officially One Direction's maid." I replied shrugging as I tried to ignore Caleb. "That's good babe." He whispered huskly.

"Caleb I'm not in the mood for this right now." I pushed him off me and I walked to the kitchen. I was just about to enter till I felt a zap of pain on my back. "Listen slut when I want you your gonna give yourself to me!" Caleb shouted at me as he grabbed my wrist and slammed me against the wall.

"Caleb please stop!" I begged. Caleb slowly pulled off my shirt and pants. He stared at me in my bra and underwear. "I want you badly and your gonna give yourself to me! Remember your in my household!" Caleb snapped as he ripped my bra off and started hungrily licking and squeezing my boobs.

I then kicked Caleb right in the privates. "I'm not your doll!" I shouted as I slapped Caleb. I ran to the back room and slipped on some clean clothes. When I was all dressed I ran out the apartment and I ran to the park. I needed to be alone.

I put my headphones in my ears and started to listening to Drunk by Ed Sheeran. I could slowly feel tears flow out of my eyes. I looked down at my wrists and saw the bruises Caleb gave me. How can I live with such a monster?

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and I saw a tall curly haired boy with emerald green eyes. "What's wrong love?" He asked. I wiped my tears. "Fuck Off!" I snapped. "Woah Thats not the normal reaction I get from girls." He chuckled. "Oh so your one of those manwhores who get all the god damn sexy models and sleeps with a different one every night?" I asked angrily.

The boy looked taken aback. "No not at all!" He shook his head. "Oh so then your one of those stupid guys who finds a hopeless romantic and makes them fall in love with you and right before you fall in love with them you rape them and then leave them out in the cold all alone." I asked frustrated. "So your one of those girls who had so many heart breaks you never about every kind of guy except for a guy who treats a beautiful lady like yourself with respect and loves every bit of her to pieces???" The boy asked.

I frowned. "When I tell someone to Fuck Off its usually wise for them to follow directions!" I snapped still frustrated. "You really don't know who I am do you?" He asked as he moved closer to me. "Not like I'd want to." I shrugged. "So if I kissed you, you wouldn't totally fangirl on the spot, faint, and then die of happiness?" He asked. "I have a boyfriend so you better not plan on kissing me. Or he will beat your ass and leave you in a dark ally by yourself to die." I replied angrily.

"Wait is he the reason your upset?" The boy asked. "You know I'm tired, Its been a long day, your really annoying, and your trying to get into my personal life. Just Fuck Off, go find Taylor Swift and fuck her or something. She's a whore anyway. And a Whore + Whore = My happiness cause one of those Whore's won't be bugging me!" I snapped as I stood up and left. Urrrghhh Some People!!!!

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