You got lucky

Melissa is just starting grade 11 coming back from a bad fight with one of her best friends. With constant roumers being spread by her ex-best friend Tracy and Melissa and her other best friend Hanna are actually going into the year feeling pretty strong. But when the new student Harry comes to school everyone is all over him but Mellissa because she thinks she doesn't have a chance especially with all the roumers that Tracy is spreading around about her. But with a little luck anything can happen.


2. The big announcement

Harry P.OV
"Ring ring" there's the first bell I thought to myself get ready for the crowds to start. I push the doors open to the school to smell past and pencile shavings. It took around one minute for me to hear "Oh my god is that Harry Styles!" After I heard that around 80 girls came running at me, but out of the corner of my eye I saw a really pretty girl looking at me just before I got trampled, I manged to smile at her but I wasn't able to see if she had smiled back. I hope she did, I wish. Then the bell to start class finally rang. As the bell rang everyone scattered trying to get to their classes. The first class I had was science. as I walked into the the class I saw her. The girl I had smiled at in the hallway. I swear when I walked into that classroom half the girls jumped in their seats. Then the teache said class there's a berry big announcement Harry Styles fro
One direction will be joining us this year. Please take the empty seat next to Melissa now thank you.
Melissa P.o.V
I swear Harry Styles just smiled at me! While he wa being trampled by practically all the girls in our school. Including Tracy, Gosh she'll probably talk to Harry before I can and get him to hate me. But Harry is really cute and I really wanna get to know him better. I don't think I have a chance really tho with all the crap that Tracy is spreading around about me and Hanna. "Ring ring" first bell, yay I get to start off my first day of school with science I thought to myself sarcastically. as class started Mr. Any introduced our new student, it was Harry. I swear Tracy could have passed out in her chair right there. Then I realized why there was and empty beside m, it was for Harry. as he sat beside me he said in a super soft low voice "hey" his voice was practically perfect like when he sings. "hi" I said back. After that it felt like he was staring at me the whole science class.
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