You got lucky

Melissa is just starting grade 11 coming back from a bad fight with one of her best friends. With constant roumers being spread by her ex-best friend Tracy and Melissa and her other best friend Hanna are actually going into the year feeling pretty strong. But when the new student Harry comes to school everyone is all over him but Mellissa because she thinks she doesn't have a chance especially with all the roumers that Tracy is spreading around about her. But with a little luck anything can happen.


1. My story

Melissa P.O.V
Grade 11 and still going strong through everything that the she devil has put us through. Our first day back from a not so fun year last year. One of me and my bff Hanna's best friends Tracy had totally flipped on us last year and had been spreading roumers about us since we had started fighting , going to each one of our friends trying to make them hate us. But me and Hanna have gotten through all of that together. To bad Tracy was loosing friend by friend from her devil like attitude. Before she lost me she lost Hanna before she lost she lost Marissa, she was pretty much running out of best friends. Now every time we pass her in the hall she gives a us a dirty look or she is with some person she claimed to hate. It almost seem like the whole school was in on our argument. Half of the people were on me and Hanna's side and half the people were on Tracy's side. But overall me and Hanna are set not to let Tracy ruin our year.
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