The Accident

What if one accident brings two people together?
After Courtney is involved in a hit and run collision Liam is there by her side.
How close will Courtney become with Liam?
Will they ever become more than friends?


3. Will You?


The next day Lois told me the boys had a TV interview to go to so I was at home by myself. I decided I would get to know a bit more about One Direction by watching their TV interview. I had about 5 minutes until they were going to be on so I decided to get something to eat as eating was one of my favourite things.


“So guys we would like for you to give it up to world wide sensation One Direction.” The interviewer said in a loud voice emphasising ‘One Direction’ and nothing else. 


As the interview went on it was all the same things. All the same questions but one thing that was a big different is in this interview Louis was speaking this most which is something I haven’t seen since I have known the boys and watched their interviews. He was the serious one in the interview which was also different because he is usually the goofy one of the group, he was sort of doing what Liam does which is be sensible.


“So on to the next question.” The interviewer said as he checked his paper for the question. “You guys over the past few weeks have been spending a lot of time at the local hospital, can you tell us all about that situation.”


“Well.” Louis started but Liam decided to cut in.


“One day we done with our recording for the new album so we decided to get some lunch, and after that we were walking to our houses because we had decided to walk to the studio in the morning.” Liam said taking a breath.

“Then I saw this girl right. She was something, but I couldn’t put my mind on it. Just something about her made me look at her and that was when I saw the car coming for her but it was too late, she was hit. And that is when I went to her side as someone called for an ambulance. Then she was taken to hospital where I later found out being the only one there that she lost her memory.” Liam said.


“After that we all got to know her and that is why we were always at the hospital because we were there with her. And after she was finally released from the hospital, because she has lost her memory and stuff they needed someone who was at least 20 years old to be her legal guardian and that is where Louis comes in because he is the only 20 year old she knows and it was easy for him to take her so that is the reason why we have been at the hospital so much lately.” Zayn finished.


“So this girl means a lot to you guys?” the interviewer asked.


“Yeah she does, I mean she wouldn’t be where she is now if it wasn’t for us. We care for her. She is like our little sister, well to most of us. But yeah she is now a part of all of our lives and we are so happy to have her here with us, she is also funny at times which is a good thing for me.” Niall laughed.


“Now what do you mean by most of you think of her as your little sister?” the interviewer questioned.


“Well we know he will not admit it but we all know that Liam has a thing for Courtney. I mean the way he looks at her and also how he talks about her it shows us that he cares the most and also has feelings for her.” Said Niall.


“Well Liam what do you say about this?” The interviewer asked.


I was now sitting right in front of the TV because this was very interesting to me. I was a little scared that Liam would say that he has no feelings for me what so ever. If he did say that I would be gutted but not show it.


“Well if I have to be honest with you, yes I do have feelings for her. I like her a lot. I mean what’s not to like. She has the most amazing smile that lights up the whole room. Her eyes are just mesmerizing. Everything about her is just perfect. Even though she has recently been in an accident she is the most beautiful person I have met and I am so glad I have met her and been here for her and to help her through all of this because it must be hard for her because even though we the boys and me weren’t part of the accident it hurt us in a way to see what happened to such a beautiful person and what she has had to go through over the past couple of weeks.” Liam smiled at the camera. He must have known I was watching.


By now I was in tears. Liam just told the whole world that he liked me and the thing is I like him too. But the things he has said about me made it better. Being told I was beautiful even though I have scars and stuff is so amazing. I just cannot believe this. I like him, maybe even sort of love him because he was the one who was there for me from the start, which means a lot to me.


I hadn’t realised how long I had been crying for until I checked the time and realised that Louis and Harry would be here soon so I went to the bathroom so that I could make it look like I haven’t just cried for a long period of time. So I just put on some very minimal makeup so I looked ok. Just as I finished the two boys walked through the door and then I heard the other three boys walk into the lounge room so I decided that was my cue to make my way into the lounge room.


When I got in there all eyes were on me and it was getting a bit weird for me.


“So did you watch the interview.” Louis asked from his seat on the couch sitting next to Harry, leaving the only empty seat next to Liam. 


“Yes I did.” I answered.


“Well did you heat what Liam said about you.” at this point Liam was blushing and so was I but I was able to hide it from most of the boys except for Niall who was looking at me with a cheeky smile on his face.


“Yes I did. And thank you Liam that was so nice what you said about me.”


“Well…” Louis started. “What about the part where Liam said he liked you.” Louis said. Now he was the one with the cheeky smile.


“I did see that part and to make it easier I am just going to state right now that I like Liam as much as he likes.” I said.


“Really.” Liam piped up.


“Yes really, I really do like you Liam. I mean what is not so like about you. I just… I cant really put it into words other than I like you.” I smiled.


And that is when it happened. He kissed me. it was a sweet kiss that I smiled into and I know he did too. But the thing is he did in front of the rest of the band, which was a bit weird, but I didn’t mind. Once we finished kissing all the boys were either making kissy noises or whistling in response. I looked at Liam who was looking at me in the eyes with such sincerity that at that moment I knew I really really liked him.


“So with all that settled, I was wondering if you want to be my girlfriend?”

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