The Accident

What if one accident brings two people together?
After Courtney is involved in a hit and run collision Liam is there by her side.
How close will Courtney become with Liam?
Will they ever become more than friends?


2. First Encounter


Liam ch2:

After about a minute of being alone in the room after the doctor had left me a very good looking man walked in. Who he is I have no clue and I dont even know what he would be doing in my room. How does he even know me? Ok I need to calm down.


"Hi I'm Liam." the really hot man said.


"Am I supposed to know you or something?" I asked.


"No, the doctor told me you have some severe memory loss so you don't know much." 


"Ok." I said simply.


"Anything you want to talk about in particular?" Liam asked me.


"Not really but do you know anything about me?" I asked hoping he could tell me something.


"No I don't, sorry. I was sort of just there when the accident happened." He said.


"Ok so just to clarify something, you don't know who I am." I asked.




"Then why are you here?" I asked.


"If I am to be honest with you I don't really know. I don't know why I just want to help you. If that's ok with you that is."


"We'll seeing as the only thing people know is my first name and nothing else it can't hurt so let's go from the start. Hi, I'm Courtney. And who are you?"


"Hi, I'm Liam." He said.


"Nice to meet you Liam. So tell me a bit about yourself." I asked because truly it was getting boring in here. I mean to not be able to remember anything about myself was shit so to find out about someone else was going to be interesting.


I tried to sit up and it worked and I told Liam he could cut on the end of my bed opposite we to tell me about himself so he wasn't sitting in one of the very uncomfortable looking hospital chairs that were sitting next to the hospital bed I was sitting up in.


"Well my name is Liam, I'm 19. I live with my friend Niall. I am in a band called one direction. Do you know who they are?" He asked.


"Sadly no." I said with a pout.


"Ok then I should tell you a little bit about them." He said as he shifter into a more comfortable position."We'll One Direction are like the biggest boy and in the whole entire world, we have one album and another one coming out soon. We have sold out most of our shows in record time like 3-30 mins depending where it is. I am in the band with Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis. We are all like brothers to each other. Our first single was What Makes You Beautiful and our latest single is Live While We're Young. Which is a good song you should listen to one day. One very important thing I forgot to tell you is that we were put together on the show xFactor and came 3rd place which was amazing. And I don't really know what else to say besides the fact we are all British except for Niall who is from Ireland." He said as he took a deep breath.


"Wow. So you guys are the it thing."  I said.


"I guess so."  He shrugged.


"Ok so now I know a bit about you I want to sort out what I am going to do with my life. Like I don't know how long I will be in here and like because I only know my first name what is going to happen to me in the way of family." I said. This was all stuff that was going to be very important to me and I know that I needed to get it out of the way.


"Well we'll let the doctors talk to you about that one." He said as he started getting up. "Well I have to head off to a meeting, but I will come back tomorrow, ok?" He asked.


"Yeah that's fine with me." I said as he gave me a hug and left.


*two weeks later*


So it has been a couple of weeks since I woke up. I have met all of the boys and they are all nice. Besides Liam I have gotten close with Harry. He even had his mum bring some clothes for me for when I finally get out of hospital which was nice. We had a nice chat with eachother and I thought it was nice to talk to another female that wasn’t a nurse because I have been around the boys so much.


Today is the day that I am finally allowed to leave the hospital and because they want to me to be safe even though I am 18 they want me to have a legal guardian and because they said they had to be at least 20 years old Louis signed the papers saying that he is now my legal guardian.


“So now that, that is over you can come home.” Louis said as he walked back into the room. 


Because he was now my legal guardian the boys all thought it was best that I moved in with him. He said that when we get home his girlfriend will be there to give me some clothes she bought for me and just so I could meet her and stuff like that.


“Home sweet home.” Louis yelled as we made it to his front door.


“Could you be any louder?” Liam yelled besides me.


“Nope.” He talked softer this time.


As Louis finally got the key in the door we walked inside the apartment. We walked into the lounge room where I saw a girl sitting on one of the couches. She got up and made her way to where Louis was standing next to Liam who was standing next to me.


“Hi, I’m Eleanor Calder, Louis girlfriend.” She said as she brought me in for a hug.


“Courtney Tomlinson.” I said back at her with a smile. I already could tell that we were going to get on just well.


“I see you have his last name.” she said.


“Yeah for legal reasons because he is my guardian.” I said.


After that little intro Louis gave me a tour of the house and showed me the spare room that has now been turned into my room. I have to say it loos amazing. All of the walls had been painted a mint green color which I seem to like. There is a big bed in there. There is also a walk in wardrobe that when I went to have a look inside it had been stocked with clothes, shoes etc. the room was so spacious there was also a desk and a new MacBook sitting on it with a new iPhone as well which had the contact details of all of the boys which I thought was great.


“So what do you think of your room?” Liam asked bringing me out of my thoughts.


“It’s amazing.” I said as I ran over to hug him.


“II hope so because me and the boys put a lot of time into it and we also had El help find you some clothes so you have stuff to wear.” Liam said.


“Well thank you for everything, you and all of the other boys mean so much to me and I am grateful to have you guys with me because I don’t know where I would be now if it wasn’t for you.” I said as I started getting teary eyes. By then I had already moved a bit away from Liam and was sitting at the end of the bed. He had now come over and was sitting next to me, hugging me and letting me cry into his clean shirt.


“We are glad that we met you, because you mean a lot to all of us..” Liam said.


“But mainly you Liam.” Louis said from the doorway where he was standing with El right behind him.


“Thanks guys for everything.” I said to them as I walked over to hug them and they met me halfway and we ended up having a group hug.


“That’s ok.” Lou and El said at the same time.


After my little emotional breakdown I had the rest of the boys came over and we were sitting in the longue room. I was sitting on one of the bigger couches with Liam. Louis and El were on the other big couch. Niall and Zayn were sharing the smaller couch and Harry was sitting on the floor in front of Louis.


“So what do you want to do now?” Zayn asked whilst we were watching TV


“I don’t know about you but I’m hungry.” Niall Said.


“Your always hungry.” Zayn said back.


“So does it matter.” Niall then said back.


“Guys stop arguing its annoying, and you know what I agree with Niall I’ hungry too.” I said patting my belly  which earned some laughter.


“Yeah lets go out and have something to eat.” Niall said..


There was a chorus of  people saying alright and ok after that. We had decided that we would go to Nando’s because it was apparently Niall’s favorite place to eat and he said I would love it which was true.


When we got there I wasn’t too hungry so Liam said I could share some of his chicken so I just got myself a regular peri chips. The chicken I ate was amazing  and the chips were to die for. We all had a nice chat about what the boys had coming up. 


“Well we are going on tour but not till next year.” Said Harry.


“that’s cool.” I said.


“Yeah it is.” He replied.


“So one thing that is on my mind.” Niall said looking like he was in thought. “Courtney, when is your birthday.” He asked.


“I wouldn’t have a clue. Do any of you know if the hospital did anything about it.” I said. Everyone looked in thought until Louis spoke up.


“Yeah, when I was reading the papers I had to sign they had put your birthday as the day that you were released.” He said.

“Ok well I think this counts for a late  birthday celebration tomorrow.” Said Niall.


“But what?” I asked.


“Well let’s all get you presents and then we can go over to Louis for take-out and watch movies and play games stuff like that.” Niall said and everyone agreed with him.


After Nando’s I made my way home with Louis and El. It didn’t take that long but when we did get home I decided on going straight to bed because I was getting a bit tired. After having a quick shower because I felt like one I laid in my new bed. It felt so right to be laying here right now, and I don’t know why. Whilst I was thinking I thought about Liam and how much I actually like him. Like how much I like, like him. I mean if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am right now with some of the best friends ever. And I wouldn’t be living with such nice people so I owe it all to him but I also wonder why he has stood by me throughout all of this. It means so much to me.


*Liam’s P.O.V*


After finishing with dinner I decided to go home with Niall. When I got home I decided to just go to bed and think about things because there was a lot on my mind. After I changed out of my clothes into my pajamas and got comfortable in bed I turned on the TV and just thought. I was rudely interrupted by the sounds is a hungry Niall. So I walked to where he was to see what he wanted.


“What do you want.” I asked as I made it to the lounge room.


“I spilt drink all over my pants that’s all you can go back to bed now.” He said from his position on the couch.


“I just hope none of it went on the couch or I will not be happy at all.” I said as I turned around and went back to my room to get back into bed. When I got back into bed I went into some more thoughts. One of the main thoughts in my mind is that I am falling for Courtney, but isn’t that going to be a weird thing? I mean she only just got out of hospital but I wonder where she would be right now if it wasn’t for me wanting to be there for her. Would have she met all of the boys and some of the girls and would she be living where she is now? No. So I must mean something to her in a way and if I do then I know that maybe somehow if I told her that I liked her, she might say she liked me back. I hope so.

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