The Dare: To Dream,Believe and Succeed One Direction Fan-fiction

Camille Greene is your ordinary girl, not very popular, not stunning, in between, typical teenage girl. She's very outgoing and friendly, she pretty much knows anyone. She can get along with pretty much everyone. All is going well until something horrible happens, something that will change her life forever. She will struggle with who she is, what she was, and who she will become, with the help of some friends along the way.
This is The Dare: To Dream, Believe and Succeed.


11. Chapter 9

Harry's P.O.V

 I stood there, mouth agape. Cami's voice had blown me away, maybe it wasn't what I expected, but I wasn't the least bit surprised. Cami had always been talented, growing up I found it difficult to compete with her voice-like velvet. She was always better than me in everything except for football-that was the only thing I think I could fairly beat her in. I watched as Cami smirked at me and walked over towards the boys. She thinks she can just walk all over me, but I'm Harry Freakin' Styles. Not gonna happen. I walked over towards the guys and Cami nonchalantly studying her- her beautiful face, body, personality. I was going to find her weakness and then use it against her, because nobody- I mean NOBODY- makes Harry Styles look like an idiot.                                                                                            



                                                                             Cami's P.O.V                                                       In my head I was laughing. Harry looked completely dumbfounded- and it was because of me. That's literally a first. I smirked at Harry, I couldn't help it, I have an evil side. I was basking in my glory-mentally of course-no one else would understand why I was so happy, it's something that's between Harry and I. I was talking to the boys-growing fond of them all, especially Louis. He was quite the sassy one, and I enjoyed it. He reminded me of a girl so much. "So what do you guys have after lunch?" all the side conversations stopped, I had gained everyone's full attention. "Well I have Music with Niall and Zayn" Louis smiled. "I have english next" Liam groaned. "I have art" Harry piped in, finally deciding to join the conversation. "Oh really, what a coincidence. So do I" I looked Harry dead in his gorgeous- I mean emerald green eyes. "Yes a coincidence indeed." Harry mumbled. I turned back to the guys "Well it really was great to meet you all, maybe we could get together another time? Afterschool maybe?" I smiled at the rest of the boys. I genuinely liked them, and really hoped I could get to know them better. "That sounds great love. Right boys?" Zayn questioned. A bunch of "Yeahs" we said simultaneously, all with the same happy expression. "Well Zayn you should text me later?" I said giving him my number. "Definitely" Zayn cheered. I grabbed my stuff off the riser getting ready-the bell was to ring any moment. "Cami" a deep husky voice called my name from behind me. I looked back to see Harry grinning like an idiot "Yes Harold?" I uttered. He walked up to me and whispered in my ear "Why don't you let me walk you to art?" His warm breath sending shivers down my spine and leaving the hairs on my arm raised. I brushed  it off and mustered my most innocent face I could pull together. I smiled up at Harry and rested my hand on his bicep, noticing how strong it was, "That sounds wonderful". The bell rang dismissing us from lunch, on to the next class of the day. The boys and I piling out of the choir room, with Harry right behind me. I sighed, not only did I not want to go to art with Harry, he was going to walk me there. Harry looked over at me while we were on our way to art, his smile stretched so wide it was out towards his ears. This was going to be a long day.



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