The Dare: To Dream,Believe and Succeed One Direction Fan-fiction

Camille Greene is your ordinary girl, not very popular, not stunning, in between, typical teenage girl. She's very outgoing and friendly, she pretty much knows anyone. She can get along with pretty much everyone. All is going well until something horrible happens, something that will change her life forever. She will struggle with who she is, what she was, and who she will become, with the help of some friends along the way.
This is The Dare: To Dream, Believe and Succeed.


6. Chapter 4

My eyes widened as I heard muffled footsteps walking towards the old choir room. No one ever really comes in here, it's in the older part of the school. They just finished remodelling the school, they added a newer section over on the east wing and a 3rd floor. The school was HUGE now. The west wing on the first floor didn't really have any classes remaining except for the 2nd auditorium, but everything else is pretty much abandoned, kind of. All the other classes got moved to the east wing, so during my lunch period I'm aloud to be here. The teachers here are cool and fun, so they trust us, and really don't care what the sophomores,juniors,or seniors do. The teachers are only really concerned for the freshman because they're new to the school. I am a sophomore, 16 turning 17. I have a late birthday so technically I'm supposed to be a junior. I kept silent and hid in the corner part of the room, and I grabbed my food and hid the rest of my stuff in the desk. I patiently waited, listening as the footsteps passed the room and faded away. I sighed getting ready to walk back to the desk with my Jimmy John's sub in hand,I froze when I heard the footsteps again, they started off soft and muffled and started to get louder and closer. Finally the footsteps stopped in front of the choir room door, I heard 5 voices right outside the door. 'Shit' I murmured with my food in my mouth, I quietly ran back to the corner of the room behind the wall, with my sandwich of course. I absolutely loved food. I will never leave food anywhere, no matter the situation. It was deathly silent in the room so it was easy to hear the knob click and turn open. In walked the 5 boys, from where I was standing I could see everything without me being seen, yes I do have beast ninja skills. Just kidding, it's really shadowy back here so if anyone looked my way they wouldn't see me, but I would see them.

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