The Dare: To Dream,Believe and Succeed One Direction Fan-fiction

Camille Greene is your ordinary girl, not very popular, not stunning, in between, typical teenage girl. She's very outgoing and friendly, she pretty much knows anyone. She can get along with pretty much everyone. All is going well until something horrible happens, something that will change her life forever. She will struggle with who she is, what she was, and who she will become, with the help of some friends along the way.
This is The Dare: To Dream, Believe and Succeed.


4. Chapter 2 *Short*

   You may wonder why? Why did she throw everything away?

It's simple, someone took my hopes, dreams, wishes, and beliefs and crushed them like a bug. I lost faith in my dreams, hopes, and wishes. I was done with them. All anyone ever did was build me up with expectations so high; just to get knocked back down again. Well I decided to be done. Dreams and hopes only lead to hurt, devastation, pain, sadness and eventually nothingness.                                                                                                   When a dream is crushed it's like someone bragging in your face, it's like the whole world turned on you, it's like getting your heart ripped out of your chest while still alive, then chopping it into a million little tiny, broken pieces. And it was all over a dream. 

 I wanted to go on X-Factor and become a performer. Not for the wealth, fame, fans, none of that I wanted to do it for the enjoyment, the rush performing live, because it's my passion. Performing is in my blood-literally. All my ancestors have been some sort of performer- yes even the dirty kind, but when I'm performing, whether it be to a million people or just in front of my mirror, it all feels so right. It's my second nature. I'm never going to perform now, my dream has officially been crushed.

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