The Dare: To Dream,Believe and Succeed One Direction Fan-fiction

Camille Greene is your ordinary girl, not very popular, not stunning, in between, typical teenage girl. She's very outgoing and friendly, she pretty much knows anyone. She can get along with pretty much everyone. All is going well until something horrible happens, something that will change her life forever. She will struggle with who she is, what she was, and who she will become, with the help of some friends along the way.
This is The Dare: To Dream, Believe and Succeed.


12. Chapter 1O

Cami's P.O.V

                     "Hello class" Mrs. Mason's voice resounded through the class room, as the kids started to pile in.  I really enjoyed art, I felt like it was one of the only classes I could really express myself and not be judged. Art was a class where we all worked to the sound of the radio playing, and kids chattering while painting or drawing. It was like I was at peace with my mind. "C'mon settle down class, time to take attendance, and you'll all start working on your project from last week." Mrs. Mason enunciated clearly, while holding her clipboard. I was sitting at the same table with Harry and these two other girls whose names I didn't really care to remember. I watched as Mrs. Mason's eyes darted around the room making sure everyone was here. This was the first time I had sat next to Harry in art, usually he wouldn't talk to me, or I would be sitting somewhere in the back of the room by myself, being the loner that I am. The two girls at my table had tried a few times to get Harry going in a conversation with them, but he just replied with short comments, not bothering to elaborate on anything, just focusing on me. "So Cami what are you going to draw for your project?" Harry grinned at me,"Oh I'm not quite sure yet, maybe something that symbolizes life." I rambled. I really didn't know what I was going to draw yet, which means I need to start brainstorming, now. Harry and I chattered away, teasing each other and catching up while sketching things for the project in our sketchbooks. While Harry was telling me about his family, I snatched his notebook off from the table and flipped through the pages. Admiring his work, it was beautiful. I gasped in amazement at his paintings. I flipped through page after page seeing landscapes and animals done, there was even a drawing he had of all of the boys together with him, a lot of pages filled with drawings of tattoos he wanted. Just as I was about to flip the next page, Harry pried the book from my hands. I looked up in confusment, "Hey why'd you take it away from me?" I whined, reaching out to try and grab it back. "Because the rest of the pages are just junk, there not important." Harry explained. "Well I bet there even better than your others then. Aren't they?" I questioned Harry, I was amused by how protective he was of that book, and that just made me even more determined to figure out what he was hiding. "No I'm serious, they aren't a big deal." Harry said with a hint of annoyance in his voice. "Alright, alright don't get your panties in a bunch" I teased and he playfully smacked my arm. I looked down at my sketch pad and grabbed it and turned my body on the stool so I was now facing Harry. I steadied the notepad with my leg and began to draw Harry's beautiful face. The way his face was so serious and focused when he was drawing, I especially loved to draw the crinkle in his eye brows when he furrows them together while biting his lip. I swear this kid was going to be the death of me, but who knows, anything could happen.

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