The Dare: To Dream,Believe and Succeed One Direction Fan-fiction

Camille Greene is your ordinary girl, not very popular, not stunning, in between, typical teenage girl. She's very outgoing and friendly, she pretty much knows anyone. She can get along with pretty much everyone. All is going well until something horrible happens, something that will change her life forever. She will struggle with who she is, what she was, and who she will become, with the help of some friends along the way.
This is The Dare: To Dream, Believe and Succeed.


2. Chapter 1: Introduction

The bell rang as I walked hopelessly down the hallway, getting pushed and shoved around like a rag doll, trying to make my way to my locker.

  I was just another blank face in the crowd. Your ordinary,plain-Jane, not so typical girl. I was shy, a loner, a nobody. 

I didn't have very many friends partially, because no one took interest in me; and I pretty much pushed everyone else away.

I know your probably thinking she sounds so.. depressing, there is a reason behind that, just like there is with every other story. There is always a scenery to every play, as I like to put it. I used to be so different, I used to be happy, I used to be so.. outgoing. I wasn't popular, but I knew everyone, I could easily strike up a conversation with anyone: popular, jock, normal, nerds,etc.

I tried to be friends with everyone, but everything suddenly vanished, the old me was gone. Everyone immediately stopped talking to me. It was kinda like I'd vanished off the face of the earth. I came from winter break and I was different.

I was hopeless. 

I was dreamless.

I was nothing.

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