The Truth Of Love

Have you ever had that moment where you truely love someone? But you don't have the guts to tell anyone cause you don't know who to trust? Seventeen year old girl named Melanie had a crush on Harry for a while, but didn't want her best friend Emily to know because she has a crush on Harry Styles as well. Soon enough Harry asked Melanie out, but wasn't sure if it was the right thing to say yes or no to Harry. What should Melanie do? Well read on and you'll find out.


1. School

It was just another day going back to school. Which was just a lazy day for me. I couldn't wait to go to school to see my best friends Lilian, Jade, Emily, and Olivia. Olivia and Jade were like a sister to me we never fought and i knew them since seventh grade.

I didn't know what to wear today so i tied my hair in a bun, wore pink rose earrings, a grey sweater with a light brown scarf , white skinny jeans, and white vans. Before i went downstairs i checked myself in the mirror, grabbed my phone and my bag.

Once i went downstairs my parents and Liam were in the kitchen eating breakfast.

"Wow are you going on a date or something?" Liam asked me sarcastically. Liam was my older brother he would always make fun of me, but was also over protective of me.

"Haha very funny, you done eating?" I told Liam, as i was grabbing a toast.

"Ready as i'll ever be, LET'S GO!"

We raced each other towards the car, and we both said, " bye mom bye dad" at the same time.

Before they said bye we slammed the door on them. Once i got in the car, i got a text from Niall, he was like a brother to me, i can tell him anything.

" hey love hows it going? Xx"

"Hey niall im on my way to school with liam. Xx"

" oh well can't wait to see you both! Tell him i said hi for me. Xx"

" i will, see you soon. Xx"

"Who's that?" Liam asked.

" it was niall, he said hi and he said he can't wait to see us."

Liam pulled over and parked his car, while i got out the car. We walked to where we saw the one direction gang. I was pretty nervous cause i was the only girl there, i wonder where my friends are, we usually all meet up at the front.

I said hi to the boys, and as soon as they turned around niall and harry were amazed on how i looked today, especially harry. He was blushing as well.

"Wow nice outfit." Niall said.

"You look stunning today." Harry complimented. I was blushing alot, but i told him thanks. I gave all of them a hug. Once i gave Harry a hug my friends finally came over. Emily saw, i felt ashamed. Emily had a crush on Harry ever since Nineth grade. So i backed up from Harry and said hi to all my best friends.

The bell rang, it was time to go to class.

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