The Truth Of Love

Have you ever had that moment where you truely love someone? But you don't have the guts to tell anyone cause you don't know who to trust? Seventeen year old girl named Melanie had a crush on Harry for a while, but didn't want her best friend Emily to know because she has a crush on Harry Styles as well. Soon enough Harry asked Melanie out, but wasn't sure if it was the right thing to say yes or no to Harry. What should Melanie do? Well read on and you'll find out.


2. Harry And I

Me and Harry always had the same classes since seventh grade and we never really talked, so this time i tried to start a convo but i couldnt i was always so shy to talk to him.

"So harry what did you do over the weekend, did you miss me?" I said sarcastically.

"I actually did miss you, and all i did was just help out around the house with my mom."

" you missed me?!" It was a unsuprising answer i expected from him.

"Yeah. You're like one of the awesome and sweetest person i know."

" oh Harry, thanks, that just made my morning." I said smiling and blushing at the same time.

" anytime love." My face turned really red, because our convo turned out pretty great.

Harry laughed and said, " you okay? Why are you all red all of a sudden?"

Shoot this is so embarrassing. "Well not that much boys compliment me or talk to me, and i'm kinda.... Shy whenever i talk to you."

"It's okay love at least you dont act all crazy or scream whenever you try to talk to me. You're just normal. And that's my type of girl i like."

We arrived to our history class, thank god, i felt like i was gonna die. I felt like i mess things up.

When we sat down, Mr. Dan told us that we had to do a project about someone that was famous, so we had to be in groups of four. What i hated was that Mr. Dan picked the groups for us, hopefully he didn't pick anyone annoying in my group.
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