The Truth Of Love

Have you ever had that moment where you truely love someone? But you don't have the guts to tell anyone cause you don't know who to trust? Seventeen year old girl named Melanie had a crush on Harry for a while, but didn't want her best friend Emily to know because she has a crush on Harry Styles as well. Soon enough Harry asked Melanie out, but wasn't sure if it was the right thing to say yes or no to Harry. What should Melanie do? Well read on and you'll find out.


3. Groups

Once Mr. Dan assigned us to groups, i got to be with Harry, olivia and niall. I guess this will turn out fine, hopefully i wont drool or fall in love with harrys dimples or accent everytime he speaks. *Sigh* this ones gonna be tough.

We decided to it on george washington, he is the first president and it all came to mind. The presemtation was due next week, i hope me and harry can be more closer than....

The bell had rung, we had english next, i really hated english because we hardly did anything in there. This time i walked with all my froends because we all had the same class whivh was great.

When me and harry got out of class, my best friend emily came running towards harry and said, "Hi Harry i got an A+ on my math test!" As she showed him the paper, harry wasn't really surprised so he just said, " womderful love, keep up the good work" with a careless smile on his face.

Emily would always dream and talk about Harry, she had a crush on harry way before me. And i didn't wanna break her heart if i told her i felt the same way as harry, so i would always stay quiet. Luckily, she didnt notice me blushing every time Harry was around..
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