The Truth Of Love

Have you ever had that moment where you truely love someone? But you don't have the guts to tell anyone cause you don't know who to trust? Seventeen year old girl named Melanie had a crush on Harry for a while, but didn't want her best friend Emily to know because she has a crush on Harry Styles as well. Soon enough Harry asked Melanie out, but wasn't sure if it was the right thing to say yes or no to Harry. What should Melanie do? Well read on and you'll find out.


4. English

*Emily's POV*

When we arrived to english we sat in our assigned seats, Melanie is so lucky. She always had the same classes as harry since the seventh grade and they always sat next to each other.... I wish Harry would recognize me more. The bell had rung which meant its time for us to learn now.

Mrs. Fritz told us that we had to start writing letters with someone and get to know them more. But the thing is, that it had to do this for two months... Please let mrs fritz make me and harry be partners.. Please.

"Okay class, i'm going to pass out composition notebooks and in them you and your partner would have write each other in them, i wont read them unless you mark it for me, you will be graded on the length of the letter, thats all. This grade really countd as your grade so now ill assign you to groups. And dont assume that i will pick people you talk to."

I crossed my finger as she was assigning us partners.

" emily and harry will be partners, and zayn melanie will be partners ....."

Yes i get to be partners with partners! God has finally got my prayers. Thank the lord!!

*Harry's POV*

Ugh i knew me and emily will be partners i just knew it. Oh well i guess shes not that annoying i mean she is pretty though. But it is kinda obvious that she likes me, but why me? Zayn is the most handsome one in our group why me? I guess im too adorable for the girls. Hopefully this assignment turns out fun, i hate writing letters, its just... Awkward

In class we started writing letters so far our convo turned out great but the thing was, emily took a very long time writing, i guess she really wants a good grade in this class.

Everytime emily was writing i would always stare at melanie she was my type of girl i would really date, shes a beauty, her smile makes me drool and whenever we talked i try not to blush. But this time we didnt sit together... She sat next to niall, i guess its okay cause niall is her best friend, and zayn sat behind her... God shes so pretty.

Melanie kept laughing every time she got the notebook, i guess melanie loves the assignment, oh how i wish to be with her..

Sorry its short but ill add more later please favorite and comment what you think oh n hope u liked it. :)xx
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