We need do need you

In a orld where only 4 poeple can create air, water, plants, and sunlight. Water or the very shy Aqua is teased and thinks she's not important she leaves earth. Soon enough the called Force troup set out to find poor aqua to save humanity from a terrible drought.


1. Why me why now?

"Your not important we already have water" a thirteen year old shouted as I joined the rest of the Force Troup. Poeple don't need me I think I'm unimportant I'm only water poor useless Aqua. Why me? Why tease me why not a normal human? " I can't take it !"I shout a bit harsh to the oy and he said " Whatever you say freak""Shut up I'm not going to be giving humans water anytime in years you can all be ungrateful during the drought I'm leaving and never coming back." I ran I didn't look back I ran and an and ran when I just fell asleep in the pure white snow with the thoughts huas will dehydrate they stay on earth I stay on clouds like rain that never fall.
The humans have been through a drought for quite a few years I spared the chidren though because I'm not that cruell to human kind. Time to give them their first rain in four years but owwww what is that pain I've been...........shot. blackness........

Authors Note: I know very fantasy! Lol
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