Will you still love me?

When Allie is done running away from her past will her life change? She meets a boy in her new city and finds him attractive, funny, and ....mysterious? There is something he won't tell her. There is something she isn't telling him. Will this summer romance last longer than expected? Will Allie find true love in Louis?


2. A new town

I entered into the the small parking garage and parked my black Prius. Another new town, new faces, a new job. The summer is finally here and could really be felt as I stepped outside my car. The heat surrounded me and a slight breeze ruffling my hair. I walked onto the sidewalk and looked up at the budding towering in front of me. My home for the summer.

I carried the small suitcase into the flat I started to rent. It provided furniture and a new, clean mattress. I through my suitcase onto the bed and decided to get some groceries. Once I arrived at the store I picked up some milk, bread, meat from the deli, and some potato chips. I carried the bags back to my flat since I only lived ten minutes away. I put everything in its rightful place in the kitchen and turned on the television. The news was on and I watched it also gave the surrounding areas temperatures. Here in Doncaster, it was going to be 85 degrees.

I opened the back windows and looked out at the small garden, the aroma of the flowers wafting up into my nostrils. The bright colors of the flowers dotted the green grass and made me feel like I was in a new world. Now, it was time to find a job. I looked in the newspaper trying to find anything that would be suitable. There was an add for a place called Milkshake City. It gave directions to where it was and was only five minutes from my flat.

I got to the place and told them I was here for the job. I emailed them my résumé from my phone and got an interview with manager. They said they had no other applicants so I got the job. They handed me a uniform and I would start tomorrow. I carried the uniform back to my flat and it was already seven at night. I made a sandwhich and collapsed on the couch watching MTV. After a few episodes of BUCKWILD I fell asleep.
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