Will you still love me?

When Allie is done running away from her past will her life change? She meets a boy in her new city and finds him attractive, funny, and ....mysterious? There is something he won't tell her. There is something she isn't telling him. Will this summer romance last longer than expected? Will Allie find true love in Louis?


1. Meet Allie

Hello, I'm Allie Burcham. I have long carmel colored straight hair. I have teal colored eyes and full pink lips. I'm not a skinny girl. In fact, I always feel fat. Some people say I'm just naturally curvy, but I don't believe them. I'm only 5'5, but I can run faster than anyone I know. One of my secrets is that I suffer from bipolar disorder. When I was eleven I started playing real fútbol and used it to take out the anger and depression. I ran away when I was sixteen. Why? Because I saw my mother get murdered. By my father. They thought I was at my friends house at a sleepover. I heard screams coming from my parents room. I remember standing outside the door seeing my fathers bulky figure on top of my mother. His fingers snaked around her throat. Not letting go. I stood there in shock and started to back away. He heard my gasp and approached me. He slapped me and I stayed in my room for four days never leaving. I couldn't sleep at night. The image always fresh in my mind. After two years of barely speaking I couldn't stand even being in his presence. I packed a small back pack and left at midnight through my window. I've roamed around for three years always getting a summer job and staying in one place over the summer. I didn't know this year would be different.
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