Back for You(Squel for Fight for Us)

It's been three months since Louis kissed Meghan. Niall still won't talk to Louis or really anyone else. He's lost his love for eveything. Can Meghan change that? If so can Zayn and Srah bring her back or will Meghan hide behind her fear forever?


16. The will

Meghan's POV
"Hey Meghan." Louis called. 

"Hey" I called back. "What do you want?"

"Why are you being so hard on Niall?" He asked. 

"I- I'm not." I stutter looking down, around anywhere but at his face.

"Yes." Louis said stepping around so he was looking into my eye. "You are." 

"Leave me alone Louis." I whispered feeling a tear trickle down me face. "I'm just trying to find a way."

"A way to do what?" Louis asked grabbing my arm stopping me from leaving. 

"A way to- to." I couldn't finish. I broke away from Louis's grip hurrying away. 


Louis's POV

"A way to- to." She whispered before pulling away. 

"Meghan wait." I called trying to follow her. Before I could catch up to her an arm grab my arm. I turn to see Niall standing there.

"Let her go." Niall said. "Don't get her angry."

"Why not?" I asked. "You can finally get some answers."

"I don't want answers." Niall sighed. "I want her." He let my arm go turning around leaving me alone.

"He really does care." I jumped turning to see Meghan slipping out of the trees.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"When I hear Niall's voice I wanted to see what he said." She said looking down.

I knew I wouldn't get another chance like this. "He really loves you, you know."

She looked up her carmel eyes deep and thoughtful. "I know."



Hope you like it.

Will update ASAP.


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