Back for You(Squel for Fight for Us)

It's been three months since Louis kissed Meghan. Niall still won't talk to Louis or really anyone else. He's lost his love for eveything. Can Meghan change that? If so can Zayn and Srah bring her back or will Meghan hide behind her fear forever?


3. He needs you

Zayn's POV

After we get settled in I head into Meghan's room where the three of them sat on the bed. "What did I miss?" I said sitting down next Meghan. "Nothing." They giggled. "I interrupted girl time?" I guessed. "You could never interrupted anything Zaynie." Meghan said giving me a hug. "Good." I grinned. "Cause we  got to talk to you." I nodded to Sarah and she hopped up. "Come with us." "What about me?" Kathleen asked. "Liam will keep you company." I called leading Meghan and Sarah out into the hall. "What am I doing?" Liam asked sticking his head out of our room. "Keeping Kathleen company in our room." Sarah called as we led Meghan down the hall to the guest room.

"What do you guys want?" She asked sitting on the bed. I shot a glance at Sarah. She nodded and grabbed out her phone. "You need to talk to Niall." She said. "No." Meghan cried tears brimming in her eyes. "I can't." "Come here." I say opening my arms. She let our a whimper falling into my arms. I hold her close as she quietly cried. "I know it hurts Meghan." I whisper in her ear. "But it's hurting Niall too." "It is?" She sniffed lifting her head. I took the phone from Sarah and pulled up the photo. Meghan let out a gasp when she say Niall. "What happened to him?" She said grabbing the phone looking at the photo. "He looks so bad." "He's hasn't been himself since the er you know." Sarah muttered. "What did I do?" Meghan cried letting a tear fall. "Nothing." I protested. "According to Niall he blame's Louis." 

Meghan's POV

Niall didn't blame me. I look down at the picture on the Niall. He was sitting on his bed, his blond hair messed up. His clothes rumpled. His beautiful blue eyes blank and listless. "What is he staring at?" I ask not taking my eyes off the picture. "A picture of the two of you." I give a slight smile. "Really?" Sarah nodded. I feel a tear slip down my cheek. "He really misses me doesn't he." Zayn looked me in the eye. "With all his heart." I slowly reach out my hand. Zayn placed the phone in my hand. I dial Niall's number and hold the phone up to my ear. "Hello?" A voice said through the phone. His voice was rough. "Niall." I breath. "It's me."



Sorry for the cliffhanger.

Will have next chapter up s soon as possible.

Niall's Princess122333

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