Back for You(Squel for Fight for Us)

It's been three months since Louis kissed Meghan. Niall still won't talk to Louis or really anyone else. He's lost his love for eveything. Can Meghan change that? If so can Zayn and Srah bring her back or will Meghan hide behind her fear forever?


23. Chapter 19

Meghan's POV

After riding the roller coaster, getting our photo taken with the mascot and tried some games Justin suggested we try the Ferris wheel.

"But I heard some band was playing at the stage lets go watch them." I protested.

"We'll get a better view from the top of the Ferris wheel." Ryan said dragging me into the line.

I let out a sigh of defeat letting him pull me into the line.

Justin headed to the front of the line and talked to the person running the Ferris wheel. The man nodded motioning us to the front of the line. 

I shot Ryan a glance following him to the front. 

As we were buckled in Ryan leaned over. "When we get to the top look to the stage it's the best view in the park."

I nod as the car shook to a start.

"What ever happens today." Justin smiled. "Remember us."

I shot him a look as we crept towards the top.


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