Back for You(Squel for Fight for Us)

It's been three months since Louis kissed Meghan. Niall still won't talk to Louis or really anyone else. He's lost his love for eveything. Can Meghan change that? If so can Zayn and Srah bring her back or will Meghan hide behind her fear forever?


6. Back

Meghan's POV

"Come on Zayn." Liam called. "I'll be down in a sec." He called. I rolled my eyes. Why did Zayn always take so long on his hair. "Done." He said combing his hair one last time. "Finally." I cried leaping up. "Let's go." 

I followed Liam, Zayn, and Charlie out to the car. "So when should we met Niall?" Charlie asked. 

"He said his plane landed around nine, so soon." Liam said looking at his watch. "Then let's go i'm hungry." Charlie grinned. I laughed and ruffled his dark hair. "A little like Niall." Zayn said. "He's got the appetite." We all laugh while Charlie stared at Zayn. "I don't get it." He said. This only made us laugh harder .

It felt great just to sit back and laugh with my friends again. "We're here." Charlie cried as the yellow M came into view. "I thought I was going to stave to death. Little Niall. Zayn mouthed to me. I look over at Charlie his dark hair falling into his bright blue eyes. His smile lighting up his face. I close my eyes and see it. He was a little Niall, my little Niall. I ruffled his hair again as we get out of the car. He looked at me and jumped up ruffling my hair. "Charlie." I laugh. "Was that necessary?" "It was Zayn's idea." He cried. I look over at Zayn. He nodded sheepishly. "But it was worth it."

I punch him lightly in the arm as we walk into the McDonald's. Charlie and I go and sit down while Zayn and Liam order. "Are you going to be ok?" Charlie asked as I looked outside for like the thousandth time. "Y-Yea." I stutter. "I'm just-" "Nervous." Charlie smiled. I looked down at Charlie. "You know for a ten year old your pretty smart." He beamed. "I know." "Food's here." Zayn smiled as he set a trey in front of us. Charlie smiled and grabbed a twenty count McNuggets.

"When is Niall going to be here?" I asked looking at my burger. "Soon." Liam promised. I sighed and looked down at my burger not hungry. "Come on Meghan." Zayn said. "You got to eat." "I'm just nervous." I said. "What if Niall blames me just as much as he blames Louis?" "That could never happen." Liam said patting my back trust me.

"And trust me." An irish voice said from behind me. I turn around to see Niall standing a few feet away. His eyes looking at me full of hope. "Niall." I whisper. My eyes fill with tears. "I knew I would find you." He said. 



Hope you guys like it

I won't be able to update till Saturday sorry. 

Hope you can wait :P

Niall's Princess

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