Back for You(Squel for Fight for Us)

It's been three months since Louis kissed Meghan. Niall still won't talk to Louis or really anyone else. He's lost his love for eveything. Can Meghan change that? If so can Zayn and Srah bring her back or will Meghan hide behind her fear forever?


1. Three months

Meghan's POV

"Meghan." Kathleen called coming in to our room. "Zayn's calling." I jump out of bed. "Hand over the phone." I laugh. "It's been a month since he called." Kathleen gave me the phone. "Zayn." I cry. "It's so good to talk to you." "You too Meghan." Zayn said. "I got good news." What?" "We got a break." Zayn explained. "So Sarah Liam and I are coming to vist." "Really." I gasp. I had been four months since I'd seen Sarah and Liam three since I saw Zayn." "Yep." Zayn said. "The others tjink we're going to see my family." "Great." I smile my mind drifting to Niall and the rest of the band. "See you soon." Zayn said. "See you." I mutter hanging up. "You ok?" Kathleen asked sitting doen next to me. I shake my head blinking away tears. "I miss him." I whisper. "It's going to be ok." Kathleen said rubbing my back. "It's going to be ok." I close my eyes. It's going to be ok. I get up. "I got to get my mind off him." I sigh heading downstaires. "Hey Meghan." Charlie called. He, Hayden and Ryder were sitting watching football. In the three months he had lived with us he had really opened up to us. Two months ago we had legally adopted him. "Guess what?" I grin. "What?" They muttered. "Zayn, Liam and Sarah are going to come vist us!" "Cool." Ryder exclaimed. "But what about Louis, Niall and Harry?" I freeze. "Don't ask about that." Charlie cried. "Why?" Hayden asked pausing the game. I go back to that night.


I was standing on the elvator next to Niall watching the numbers slowly descend. "I'm going to miss you." He whispered in my ear hugging me from behind. "Me too." I murmer tears threatening to spill over. I knew it was only for two weeks but it still hurt. Niall noticed me crying. "Don't cry Meghan." He said wiping away a tear with his thumb. "It's only for two weeks." "I know." I mutter. "But.." He gave me one og his small smiles. "I promise you these will be the quickest two weeks and before you know it your be back with me having a  movie night." I smile at that. "Ok." I agree. "As long as we don't watch a horror movie." He sighed but nodded. "For you." I smile as the elvator opened to the lobby. We get out. I give him one last hug. "I will always love you." He said holding me close. "Not as much as I love you." I say with a lump in my throat. He slowly released me from his arms. "Bye Meghan." He whispered. "Bye." I whisper walking away.

*End of Flashback*

I slip out of my memories and into reality. "You ok?" I look down to see Charlie looking up at me. I nod. "They're not coming." I whisper. 

Zayn's POV

I put my phone back in my pocket and join Liam and Sarah in the living room. "She'll be ready for us." I say sitting down. "Who will be ready for you guys?" I turn to see Niall coming down the stairs. He looked like he hadn't slept for a month. "His mom." Liam said shooting me a glance. I nod. Niall sighed and came to sit with us. "Any word from Meghan?" I shake my head. I wanted to tell him but if Meghan wasn't ready it wouldn't work. I had to talk to her. She didn't know what Niall was doing to himself. Niall closed his eyes. "It's my fault." He said. "If only I had insisted on going with you guys instead of him." Ever since Louis and I had gotten home Niall won't even be in the same room with him. He hasn't said a single word to him in three months. Louis was taking in pretty hard. He and Harry we're visiting his family for the week. "Well we got to go pack." I said breaking the silence. Liam and Sarah hopped up after me. "Hope you feel better Niall you look like a car ran over you." Sarah said. "Get some rest." Niall just turned on the TV. "We got to talk to her when we vist." Sarah whispered in my ear. "He looks worse everyday." "He doesn't want to do anymore concerts till we find her." Liam agreed. "We'll talk to her." I mutter. "How much good it will do, I don't know."


A/N Sorry for the short chapter and taking so long to update. Hope you guys like it. Will have chapter 2 up soon.

Niall's Princess122333.

Leave any advice below. Might need a co-author(That actually writes.) Volunteer please. 

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