Summer love

In kindergarten Lilly met Liam Payne and Niall Horan and while in London they meet again in Wales U.K. When One Direction won X Factor she became a huge fan. But in Wales U.K they come for a signing. Will they remember her or will they just forget her


10. you what?!

i came down stairs knowing niall came before me when i saw harry punch niall. " what the hell harry its my birthday ad valentines day why did u punch my boyfriend" ha i love saying boyfriend whoo i got a boyfriend anyways before i get to carried away "niall care to tell her what you did last night" "what did i do" niall asked i thought he might just be playing dumb but he wasnt all the boys came over and helped him into a chair ad harry tried to throw another punch but i held him back ya i know im strong:) lol. "niall what did u do last night?" i asked him but harry answered "he did something with my girlfriend" oh god no please tell me he didnt i already had tears in my eyes though i didnt see nialls nor did i want to i ran up stairs into liams bedroom i sleep there and liam sleeps on the couch. But liam comes running after me.



                   How could he do that to a sweet innocent beautiful girl so then as me daddy directioner i went after her. i knew where she was but i didnt expect to find her like this. she was in the bathroom with a knife to her heart i quickly snatched it out of her hand she even looks beautiful with makeup all over her face man she really loved him. "liam give it back" "no lilly im not letting you do this niall is stupid to do that to you but im not letting you kill youself because of niall stupid mistake come on lilly" we went into my room and i helped her get off her running makeup it was all over her face. then we cuddled for awhile and she soon fell asleep



                                     NIALLS POV


                                                Oh i totally forgot i was drunk melissa  was drunk dont no the hell where melissa is but i dont care

i love lilly but shes never going to forgive me liam went after i knew he like her but i love her im gonna go apoligise. so i went into liams room and found them asleep together "i make one stupid mistake and i come to appoligise but now why should i" "hey niall its not what it looks like lilly 

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