Summer love

In kindergarten Lilly met Liam Payne and Niall Horan and while in London they meet again in Wales U.K. When One Direction won X Factor she became a huge fan. But in Wales U.K they come for a signing. Will they remember her or will they just forget her


6. were there

I just pulled in the parking lot and dam there is alot of people so its gonna take a while. Ok Melissa needs to calm down cause every time someone yells i see one direction she screams in my ear and it hurts. OMG their here ahh im so nervous. Ok two more girls and its Melissa's and I's turn yay. The order is  Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall last but not least Liam. It my turn yay! "Hi Harry my name is Lilly " Hey love hows your day" " amazing thanks hows yours" "Good now that i've seen you" " Aww thanks can you sign" "Sure there you go love"  "bye"  Now its Zayns turn "Hi Zayn"  "Hi love whats yout name" "Lilly" "Thats a beautiful name here you go" Thanks Zayn" "No problem". Now Louis turn "Hey babe whats your name" "Lilly" "Thats a nice name here you go." OMG now Nialler i have butterfly's in my stomach.  "Hey whats your name love" "Its Lilly" "I know but i have to ask every fan that so hows life?'' ''good Nialler can we go on a walk" ''Sure let me say bye to my fans 'Bye guys i appreciate all your guys support!''   

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