Summer love

In kindergarten Lilly met Liam Payne and Niall Horan and while in London they meet again in Wales U.K. When One Direction won X Factor she became a huge fan. But in Wales U.K they come for a signing. Will they remember her or will they just forget her


9. the bar

So i have met all of one direction you know harry liam zayn Louis and of course niall and we've all hung out before but tonight were going to the bar now Melissa can get carried away just a bit :/ but we will just have to see! Its now around 11 so we went (11pm) to the bar and ya Melissa and harry are there "Melissa how much have you drank" and shes to drunk to answer so harry says " a couple" "a couple? looks like more than a couple" then finally Melissa spoke up and said "7" i didn't know what to say oh well. Niall has had way to much so i took him home he crashed and i did to. I woke up in the middle of the night and got some i went down stairs and got water i came back up and heard groaning but i thought he was doing it in is sleep so i left him and what was really weird was melissa didn't make a sound during the night. i woke up " the sun is way to bright" then niall came in "hey" hey i agree with you the sun is too bright" "ya so last night i got up and got water and you were sleep groaning i think it was funny" "did you walk in and see me" "no nialler why would i wake you" "oh ok do you wanna go down and get breakfast?" "sure!" i know nialls the right guy i mean ya i have dated other guys but the had fun with all my friends if you know what i mean but niall is not like that or thats what i thought. 

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