Summer love

In kindergarten Lilly met Liam Payne and Niall Horan and while in London they meet again in Wales U.K. When One Direction won X Factor she became a huge fan. But in Wales U.K they come for a signing. Will they remember her or will they just forget her


11. silly liam


               Lilly's P.O.V

 i bought liam an I Phone 5 only cause he smashed his so im gonna go give it to him. "oh liam can you come here please" i only did that cause i got bored and i wasnt going to do it some stupid way like liam come here you know thats just boring "oh coming lilly" hes so funny. Its been a week since niall and i've talked but oh well we've seen each other around but thats it. "here liam" i gave him the phone "aww thanks lilly" he gave me a hug and then we both pulled out at the same time and then we may have sorta kissed (lol) "ahem" oops someone was there i pulled away quickly ans saw who it was. GREAT (note the sarcasm)




                                                                                            authors note

                       who do u guys think it is 

 ok should it be liam or lilly it liam and lilly start dating 

or liall or nilly if niall and lilly start dating  or if u have any other ideas let me know thanks 


                          ~Love ya~

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