Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


23. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison’s point of view


Three days before school starts. Three days then I have to go meet all these monstrous teenagers. I kind of wanted to go to meet some people and make friends though. It was a war inside of my brain. Simon told me that I would be getting a ride there and from everyday from a personal driver until he felt safe when I’m driving. I’m not that bad!


Tonight was just another night that Harry planned on taking me out on a date. Even if it is just a date it’s still special to me. We had been out in public once or twice just hanging out and of course the media just made up awful rumors. Which was just another reason that I was glad he thought of the fake dates.


We hadn’t started officially dating yet sadly. So far Simon and Louis were the only people who knew about our almost nightly dates. I’ve told Izzy and Amanda about one or two of our dates but they already assume. They don’t know about the fake dating thing yet. I wasn’t actually sure that I would tell them about the fake dating though. I only just met them and even though I have grown close to them they could still betray me.


Harry was leaving in a week to do a couple concerts in some other country that I forgot the name of. When he leaves it’s gonna suck. I’ve been spending almost every day with him and I’m gonna have withdraws. I can’t even imagine how terrible it’ll be for me when he has to start touring the world.


We’ve just stayed in at his house a lot of the time. Once I went to the beach with the boys and I made sure to bring Melody. Then another time I went to the carnival with him and Louis. The media made it out as Harry and I dating and Louis being the third wheel. The paparazzi are smart but it isn’t good for us. We have to start interviewing the actors soon so we can come out as dating them.


Harry told me that he’ll come out first so the press won’t say he only found someone because I broke his heart. They really make up a bunch of bull crap. It’s so annoying, I want to say something to them but Harry’s security won’t allow it.


I’m not even allowed to hang out without all of the boys without them saying I’m a slut. They know absolutely nothing about me or my life. They assume that Harry and I have been dating for awhile. His fans talk about it on Twitter a lot too. Every time there’s a new picture of us they either throw a fit or tell us to start dating.


Harry tried to keep the hate away from me but it wasn’t hard to create a fan account and see everything that the girls said. I created the account and I planned on harassing Harry on it and he would never know it was me. 


I wasn’t gonna spy on him or anything I was just gonna tweet him stuff like, “Harry!! follow me! i love you so much oh my bieber!” fangirl stuff. 


Being over at their house all the time meant that Louis told me a lot of stuff about Harry. It also meant that I spent time with Louis against Harry’s will. Louis made me watch the video diaries and listen to all the songs that they’ve sang so far.


Louis never wants to leave us alone so we usually have a third wheel on the date. When we do have time alone we just talk and watch movies. Harry and Louis have practically every movie known to man kind.


Simon didn’t actually want me going out tonight with Harry because Harry invited me to a club.. Harry threw such a big fit about it when I wasn’t there with him and that’s what confused me. I’m actually really afraid that he’s going to try to have sex with me. I am not ready yet, no way!


We aren’t even official yet. If he ask me I plan on saying no but what if he dumps me? That’s the thing that frightens the hell out of me. He could be like oh you don’t want to? Leave we’re over. Then I would go home and start crying.


He’s suppose to be coming over for dinner with Simon, Meghan and I and then we’ll leave. We’re going to a huge popular club so there will be a lot of people there. I’m not sure that it’s gonna be better for him or not but I went along with the plan. 


I’ve actually been talking Simon into letting Melody hang out with me more often. She met Alec, Izzy and Amanda and they seem to get along fine! I think that it’s cool that we can all hang out even though she’s suppose to be Simon’s maid/housekeeper. 


Melody’s mom isn’t that happy about it but she wants her daughter to live a normal life. That obviously isn’t happening with the fact that she cleans Simon’s house. 


We’re leaving at 7 because we have to drive for awhile to get there. I’m not planning on drinking and I know that Harry’s going to that’s why he told me he got a personal driver for us. He meant that he wanted to get wasted and even if I didn’t drink I still wasn’t driving his car. Nobody trust me to drive their cars!



“Harry’s here Allison!” Melody knocked on my door and came in without waiting for me to answer. She should have waited because I was looking for a dress which meant that I was in my bra and underwear. I wouldn’t mind her seeing but Harry was right behind her.


“Oh my god!” I screamed and ran into my closet. I was embarrassed I didn’t want Harry seeing me almost naked. 


“Uh, let’s go Harry.” I heard Melody ask him but I didn’t hear feet moving.


“She’ll be fine.” I imagined him rolling his eyes. “Thanks Melody.” With that I heard feet moving and my door shutting. “Come out of there you baby.” Harry came over to the door and opened it. 


I was sitting in front of the door so when he opened it I fell backwards. He held his hand out but I still didn’t want him seeing me. I took it then tried grabbed the doorknob to shut it. He shook his head and walked in the closet.


“Harry, get out. I don’t want you seeing me practically naked!” I slapped his chest. 


“I’ve seen you in a bathing suit. You’re fine shush up! Now, do you need help finding a dress?” He looked down at me. He was towering over me and it was crazy. He was wearing a pair of dark jeans and a white shirt with a blazer. He smelled great and he looked amazing; like always.


I nodded slowly and turned around to face back to the closet. I started walking towards a rack and he slapped my butt. I turned around with embarrassment thrown across my cheeks. “Harry!” I screamed and he just laughed.


“Come on, I’ll help you.” He walked in front of me and started looking through my shirts and the couple dresses I do have. I have a couple casual ones but none that are really clubby. 


“Hmm..You don’t have any.. why didn’t you look for some before tonight?” He asked. I couldn’t tell if he was mad or not.


“I don’t know..” I said nervously. Harry’s temper is so huge and he’ll throw a fit at any minute. I  know he wouldn’t hurt me or anything but I don’t want him yelling at me.


“Do you think that Meghan would?” He stuck his hands in his pockets and started walking out.


I shrugged and bit my lip. He threw a robe at me that he found in my bathroom and I put it on. He opened the door and I followed him out the door. We reached the living room where Meghan and Simon were talking. They stopped when they saw us and Simon raised his eyebrows and I thought he was gonna say something.


“Do you have any dresses I could wear..?” I asked Meghan she shook her head and my shoulders slouched. Crap.


I felt a tapping at my shoulder and turned around. Melody was holding out a black dress. “What’s this?” I asked confused. 


“Mine. My mom doesn’t really know I own it..” She whispered to me. 


“Thanks!” I smiled and hugged her. She took my arm and led me to my bedroom without Harry. If he tried following Simon would have said something. I pulled the dress up over my butt and she zipped it up for me. 


The dress was black and had one strap on it and the back didn’t start until right about my butt. It was great and I loved it, Melody was a real life saver! “You look great! I think you should wear my silver heels I have for it, wanna see?” I nod and she scurries towards her room.


She returns and has a pair of silver pumps that slip on my feet easily. My hair was already straightened and I hoped that it wouldn’t get frizzy or start to curl during dinner. I walked out and everyone was already sitting at the table.


“Come on, hurry up!” Harry laughed at me. I walked over and sat down next to him. No food was on the table so I assumed that Melody’s mom was serving us again. Harry smiled at me and winked. 


I looked away and blushed. “You look cute.” He whispers at me. 


“Cute? In this dress?” I said with a smirk. 


He looked at me and then back at Simon. Simon was on his phone and Meghan was drinking wine. Harry looked back at me and whispered in my ear. “You don’t even know what I’d do to you in that dress.’d have to be off of course.” 


I shook my head and looked away blushing. Harry was so perverted. Of course I egged him on. I wanted that kind of reaction from him. When he said it looked cute I knew that he was only saying it for Simon’s sake.




Finally at 8:30 we arrived at the huge club. The place was a long whiles away which is weird. Why couldn’t Harry go to a club a little bit closer to Simon’s. Another bad thing is that i’ll be stuck in the back with Harry on the way back. It’ll either mean a horny Harry or drunk Harry.


The driver only talked to us when he asked if we wanted the radio on or not. It wasn’t a limo but it did have a wall in between the two front seats and the rest of the car. That’s a good thing though, because I would have felt awkward and probably wouldn’t have even talked. 


Two security guards snuck us through the back and I could see flashes all over the places. I couldn’t distinguish them between lights or paparazzi. “Are there going to be paparazzi here?” I tugged on Harry’s arm. He was still a couple inches taller than me.


“Only if they followed us here and they might see us leave... that’s why when we’re almost ready to leave I want you to pick out a girl you see by herself and pull her over to us and we can make her my fake girlfriend. I don’t need to interview her. Then you can hide in the bathroom or something while I leave with her and then I’ll take her to a hotel because I got reservations at one. Then I’ll sneak out and get another car and come pick you up and when I do we’ll just go back to my flat.” He walked me over to the bar and he ordered two drinks.


“Why didn’t you tell me??” I was a little mad. I didn’t want to hide in a bathroom. 


“I just thought of it. We can ask her a couple questions and if you get a good vibe then I’ll offer her money and then she can just become the fake girlfriend.” He looked around a little bit. I really hope there weren’t paparazzi here.


“I just wish you would’ve told me earlier.” I look down and shake my head. Harry thinks he has to be in control all the time. What if I had said no?


“I’m sorry. I would have but like I said, just thought of it. Don’t be mad at me please Allison?” He looked at me and started giving me puppy dog eyes. Then he stuck his bottom lip out and it made me giggle. Suddenly his small smile turned into a teethy grin. 


The drinks came over and after a couple minutes I finished the nasty thing. “I thought you weren’t going to drink?” Harry asked me. He also asked for two more drinks because we both finished our’s.


“You are, and I figured I would have one or two..” I get an incoming text from Lou.


Lou: what r u two doing??


Me: sex.


“Who is that?” Harry tried looking over my shoulder. 


“My secret boyfriend! Get away from me!” I put it under my leg so he couldn’t reach. He tried reaching for it but I held it away from him. He could easily get it though.


“I’m serious.. who was that why won’t you tell me?” Harry asked calmly and took a drink of his beer.


I took a drink of mine too and tried to hide the face I made. “My boyfriend I’m serious.He’s from back home...” I took another drink.


He looked down at his pants pocket. “I don’t recall my phone ringing. Who the fuck was that? Tell me Allison.” He said forcefully. He obviously knows that it wasn’t my boyfriend and that I was kidding around but he seemed serious. 


“It was Louis. Calm the hell down Harry.” I rolled my eyes and he rolled his too. He was so controlling sometimes. It made me mad how he was getting mad at me because of this.


“Why did you say it was your boyfriend?” He put his hand on my leg and started moving it up and down making those butterflies swarm.


“Because I was kidding but you got all pissy.” I slapped his hand off my knee. He raised his eyebrow and drank the rest of the beer and ordered two more.


“Sorry. It’s just that I instantly got jealous. Even if I did know you that you were kidding.” He made a pouty face. “By the way, I’m gonna get totally shitfaced.” He said after a minute.


I rolled my eyes and finished my drink. “Whatever. Maybe I will too..” I look at him and he’s already looking at me. 


“No you aren’t. You can have one more drink. We need one of sober and that will be youuu.” He sang the last part like Gotta be you.


I smiled and nodded my head. “Besides, I don’t want to get raped in the bathroom while waiting for you.” I sighed and stood up. 


“Where are you going?” He asked and took a drink of the fresh beer. 


“Dancing. Are you coming or...?” I didn’t wait for him to answer. I turned around and walked towards the dance floor and started dancing. I turned around to find Harry right behind me. I put my hands in his hands and started dancing. 


A good song came on and made me go wild. I felt drunk already but apparently Harry didn’t because he took my hand and led me back to the bar. He started chugging his beer and I started drinking on the drink that I had. 


After 5 beers for me and 7 for Harry he dragged me to the dance floor this time. I was feeling totally wasted and Harry seemed like he might be too. I was actually pretty proud that I haven’t puked yet. I felt perfectly fine and I just wanted to dance. 


We went into the middle and I started dancing. I know that I’m not good at all but it was the slutty kind of dance that you don’t need to be good at. Harry’s chest was against my back and we were moving in rhythm. 


He wrapped his hands around my stomach and all of a sudden he was controlling the dance. I pressed my back up against him as I hard as I could and  tilted my head up at him and saw that he was peering down at me. He smiled and in that moment I really wanted to kiss him. I knew that if I did there would be pictures all over the magazine and internet world.


I wrapped my hands around his neck and moved with him. He was a pretty good dancer. The lights were flashing all over and I tried to make sure that I kept balance. He moved his hands to my hips and I turned around. 


“You’re so beautiful..” Harry spoke over the music so only I could hear. I blushed and looked down. Thankfully you couldn’t really see that well in here because blushing is embarrassing. 


“Thanks. You look pretty cute too..” I smiled up at him and tried not to blush. Harry looked so gorgeous with his curls floppy where ever they want to.


He rolled his eyes and led me back to get more drinks. 




“I wanna go homeee!” I whined to Harry. It was 1 in the morning and I was tired and wasted. I had about 7 beers and been dancing a lot. Right now I was about to fall over. That wasn’t a good thing.


“Let me get my security.. go find a girl...” He started walking away. I groaned because we were still going through with that plan. 


I found a tall redhead and tapped her shoulder. She turned around and I saw the prettiest green eyes ever. (besides Harry’s) She smiled politely which was odd. “Hi, will you follow me..” I grabbed her hand and burped causing myself to start giggling. 


I sat down on a stool and she did the same. “Can I help you?” She asked me nervously. 


“Do you know Harry Styles?” I asked her. I closed my eyes for a minute and quickly opened them back up.


“Okay, lets go..” I turned my head towards Harry and saw that he was holding hands with this girl. “Allison, I’m having the bar..der keep you under the bar.. play on your ooon or something ok And you can’t have anymore.” He closed an eye then opened it. He was totally wasted. 


“What?” I touched my forehead. 


“This is Becca. She agreed to it. I asked her a ouple tions and she seems good noough until you and me have been together for awhile. Is she okay to ou?” He asked me. His words were kind of messed up. She was pretty but not the prettiest. I doubt Harry would fall for her.


I stood up and got in her face. She was a little taller than me. “He’s my boyyyfriend OKAY?” I slurred. 


She nodded really fast. I hope that I could trust her or Harry. I would have to interrogate her later when I was sober. I nodded my head and they led me towards the bartender who helped me get under the counter. 


I sat there breathing deep breaths trying to calm down and not pay attention to what Harry could do with that girl. I would never think that Harry would cheat on me but he is drunk. “Harry!” I heard screams and then runs. I’m almost positive they just opened the front door where everyone can see them two together. 


People are going to ask me why Harry was with someone else and I had two answers to give them. The real story or the fake story. Of course Simon and my mom knew. Louis knew and I’m pretty sure that Anne knew. Harry would probably tell his sister and the boys. I would tell Melody and all of my close friends; Alexis and Nicki. But, he wanted to wait for a while to tell everyone about us when we were official. Probably after a long time of dating. We weren’t official yet and I was still waiting for him to ask me.


I pulled my phone out of my bra, strapless by the way. I went onto the fake twitter I had to read all the stuff said. The phone light was too bright so I locked it. I crawled out from the bar and asked the bartender for a glass of water. He went and quickly came back with one.


I went back under the bar and started sipping on it. I then pulled my phone out again and just decided to turn the brightness down. I read through tweets that weren’t about Harry and tweets that were. There was stuff saying, “Harry and this mystery girl are adorable together” Other things like “Who is this slut?!? Harry you’re loosing my respect really fast you whore!!” “Eww! She’s gross” “Where’s Allison?): I ship Hallison more than this girl!” 


There were a couple that were like that. The ones that talked about Harry and I and how I was cuter or better, those mad me happy and feel better. I tweeted Harry, “OMG HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ALLISON WHAT ABOUT ALLISON?!” I started giggling uncontrollably. 


Then I got the idea to call Louis. He answered after the third call. “Hello? Allison are you okay??” He asked worried.


“hAhaha, shhh” I giggled and I heard moving around.


“What’s wrong? I’m trying to sleep.” He groaned.


“I’m not I’m under the bar hehe owww” I sat up and hit my head and then touched my. It was pounding now.


“Where’s Harry?” louis asked. I heard Eleanor in the background whisper and ask who it is.


“I LOVE YOU ELLLLEANOR” I screamed and giggled forgetting about my head. 


They both laughed and Louis coughed a bad nasty cough. “I’m sick, going back to bed. Do you need me to pick you up?” 


“No, go to bed you loser. Byeeee” I hung up and laid down. 


I was getting cold and tired when I heard Harry’s voice. I had a couple glasses of water and two fruity drinks. I wasn’t completely sober but I was getting there and I could tell Harry was too. 


“Allison?” Harry walked around and came over and smiled at me.


“Harry?” I sat up and hit my head again. “Shit!” I rubbed my head. I crawled out and stood up and my phone fell to the ground. “Shit!” I bent over and picked it up. Harry laughed at me and looked around he took my hand and went running to the back door. 


He stuck his head out of the door and we were running again and hopped in the back of the large car. I panted out of breath and put my seat belt on. I look at Harry and he’s staring at me smiling. “What?” I roll my eyes and smile.


“I’m sorry that I had to leave you alone. No one messed with you did they?” He asked suddenly serious. He took off his seat belt and unbuckled mine too. He turned towards me and hugged me.


“Harry, what’s wrong?” I pulled away. I was scared. I was really afraid that he had..cheated on me.


“Nothing, it’s just that I feel terrible for leaving you. I wish we didn’t have to. This is dumb.” He looked down at his hands and played with them. 


“No it isn’t Harry. I think it’s a great idea. What’s wrong..... did anything with her..?” I looked down afraid from what he’d say. I almost felt tears prick my eyes.


“No!! I swear I didn’t, don’t think that. I promise you okay?” He took me by my shoulders and stared into my eyes. I thought that it looked like he might start crying or maybe it was the glaze from the alcohol.. 




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