Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


22. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


“It was really nice meeting you.” I gave Meghan’s mom a hug. She seemed nice enough and so did everyone that worked there. Everyone except a couple cooks were relatives of Meghan. 


“Oh sweetie, you too. You’re so adorable.” She pinched my cheeks. “You guys make sure you keep in touch. Bye!” She waved us goodbye as we headed into the paparazzi. They were crowded on the street and flashes were hitting our faces.


“Just look down sweetie..” Meghan whispered in my ear. I did what she said to try and keep my face away from the cameras. I don’t really want more pictures in the magazines. 


I heard people screaming Simon and Allison and Meghan and I heard the name Harry a couple times so I know they were talking about us together. Suddenly the wind started blowing really hard and large drops started hitting us. 


Even though my hickey was caked in foundation I knew that you could still see it a little bit. But, with it raining the foundation will run and they’ll get pictures of my neck and it will be front page for sure.


I just looked down and tried not to listen to their questions. They asked stuff that was directed to Meghan or Simon which I didn’t listen to but some were about Harry or myself. A lot asked if we were dating but that seemed to be the only thing they even cared about.


By the we entered the car we were soaked. Which isn’t good for my white dress. I sat in the back of the car shivering. After a couple minutes of silence Simon said something. “By the way, I had someone sign you up at school. You’re starting the 19th.” 


I nodded and sighed. Today was the 3rd.



“I’ll be there in about 40 minutes okay?” Harry called. I told him that’s fine and we hung up. 


I had to redo my hair and make up because it had rained and ruined my not-so-great-in the-first-place-hair. So instead of touching it up I just took a shower. I decided to change into something that was more comfortable than a dress.


I barely wore any make up and put my hair in a pony tail and curled it so I would look semi-pretty. I wore a pair of yoga pants and a tank top because I figured I would fall and I wouldn’t want my pants splitting or something. And that would probably happen if I wore jeans.


I hung out with Melody for a little while until Harry knocked on the door. When I stood up to answer I glanced at the clock and it was four o’ clock. Right on time Mr.Styles.


“Hi.” He stood in the door smiling. He smelled really good and looked even better. He was wearing a Jack Willis hoodie and a pair of jeans. He looked really cute and his hair was hidden by a beanie. 


“Hi.” I smiled and looked down. 


“Are you ready?” He asked and stuck out his hand. I took it and started walking out the door.


“Oh, Melody, tell Simon we left please?” She smiled, nodded and scurried off to find him I assume.


He held my hand until we reached the car where he opened the door for me and I slid in. He was driving the range rover again which is what he always drove. I’m guessing it’s probably so we wouldn’t get spotted by paparazzi and the windows were tinted and you couldn’t see in.


He got in the drivers seat and turned towards me. “Let me see the love bite.” He smirked and I rolled my eyes. 


I moved my curl that was blocking it and showed him. His eyes widens and so did his smile. “ isn’t that bad..” He chuckled and turned back towards the front and started the car.


“Whatever Harry! You did it on purpose! I’m quite surprised that Simon didn’t say anything! That is so embarrassing!” I blushed in my hands and shook my head.


“Well, I’ll let you give me one too..If that will make you feel better?” He looked both ways and pulled out of the drive way going towards the high way. 


“No! Everyone will know that it was me and then they’ll think we had sex or something!” I told him. I knew the first person that would say something would be Louis. 


“You know you want to!” He smiled at me and winked.


“Nope.” Even though I did. I mean, I couldn’t get enough of this kid. But the paparazzi would see it and that meant that we’d have to start our fake dating sooner than later.


After about 20 minutes we pulled up in an alley and he drove a little bit and pulled into an open garage. “We have go through the back so we don’t get seen.” He raised his eyebrows which was a weird gesture.


I nodded and looked at my phone. I had two missed calls from my mom. I turned down Harry’s radio and answered it. Weird that my mom was calling because she was suppose to be working right now. 


“Hello? Finally why didn’t you answer when I called!?” My mom kinda screamed as soon as she answered the phone.


“Sorry, I didn’t hear it.. why’d you call? Aren’t you suppose to be at work right now?” I asked a little afraid. Mom never took off so if she missed it was probably important..


“I called because Simon told me you were going on a date with that Harry Styles! Why didn’t you tell me?” She sighed. So this is why she took off??


“Wait, is that why you took off work?” Now we were just sitting in the dark garage. Harry was texting someone and I was arguing/talking to my mom.


“No! I took off because I have a date tonight too!! But, then Simon called and told me. I mean, why didn’t you call me and tell me about it? Were you afraid that I wouldn’t approve?” My mom took off work so she could go on a date but she couldn’t ever take off work to hang out with me? Where did she even get time to meet someone?


“I don’t know.. I just didn’t have time I never know when to call.. you’re always at work. But, I’ll talk to you later. We’re at the rink. Bye, love you.” I hung up and sighed. Harry took my hand and pulled me into a hug.


“I’m okay.” He nodded and got out and opened my door. I took his hand and we walked into the rink. It was empty and huge. He walked me over to the counter and then left me in front while he walked behind it and grabbed himself a pair of skates. 


“What size do you wear?” He went back down to grab a pair.


“7.” I said and stood on my tippy toes so I could see over the barrier. He popped up in my face with a pair. He pecked my lips and handed me them.


I smiled and took them and quickly walked over to a seat. I was really nervous because I haven’t been skating in a while and I was afraid that I was going to suck. It always takes me a while to learn how to again. I have to reteach myself and then I become a little bit better.


Harry is probably a pro at it though. He’s probably a pro at everything he does! Which totally isn’t fair. Everything about him is perfect and I’m just..awkward. He comes over and sits next to me and starts putting on his shoes.


Of course he’s done first and has to help me because I’m dumb. “I’m sorry.. I haven’t been skating in forever..” I look down embarrassed.


“You’re fine Allison!” He finished and offered me his large hand. I put my small hand in it and he interlocked our fingers. I never noticed that my hand felt so small when he was holding it. I liked the feel of it more than I like Jason’s hand.


“So, I’m guessing you aren’t very good at skating huh?” He looked at me and I felt my cheeks heat up and I nodded. I’m so embarrassing.


“Okay. Well, I’ll just have to teach you.. Seems like I’ll have to teach you everything.. Something I’m gonna like doing.” He winked and bit his lip. He was indicating something nasty!


“Harry!” I gasped and blushed even more. He always finds a way to be cheeky and perverted.


“Just saying..” He kissed my cheek and let go of my hand. I quickly grabbed onto the rail before I could fall on my butt. He went to the middle of the rink and started skating.


“Show off!” I screamed at him messing around. 


“I gotta impress you somehow.” He came over after a minute of showing off his great skills. 


I rolled my eyes and he grabbed both of my hands and made me skate. I’m pretty sure I was shaking which is embarrassing. 


After a little bit I was finally getting the hang of it and I thought that I could go off on my own so I let go of his hand. “You’re doing great!” Harry smiled at me. I smiled too but suddenly I fell down and screamed.


“Ow!!” I sat on the floor. My butt was in a lot of pain and I was totally super embarrassed.


“Are you okay?” Harry came over to me and picked me up. 


“Harry! You don’t have to pick me up..” Even though I enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure how he had the strength to do it.


“It’s okay. Do I need to kiss your ouchy?” He winked. I slapped his chest and we sat down at a bench. I was still sitting in his lap when he kissed me. 


“Harry..” I pulled away from him. We were constantly kissing and I don’t think that it’s normal to kiss every time you spend time together. 


“Sorry.. You’re too irresistible. Besides, I wanted to make you feel better.” He smiled a little half smile and it made me melt. I just rolled my eyes and went to peck him. But he had a better idea and tried heating up the kiss.


He took his lips off mine and started kissing my neck but I stopped him. I pulled away and moved my lips to his neck. I started kissing it but then decided I didn’t care about the papers and started sucking it to form a hicky.


“Allison..” He breathed out of his mouth. I looked up and saw that his eyes were closed and he was biting his lip. Seeing that he liked it I kept doing it until I was sure that it’d be noticeable. 


I pulled back and smiled at my marking. “Pay back..” I stood up on my own and started skating away.




“Where are we going?” Harry turned down an unfamiliar road.


“You don’t think that I’d take you out and bring you home with out feeding you do you?” Harry looked at me and smiled but quickly turned his attention towards the road and pulled in another alley and turned the engine off.


“I kind of rented this place out too.. Hope you like it..” He got out and opened the door for me. I love it how he opens door for me it’s so gentlemeny like. 


He tried to grab my hand but I wouldn’t let him but I jumped on his back instead. “I like you this way better anyways.” He smirked and turned his head a little bit to kiss me. 


He walked into the restaurant with me on his back. He had to duck down though so he wouldn’t hit his head. We got in and I saw that I was way underdressed. “I am not dressed for this place Harry!” I screeched and jumped down.


“You’re fine, no one else is here. I’m cooking for us. You look beautiful.” He walked back towards the kitchen.


“Are you sure?” I followed after him.


“Of course I am! Now go sit down and a waiter will come by to get your order!” He shooed me away.


“Wait, I thought we were alone!” I scream while walking away. He just chuckled and shut the door behind me. I sat down at a booth and played a game on my phone. 


After a couple minutes I heard Harry behind me. “What would you like to drink madam?”  I looked at him and shook my head. He was wearing an apron. “I would suggest that you get the 1990 Cristal.”


“Um, that sounds really expensive..Is that wine? And, I’ll take the filet mignon steak dish. ” I know nothing about wine or Champagne so it was probably best that he ordered it. 


“I’ll bring you some appetizers out and Cristal. And, yes it is very expensive. But, I’m sure you can find someway to pay the waiter.” He said trying to allure me. I blushed and looked back to my phone.




Harry’s point of view


I went back to the kitchen and started cooking our food. I probably shouldn’t be giving Allison any kind of alcohol. Even if it is just Champagne. Even if I did have to pay A LOT of money for the Champagne. 


I put on the food and wait for it to cook.


After about 40 minutes I brought out our food and sat down in front of her. I had come out to talk to her every now and then but it sucked not having a cook. I made sure that before I came out I turned on some music.


It was sweet and slow. Neither one of us were really dressed for a fancy restaurant. We were dressed casual and something we could wear to skate in. But, we sat and ate and talked for about thirty minutes.


When I finished she told me that she was done too so I stood up to start washing the dishes but she followed. “What are you doing?” I asked her and put the plates in the soapy water.


“I can help ya know.” She said with sass and moved pass me. I shook my head and laughed. Truth is I didn’t wanna do the dishes anyways.


“You can do them all.” I winked and started walking away. 


“No! You have to help me!” I shake my head and a couple seconds later a weight landed on my back and there was soap getting ready to enter my mouth. “You have to help me or it goes in!” 


“Or it’ll go in?? Hmm, that sounds sexual..” I easily got her off my back and into my arms. Now she was holding the soap right in front of my mouth but her face was there too which I liked. 


She scrunched her nose and stuck her tongue out at me. As soon as she got it back in her mouth I pressed my mouth to her’s and quickly got it open. Her legs were wrapped around my body so it was easy for me to walk forward.


I pressed her up against the wall and took ahold of her tongue with my teeth. She opened her eyes and squealed. I smiled while holding her tongue in place. I was really hot and turned on by the sight of her struggling. I mean, every time we kiss and it gets heated and I want to bash my dick into a brick wall. 


I let go of it but pulled back. “You don’t stick your tongue out at thee Harry Styles.” I smirked at her. If she stuck her tongue out at me all the time I would be fine with it because she looked cute.


“Is that your punishment every time someone sticks their tongue out?” She asked. She suddenly seems insecure and small.


“Maybe.. Only hot blondes..and Louis..” She rolled her eyes and looked down. “What?” I asked afraid that I had upset her. She does know that I’m just messing around right? I would never do anything to hurt her..


“Nothing Harry. Can you put me down?” I was shocked. Why was she mad at me?


“No. What’s wrong? I was kidding! You’re the only hot blonde that I’d do it to! And..maybe Niall.” She looked down but I saw a little bit of a smile on her face. “I’m kidding Allison. Don’t be mad at me. I’m really sorry. How can I make it up? I’m kidding I promise.” My brain goes in over drive. I hated it when girls were mad at me.


“It’s just that.. I don’t know. I’m overreacting. I’m stupid.” She shakes her head. 


“Allison, don’t feel that way. I’m just kidding. I would never want to make you upset. I swear I’m kidding. You know that right?” She nods her head a little. “You aren’t stupid. Please, don’t be mad at me?” I tilt her chin up and she smiles a little one. “Did you like my remark about Niall?” I try to cheer her up.


Her smile grows wider and she rolls her eyes. I am just now noticing that she has the cutest dimples ever! 



Hey, so i also have this book up on but I could only update off my phone. Well, I phone broke and I'm still on chapter 18 over there. I just got a new phone so i've been updating but I won't update on HERE; movellas until I get caught up on wattpad. Don't be mad, love you all & thanks for the reads. (:



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