Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


21. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


We went into his huge room and sat down on the bed. “So, do you have anymore questions about the fake dating stuff?” He asked and I shook my head.


“Okay, so do you want to watch a movie or something?” Harry stood up with out waiting for me to answer. 


“Oh yeah sure.” I laughed and made myself comfortable by scooting back to the headboard and got under the covers. 


“You look comfortable.” He laughed and came over with a handful of movies.


“Ehh.” I shrugged but smiled.


“What do you want to watch?” I looked down and saw a lot of good movies. There was The Breakfast club, the notebook, love actually, time traveler’s wife, Spider man and spider man 2.


“Wow, you have some pretty sappy movies..” I chuckle.


“Hey! Being sappy helps me get the babes!” He defends himself and earns a raised eyebrow from me. He thinks he’s just joking but when he says stuff like that I get extremely insecure..


“Well, lets watch Love actually.” I choose and he nods and pops it in the DVD player. Then he walks over to his dresser. 


“Do you want a pair of shorts to wear?” I think about it and nod. He fishes out a pair of basketball shorts and threw them at me. I took them and headed into the bathroom after hearing him groan. Perverted boy thinking he’d see me in my underwear!


I come back out and he’s under the blanket and the movie is waiting to be played. “Come on love, you’re taking forever!” He moaned so I just slowed my pace down.


Finally I made it to the bed and crawled under the blankets and sat there. “Can I put my arm around you? Is that okay?” 


I laughed and moved into his chest and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “Do you want to go out tomorrow?” He asked after he pressed play.


“Where to?” I looked up at him. Then I realized he had a lot of heat radiating off him and found he was shirtless. “Harry are you shirtless?” I asked before he even has time to talk.

“Well, if you said yes to the date I was planning on renting the skating rink out for just us two.” He smiled at me and it made me forget about his shirtless body.


“Of course I’ll go Harry!” I smiled. I haven’t been skating in forever. It was something that my mom and I always did when she had days off.


“Okay, well I’ll call and try to rent it out. I’ll be back in a minute, okay?” He started standing up and his shirtless chest killed me. He’s so perfect.


“Wait, you’re going to miss the movie though.” I sat up and pushed myself against the headboard.


“I’ll be back in a minute.” He walked out the door and I sighed. I haven’t actually seen the entire film. I’ve watched some of it but not all of it.


“Hey.” Louis walks in munching on a carrot stick.


“Why are you eating a carrot?” 


“I have to keep my rep about loving carrots.” He sighed.


“Wait, so do you actually love them? Or do you just kind of like them? Because I’m pretty sure everyone is convinced that you like shove them up your ass..” He starts laughing hysterically. 


“Well, I said I liked girls who like them. Then everyone sent me carrots and I don’t really like them that much. But, they’re okay.” He finished it up and turned to me.


“So, why aren’t you telling people again?” 


“Because I don’t really want the paparazzi all up in my face. I mean, they’ll be all up in  my face because of Simon but....we’re just gonna wait to come public. I want to stay out of the magazines as long as I can.” I felt odd having a serious conversation with Lou. He’s just so immature and not very serious like.


“Oh.” Was all he said and he started watching the movie. My phone beeped and I picked it up and saw I had a message.


Izzy: Hey, watcha doing today? Wanna hang out?


Me: I don’t really think I can. I’m hanging out with Harry.


Izzy: Oh, that’s fine! Are you gonna do it????;)


Me: Oh my gosh!! No way! What is your problem girl? God!! :o


Izzy: Just messing around gosh! Haha but, text me whenever we can hang out! We wanna hang out with you before school starts!(:


Me: Of course!


I put my phone down but realized that Louis was reading my text. “Don’t even say anything ya nasty!” 


“Your friends think you have sex with Harry!! Haha! But, we do too so it’s okay!” Louis giggled into his hands.


“What are you talking about Lou?” Harry walks over to the bed. And I noticed that he was wearing a pair of tight shorts that hung down loosely on him. I think that I might have started drooling...


“Her friend asked if you were having sex.” He stood up and started walking out.


“But, you said you think we do too!” Harry faced him and left me looking at his back.


“Ehh, I think that Niall and I do. I mean, you’re you..” He shrugged and walked out and shut the door with a cheesy wink.


“He’s stupid. Ignore him. He wishes that he could catch us in bed together.” He shook his head and crawled into bed next to me.


“Oh well.” I already knew that my face was beet red because I was embarrassed. 


“Do you know what time you have to be home? Because I was thinking that I’d make dinner for us again.” He wrapped his arm around me again. I don’t understand how we can act like we’ve known each other forever. 


“He didn’t say but I could probably stay until whenever.” I look at the t.v. We put in a movie and we haven’t even watched it.


“Then I want you to stay here forever.” He kissed my forehead and my butterflies came out of hibernation. 


“Aww, aren’t you cute?” I giggled at him.


“I try.. Now lets shush. I love this movie..”




45 minutes later Harry is staring at me while I watch the movie. And, he is very distracting. “Can I help you Styles?” 


He smirks and I turn my head to face him. “Yeah..Maybe..” He winks and stares at my lips.


“Harry!” I shout. He just giggles and starts coming towards me. 


“Are you ready for my attractiveness all up on your lips?” He kisses me without giving me time to respond.


His kiss is so sweet and powerful. He pushes his tongue into my mouth without any warning. Harry just acts so in control when we kiss. I pull back from the kiss and flip him over so I’m on top. 


I sit on his bare stomach and start kissing him again. This time when he tries to push his tongue in I reject him which makes him groan and try harder. “Allison..” He groans again. 


I lightly giggle which gives him time to flip me over onto my back. “oof.” I squeeze out my mouth. 


I feel his chest vibrate on top of mine and he starts kissing me again. This time I stop teasing and let his tongue in. “Finally.” He stops kissing me and starts sucking on my neck.


“Ahh!” I gasp from the pleasure. He just smirks and keeps doing it making me moan. Suddenly he stops and comes back in front of my face. He stops before he makes it to my lips and looks into my eyes. 


He smiles and looks down at my lips. Then down to my neck. “oops.” He looks back up with a smile. Then he kisses me again. My hands are tugging at the bottom of his hair by his neck and his are wrapped behind my back pulling me into him.


All of a sudden the door flies open and we’re interrupted by Louis. He comes in and shuts the door behind him. “Harry!! Simon’s here and says that he wants to talk to you and it won’t take long..” Louis motions for him to get up and hurry.


“Shit!” He stands up and tries to fix his hair. “Be back in a minute..” He walks out.




Harry’s point of view


I rub my eyes to make it look like I just woke up. “Hey.” I nod at him an yawn.


“Were you napping?” He sits down once I nod for him to.


I nod and stand by the kitchen door. “Want something to drink?” 


“Tea?” He ask and I nod and walk in and start boiling water.


A million thoughts are running through my head. What does he want to talk to me about? Is he going to tell me not to date Allison? That he was just saying that to her to shut her up? Does he know that Allison is here? 


“Here you go.” I sit in front of him with a cup of tea for myself and him. 


He thanks me and starts talking. “When is the last time you’ve talked to Allison?” He takes a small sip and sits it down in front of him.


“A couple days ago. Why? Is everything okay?” I play it cool. I should really try out for acting! I’m great at this whole lying thing.


“Yeah, but I don’t know if she’s told you but.. I’ve decided that it’s okay if you dated..” He takes a large breath in and closes his eyes.


I laugh. “Really?” I start smiling.


“Yes. We talked about it. Just please.. be careful..and no sex in my house!!” Simon screams the last part.


I just laugh. “I agree!!” Louis screams from behind his bedroom door and I just roll my eyes.


“Thank you so much Simon!” I stand up and he does too. I hug him until he politely pushes me off. 


“Okay..that’s enough Harry. Just, please be safe and don’t hurt her.” He looks at me sternly. 


“Of course! Um, do you think it’d be okay if I took her out on a date tomorrow?” I ask him a little afraid of his response. 


“Make sure she’s home by 11 okay?” With that and a nod from myself he left. Wow. I was so relieved now that we can be out in the open to at least Simon about this.


Louis came running out of his room and jumped and hugged me. “You can go official now!”


“Shut up! We’re waiting awhile to go official to the boys and family.You and Simon are going to be the only ones who know for a while. Please Boobear?” I looked at him with pleading eyes.


“Fineeeee.” He sulked off into his room. I actually wouldn’t be shocked if Eleanor knew. Mad? yes, but shocked? No.


I walked into the room to fine Allison sitting on the bed on her phone. She looks up and smiles. “What’d Simon want?” She puts her phone down.


“He came to tell me that we could start dating..” I smiled and walked back to the bed. “And I asked him if we could go on a date tomorrow.” 


“What’d he say?” She looked at me expectantly. 


I laughed and answered her. “He said to be home by 11.” I shrugged.


“This is great!” She jumped into my arms. She seems so excited which makes me happy. She had an amazing laugh and smile that sent butterflies all over my body.


“I know! Now, lets finish the movie! It’s almost over!” I winked at her.




Allison’s point of view


The next morning I slept in. I wasn’t interrupted by anyone which was nice. I woke up to the sound of rain pattering on the windows. It wasn’t a heavy rain but it wasn’t light. Plus it was something I haven’t actually witnessed since I’ve been here. But, isn’t England suppose to be rainy all the time?


I turned over and yawned. I turned my t.v on and watched an episode of Disney’s show Shake it up. Which, I didn’t really care for. But, it was the only thing on. I stayed in bed like that for awhile until Simon came in and knocked on the door.


“Hey, it’s noon. You gonna come out soon?” He was dressed causal in a white tee and jeans. I nodded and got up and walked into the kitchen. My long sweatpants dragged on the tile making a ruffling noise.


I walked to the fridge and grabbed an apple and a bottle of flavored water and went into the living room and sat down on the couch. 


“So, what are you doing today?” Simon came and sat on the table in front of me.


“Date with Harry remember?” He cringed a tad bit making me laugh but he nodded.


“Is that all?” He pulled out his phone and started doing something.


“Probably, why?” I asked confused. What did he have planned? 


“Meghan and I wanted to have brunch with you! Get up and get dressed. We’ll go to a shop that her family owns. It’s really nice.” He kissed my forehead and left. 


I stand up and go back to my room and look in the mirror. I gasp because there is a huge hicky printed on my neck. And I would think that it’s really noticeable! Simon had to have noticed!


I start like freaking out! What if Simon happens to ask me where it came from? What am I suppose to tell him? He’s gonna think I’m a whore! I rush to my phone and dial Harry’s number.


“Hello?” He asks in a sleepy voice that makes me weak. 


“Harry!” I shout.


“Allison? Is everything okay?? Are you alright love?” He ask questioning and panic has arose in his voice. 


“No! There is this huge hicky on my neck!!” I scream into the phone. I heard him laugh and that made me mad. “Stop laughing! Harry, Simon probably saw! Harrrrry” I whined like a little girl.


“Shit..Simon, I’m sorry.. He probably won’t say anything though.. Just try to stay away from him?” He offered. Nice advice Harry.


“Him and Meghan want to have brunch in some family restaurant.” I shake my head and go digging through clothes to find something to wear.


“Oh.. I’m really sorry! I feel bad now..” He sighs and I can tell he just ran his fingers through his hair.


“It’s okay.. I guesssss..” I hiss into the phone.


I find a white dress that has lacy flowers on it and it had a belt that went just above my belly button.It went down a little above my knees and I figured I’d wear a pair of pink flats and left my hair down to it’s wavy/straightish self. 


After a couple of seconds Harry coughed into the phone. “So, what are you doing? You’re still on for tonight?” He asked anxiously. He sounded kind of nervous. Maybe he was excepting me to bail or something?


“Getting dressed and yup! I can’t wait, I haven’t been skating in forever!” I said probably with too much excitement because he chuckled. 


“Okay, good! But, I’ll let you go so you can get dressed! Have fun I’ll text you later?” I heard a crashing noise and then he cussed.


“Yeah, are you okay?” I laughed and sat down across from my mirror with my make up bag. I started applying foundation to the bruise. 


“Yeah. Louis fucking left his shoes by the couch and I fell.” I heard Louis scream and I imagined that Harry did something to hurt him.


“Okay, well glad you’re okay I’ll talk to you later..bye!” I chuckled but heard Harry say something right before I hung up.


“You’re gonna have to kiss my ouchy tonight!” He screamed and I just hung up shaking my head. 


I got dressed and I had my make up and shoes on when Melody knocked on the door. “Hey, you look nice.” She walked in and sat down on my bed next to me. 


“Thanks!” I smiled and blushed at her compliment. 


“Simon said that he’s ready to leave.” She quickly stood up remembering why she came in here.


“Oh, okay. Thank you for telling” We giggled at my attempt to sound british. 


“Thank you Melody.” Simon thanked her and we made ourselves outside to the car. The driver in the front said hello and waited for us all to enter and then drove off. 




So, yeah I’m gonna do Harry’s p.o.v when they kiss or make out sometimes. But, it’ll be a little difficult to describe it. I mean idk what they feel i’ve never been a boy that was  kissing a girl before..I’ve never been a girl and made out with a stupid boy before either. I mean kissed them but no make out sessions. ): IAMWAITINGFORMYTIMEJESUS


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