Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


20. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


“Are you sure that you want to be with me?” He looked at me and it made me feel terrible. The look in his eyes was killing me.


“I’m positive Harry.” I smiled and hugged him. My head was on his chest and it felt good.  Knowing that now I could be with Harry.


“Wait.. I want to go out on a couple dates first and think of a good way to ask you to be my girlfriend.. okay?” I pulled back and nodded. I was a little disappointed but I accepted it.


“That’s fine. Besides, Simon asked me to give him a couple days before saying anything but.. I couldn’t resist you.” I smile and blush.


“Oh really?” He smirked. “I guess we could start the boyfriend and girlfriend stuff now..” He looked away from me and raised his eyebrows.


“Harry! You cheeky boy! Watch yourself!” I raised my eyebrow and shook my head.


He smiled and kissed my lips. Even though we weren’t dating I felt it was okay to kiss him because it made me happy and he tasted so good. 


Soon he lifted me up off his lap and we stopped. “We can’t get too heated..” He said sternly. I nodded my head and took a deep breath in. He was just so irresistible. 


“Where are you suppose to be?” He asked me and patted the space next to him.


“Anywhere. Simon isn’t home yet.” I sighed. I would have to go home soon because Simon would be home. But, I would be away from Harry.


“Okay, well, would you like something to eat? Have you had dinner? I can cook.” He stood up and took my hand.


I realized that I haven’t eaten today at all so I nodded and followed him in there. He sat me down on the couch and turned on the t.v. “Here, watch t.v. I’m going to cook for us and we can consider this our first date.” He smiled and walked away. 


Just to mess with him I screamed, “Ohhh, you know how far I go on the first date..?” And he came running back in.


I was dying of laughter. “You need to watch it missy! You are a virgin and you have virgin ears and eyes!” 


“Who says I have virgins ears or eyes?” I become serious.


“Oh my gosh!” He came over and stuck his tongue in my mouth and pushed me down onto the couch. His kiss was hard and full of lust and tease.


“It isn’t wise to tease with my man feelings.” He got off of me.


“Well, excuse you.” I say sophisticatedly. But, on the inside I was disappointed and wanting more.


He rolls his eyes and walks back into the kitchen.




Harry’s point of view


My mood instantly turned from pissed to overjoyed. I was so excited that Allison had talked Simon into it! Now, we can kiss without fearing Simon’s wrath. Or we can cuddle and I can cook for her and I can show her that I’m not some big sleezeball.


I most definitely didn’t want to pressure her to do anything and I want to make her know that. 


“Harry is it almost done?” Allison screamed from the living room. I chuckled and ignored her.


I was making lasagna so, we’d have to wait awhile for it to cook and that meant that we could just sit and talk.


I stuck the pasta in the oven and set a timer. I figured she’d have to stay awhile and I could just drive her home later. But, that’s okay with me.


“What are you making?” she asked me as soon as I walked in.


“So eager are we?” I chuckled and sat down next to her. “Lasagna.” 


“It already smells amazing!” She bounced up.


“Well, it’s gonna take awhile. What do you want to do?” I ask her. I don’t care what she wants to do as long as it will make her happy.


“Talk? I barely know you and you barely know me..” I agreed with her.


Soon we were playing 20 questions and we knew a ton about each other. She knew some of my biggest secrets and I was glad that I could share that with her. 


After a while we heard the beeping of the timer and Allison jumped and I laughed. “I’ll go get it.” 


“I’m gonna go to your bathroom and call Simon okay?” I nodded and she walked away. In the kitchen I made a salad to go along with the lasagna and sat it down on two plates.


I got out two cups and filled them with barely alcoholic wine and rushed to my room to get changed. I put on a blazer and white shirt and nice pants. When I came back out she was sitting at the table waiting for me.


“You look pretty good.” She looked up at me. 


“Thank you, so do you.” I kissed her forehead and sat down. 


We ate and talked a little more. There was never a silence and it was nice. We kept laughing or finding something interesting to talk about and it was great.


“You know, I have school in a couple weeks?” She sighed. 


“Yeah. Sucks for you doesn’t it?” I laughed and she let her mouth hang open slightly to gasp at me.


“Girls are going to kill me because of you!” she shook her head.


“I was thinking.. what if we keep you and me between you and me for as long as we can but, we’ll hang out and stuff and we can go on dates and stuff but like, no kissing in public help you out and only you i was thinking we’d get you a fake boyfriend.” 


“Fake boyfriend?” she asked confused.


“Yeah, there are actors that don’t get lots of jobs so they pretend to date people and get paid..” I was now afraid that I brought it up what if she’s mad.


“What about you? I want you to have a fake girlfriend too. And, I get to pick her out.” She looked at me.


“So, you’re willing to do it?” I asked a little surprised.


“Yes. If you want me to..” She smiled.


“okay! Well, we can call and hook something up ehh tomorrow? We don’t have anything planned. you can come spend the day with me.. Tell Simon that you’re hanging out with those one girls. Okay?” That also means that we’ll be able to hang out for the entire day!


“Yeah that’s fine.” She smiled brightly and stared at me.


“Well, we should get you home..Simon will flip won’t he?”


She nodded and stood up. We cleaned up and got into my car to take her home.


It was silent the entire way there but once I put the car in park she spoke. “I had a great night Harry.” I smiled back at her and nodded.


“I’m glad that you decided to come over. We’ll talk tomorrow. I’ll text you okay?” She nodded and moved in to kiss me. My lips met her’s and my butterflies met my stomach.


She backed away and went inside the house turning back every now and then but, finally got inside. I sat in the drive way in my own little world for a couple minutes before I left.




Allison’s point of view


When I got inside I ran straight into my room and screamed. I think I’m the only girl who can say she’s practically dating Harry Styles! The way that he makes me feel overwhelms me and makes me nervous.


Nervous in a good way. Nervous of when is he going to kiss me next or is he going to hold my hand? Is he going to kiss me goodnight? 


I rolled over and looked at the ceiling and smiled. I am so happy! Even though my plans were that I wasn’t going to be romantic got ruined but, I’m okay with that. Because now, Harry was all mine.


I call for Sophie and she comes running. She’s still small but she takes up my bed space. We both lay down and she licks my face and I giggle. I love having this dog. She was the cutest thing ever!


She pulls her body into mine and its like we were spooning and it was the cutest thing ever. I’ve never had a dog that snuggled up to me and it made me really glad.. It seemed like everything was going great!




I woke up excited because Harry and I planned on spending the day together. I got into the shower and walked back into my room. I sat on the bed in my towel while my body dried a little.


I stood up and started looking through my closest for something to wear when the door rang. I ignored it figuring that Simon or Meghan would get it. But, when the little binging stopped and pounding started I sighed and walked through the house and opened the door.


Harry was standing there with his hands on his hips. I gasped because I was wearing a towel and I was excepting him to pull it off and rape me or something but, he didn’t. “Thanks for answering love.” He rolled his eyes and kissed me on the lips. 


He then started walking towards my room. “Where are you going?” I followed after him.


“Your room?” He raised his eyebrow at me.


“I have to get dressed first. Wait in the kitchen or something?” He shook his head and entered my room and laid on my bed. “How am I suppose to get dressed?” I stood in front of him with my hands on my hip.


“Don’t.” he came over and kissed me.


“Harry, get off of me.” I slapped his chest.


“Ouch..I just want to kiss my soon to be girlfriend..” He said girlfriend all seductive like and it made my knees weak. 


“Well, I need to get dressed.” I grab something and walk into my bathroom. I shut the door but I heard him coming towards it so I locked it. 


“That reminds me.. whenever I stay the night or you do..I’m sleeping naked thats okay with you right?” I heard his smirk.


“That is not okay!” I scream from inside the bathroom.


“But, I want to! I like cuddling naked!” He starts laughing. “I’m sorry I plan on sleeping naked.”


“Well then, I guess I won’t be sleeping with you.” I walk out and sigh. “What a were so comfy the other night..” 


“Please?” He looks at me with puppy dog eyes.


“No that’s naaaasty Harry.” I shake my head.


“But...don’t you ever want to have sex?” He raises his eyebrows at me.


“Harry!” I gasp.


He looks at me then sighs. “Fine.” He fake pouted until I hugged him.


“Maybe one day..” Even though I knew that I would actually be okay with it right now. I’m just not okay with it..confusing..


He smiled and grabbed my hand. “Do you want to hang out at my place? I think that Lou is at his mum’s for the day.” 


“Okay, let me call Simon, I don’t think that he’s home..” 


“Uh..maybe you should tell him you’re at like..Amanda’s.. I doubt he wants you over..” He looks down.


I nod and he answers. “Hey, uh, can I go to Amanda’s and spend the day?”


We talk on the phone about when I would be home and when he’d be home and such.


I figured that Harry was right and even if we were dating for awhile Simon wouldn’t want me over there. I would have to talk to him and convince him though.


“You should have asked to spend the night..” Harry looked at me and winked as we walked to his car.


“Harry!” I screamed!


“I’m just messing around with you babe!” I rolled my eyes and hopped in his small convertible type car. 


“Hey, you should let me drive.” He looked at me and laughed.


“What? Niall let me!” I said defensively. 


“Well, that’s because Niall wanted to get in your pants that very night.” Harry shook his head.


“Look who’s talking!!” I screamed. I wasn’t sure if we were play fighting or not but I was in the screaming stage.


“I’m not trying to get in your pants! I would never do something like that!”


“What, so now you don’t want in my pants?!” 


“No.. it’s not that! Ugh! I am not going to do that to you this soon in the relationship okay? I mean, I joke and stuff but I don’t even take it seriously.. Maybe if we were dating for a while but later...” He looked at me then back at the road.


“So, if when we got to your house as soon as we walked in if I just took my clothes off you wouldn’t fuck me?” I spat. I wasn’t really mad but.. I felt unwanted. I know that Harry  wanted me to wait a while which I planned on doing. I just wanted to know that he wanted me.


He sat there at a loss for words then he smirked. “I would find some kind of use with you..” He looked at me and raised his eyebrow. I felt myself starting to blush and turned my head towards the window and shook it. 


This boy.




We arrived at his house and we went to the living room and sat down. “What do you want to do?” He turned his body towards me.


I turned my body towards him too. “What do you want to do? It’s your place.” 


“You’re the guest though. What do you want to do?” He took my hand and held it. He looked down at it and started playing with the ring I had from my friend.


“I don’t know.. We could talk about what we’re suppose to be doing with this fake boyfriend stuff?” I sighed. I did actually think it was a good idea to get a fake boyfriend and Harry would get a fake girlfriend. 


I didn’t really want to be in the press. Being Simon’s daughter gets me attention but Harry’s girlfriend would be way too much for me right now. I kind of just got here and I still have to start at a public school.


“Well, we would both interview someone who is really ugly and fat and there would be no way that you would fall in love with them and... I’ve read a lot of fanfics.” He frowned at me.


I started laughing but then got serious. “For reals, what are we doing?”


“We’ll interview someone and make sure that they’re safe and nice and they’ll do whatever the hell I tell them to do..” I rolled my eyes at him and motioned for him to continue. “You’ll only have to see him when everyone goes out in public and stuff. And, we can make up fake stuff about where/when/how you met. I mean, I don’t want you in the press and this will help.”


“Okay..” I nod. “And, we’ll get you a fake girlfriend too because people might still think that we’re hooking up and stuff. But, how will we ever go out on dates?” I pouted. I wanted to go out to eat or go to the movie theatre. 


“Well, we can bring our “boyfriend and girlfriend” or bring like me, you, Lou and El and it’ll be like we’re double dating.But, the press will think that we’re friends hanging out. Or we can go out just each other sometimes and that won’t suspect that much..” He shrugged. “I don’t need a fake girlfriend. It’ll be alright.”


“No, Harry.. I’m getting a fake boyfriend, you can get a fake girlfriend.” 


“Are you sure?” He asks me and I start getting nervous. Why doesn’t he want one?


“Yeah. Why are you afraid that you’ll fall in love with her or something??” I look down hurt and afraid. 


“No! Allison, it’s just I don’t feel the need for it. But, if you want me to then I will. I’d do anything to make you happy.” He took my chin and lifted it up.


He started moving in to kiss me but I met him half way. Even though it wasn’t our first kiss it felt like it. It felt perfect, like our lips were meant for each other. Like I could sit with my lips placed to his for eternity. 


It was perfect until Louis came running in. “Hey guys!! Hope I wasn’t interrupting you! Oh wait did I interrupt another kiss? Are you dating yet?? Did you know that your pictures in the newspaper??” He came over and jumped on us tearing us apart.


“Lou!” Harry looked at him. “Why are you home?” 


“Well, my mum suddenly got sick all of a sudden. Like it was gross. We were drinking tea at her table and she ran to the bathroom and threw up! Then she came in and said she was feeling ill. I offered to stay and hang out with her sick bum but she said nope. So, you are dating?” He sat in between us and looked back and forth.


“Kinda..yeah.. But, you can’t tell anyone please!!” Harry begged him.


“Of course I won’t! But, why can’t I?” 


“Because we don’t want Allison in the spotlight so, we’re hiring fake boyfriends and girlfriends.. We’re going to tell everyone else like family and stuff after we start officially dating..”


“It looked like you were officially dating right there..” Lou raises his eyebrows.


“Well, kind of...shut up!” I replied to him and he left. He got up and walked into the kitchen and giggled once he got in there.



“Ugh!” Harry moaned. 


“It isn’t that bad.” I chuckled at him.


“You haven’t tried to hang out with your girlfriend when he’s around. We can go back to your house if you want to.” He slouched on the couch.


“No, it’s fine Harry! I mean he will probably get annoying but, so do you!” I laughed and he gasped.


“I never get annoying!” He stared at me.


“Okay..” I looked the other way.


“How do I get annoying?” 


“I don’t know. I was kidding!” I felt bad for saying that now and he seemed pretty offended.


“I don’t  want to annoy you.. tell me why I annoy you?” He was acting like he wanted to know for my sake when actuality he only cared for himself.


“I was kidding. I promise.” I lean in and peck him on the lips but slowly retreat.


“Okay, now you’re annoying.” He stood up.


“What?” I stand up too. “How was that annoying?” 


“I don’t like it when you tease me. I don’t want a peck.” He crossed his arms.


“Oh..” I leaned in and kissed him again. Only this time it wasn’t a peck and we were pushing into the kiss. Then Louis came in again.


“Okay, guys you keep kissing.. Soon this will lead to sex.. But, in Harry’s room, please!” He sat down on the couch with a sandwich on a plate.


“Louis!” Harry screamed. I looked down and blush a dark red.


“No one can resist the curls.” He said with a mouthful of food.


“..It’s true..” Harry sighed with a fake sad smile on his face. “Let’s go to my room.” Harry took my hand and started leading me away.


“It really is true!! I can’t even resist them sometimes!” Louis screamed.


Sometimes I really do wonder if these boys are gay..




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