Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


19. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


Harry’s point of view


“Thank you all for coming! We love you all so much!!” Liam shouted out and the crowd screamed for us.


We ran back stage and I immediately went to the fridge that was full of water bottles. I took one for myself and went to the couch and sprawled out on it and started sucking the bottle. 


The concert was replaying on the screen so we could watch ourselves. We all did amazing like always. Since this wasn’t a huge concert there wasn’t backstage passes thank god. I didn’t feel up to meeting a bunch of screaming and crying little girls.


Obviously the girls who come back stage either have their own jobs or are spoiled. I mean the tickets are priced so high its almost impossible for a lot of people to get them. I hated that our fans couldn’t even consider meeting us. 


“Hey, where you going after this? We’ve only got 20 more minutes here mate.” Liam patted my shoulder. He’s been trying to comfort me even though I haven’t told them too many details.


“Ed and I are going out for drinks in the club or bar whatever we passed a mile out.” He nodded and walked away.


I pulled my phone out and texted him to make sure he still wanted to go and if so then I’d just meet him there. 




When I finished taking a quick shower and getting dressed I entered my car and went to the club. I pulled up and found a parking space and sat in the car a minute. 


I really didn’t know what I was going to do.. We would be home in 2 days. I’m bound to run into her once we’re back. I’ve made everything awkward again. Oh yep, “harry styles the awkwarder guy” That’s what people should start calling me.


I sighed and looked in the small mirror and stepped out the door. I walked to line and saw how long it was. Fucking huge.


I decided to go up to the bouncer and try to get in. I bypassed a ton of groans and moans and a couple girls screaming my name. Of course, everywhere I go fans would notice me.


I smirked and told the guy who towered over me my name. He nodded and let me in easily which got even more yells and groans.


I walked in and the music rang through my ears. A really fast song was on and the lights were flashing like it was a rave. My phone vibrated and I pulled it out to find a text from Ed saying he was at the bar. 


The place was kind of small for a club and I was kind of getting a little claustrophobic. But, I usually get that everywhere I go. 


I found Ed at the bar and we both ordered something to drink. “Kaitlin broke up with me..” Ed chugged his beer.


“Aw, man, I’m sorry. That’s a bummer.” I drank half of mine quickly. 


“Yeah, how are you and..” He must have forgotten her name because he looked at me expectantly. 


“Allison. And, we aren’t anything.” I shook my head.


“Don’t give that rubbish you idiot! You clearly like her. Stop being a pus and man up!”  He spat his words towards me and drank his second beer. He must be hurting something bad because he just yelled at me and he’s probably gonna empty the bar.


“What am I suppose to say?! There is no Allison and Harry or.. I don’t know.. Hallison! That’s what fans would call us. She told me she doesn’t want to make her dad mad.” I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed.


Ed’s shoulders slumped and he stood up. “I’m going for a piss.” I chuckled as I watched him walk away.


I ordered us both another beer because I know that’s what he’d do as soon as he got back. 


I drank my beer and waited for him to get back. The club was so packed and everyone was dancing. I wasn’t in the mood to dance yet but, after another beer or two I would be. 


“Hey, some girl back there looks familiar..” Ed sat next to me and he saw the beer and chugged it.


“Slow down mate.” I laughed.


“I want to dance though.” Ed stood up and tried taking me with him. I wasn’t in the mood  yet so I ordered two more beers and suddenly I was drunk and dancy.

I made my way across the floor and started moving to the beat. There were girls in short dresses surrounding me. 


They all looked great and were trying to grind up agains’t me. I wasn’t feeling it until I saw a blonde a couple feet away from me. I couldn’t see her face but I felt my heart beating just by looking at her hair.


Her dress was torn up the sides and was kind of short. She was pretty short and tried to keep it that way by wearing flats. My hands started to get kind of sweaty and I realized I was staring at her thanks to Ed.


“Hey, that’s the chick I saw! She looks familiar and she’s fit.” He smiled and I rolled my eyes. I started walking over to her and left Ed there. She was dancing with her back to me. I started dancing against her and wrapped my arms around her waist.


Her friends looked at her with shocked looks on their faces but smiles too and kept dancing. They were leaving. They were slowly inching away. The girl kept dancing on me and by the time the song was over we were both sweating and hot.


Her friends were gone and I slowly started turning her around trying not to be too rough. When I saw her face we both removed our hands from each other and gasped.


“Oh my gosh..Allison??” She looked at me shocked and I was just as shocked.


“Harry?? What are you doing here!” 


“What are you doing here? You aren’t even 18 yet!” I said defensively. She is the one who wasn’t suppose to be here. I was suppose to be here trying to ignore my feelings for her.


“So! What are you doing here? You’re doing concerts.” She said matter of factly.


“Yeah well, I needed to get you out of my head!” I screamed in a drunken state.


She looked down and her cheeks flushed a light red. “How’d you get Simon to let you come here?” 


“Umm..” She looked away and didn’t answer.


“Did you sneak out?” I was shocked. I wouldn’t imagine Allison sneaking out and I don’t think there is anyway that Simon would let her go to a club.


“Uh no..I just didn’t tell Simon where I was going..” She smiled at me. Woah, she kind of lied.


“Why? Why are you at a fucking club?!” I screamed. Why was I getting so mad. Was it the fact that she didn’t tell Simon she was going to club or the fact that she could’ve had something happen to her? Or the fact that she was grinding up against some guy without even knowing who it was.


“Because I was hanging out with friends that I met!”


“Why didn’t you ever turn around to see who you were dancing with?” I cooled down but I was still furious. But, I don’t even know why.


“Why didn’t you try to turn me around? You didn’t know who you were dancing with either!” She screamed and now she was mad. She walked over to the bar and sat down. I followed after her and ordered two drinks.


“I dance with girls all the time and never once find out what they look like.” I drank mine and shoved the other one her way. She eyed it but slowly reached out and sipped it.


I laughed and she gave me a rude look. “Oh come on love, how many have you already had?” 


“None!” she screamed at me. We were practically already screaming because we’re at a club.


“Rubbish!” I laughed.


She looked down and then back up. “One.”


“Now, you’ll have two. Actually, you want to go to a club then we’ll get you drunk. Then I’ll let some random bum take you with them to the back alley and take advantage of you. That’s usually what happens when you come to a club so, drank up!” I ordered three more because I knew it wouldn’t take much.


“Harry, why don’t you just go or, I’ll go.” She finished the drink that I got her and stood up holding on the chair. She took hold of another beer and started drinking and trying to leave.


“You aren’t going anywhere. Who knows who could snatch you up now!” I grabbed her arm. “Come on drink this!” 


“Harry..You’re kind of scaring me..” she looked away from me.


I let go and grabbed her hand and led her away the the music and into my car. She didn’t even look at me because I was frightening her.


“You shouldn’t be at clubs.” I shook my head at her. “Come back to the hotel with me and I’ll bring you home first thing in the morning before Simon is even awake okay?” 


She nodded and looked out the window. She pulled her phone out and started texting someone who I’m guessing her friends that she left behind. 


“Who was that?” I asked after a minute. I was indicating her friends from the club.


“Friends I met today.. What’s it matter to you anyhow? You wanna fuck them?!” She spat at me. Her mood was angry and she rolled her eyes and looked away.


“What the fuck is your problem?” I pulled the car over and parked it. She was seriously acting all bitchy at me for no reason. Was she mad that I made her come home with me?


She looked at me. “Just take me home.” She stared at me.


“No. I don’t understand what the fuck your problem is? You should not being going to a fucking club with a bunch of what..16 year olds? God! Allison! It’s probably a good thing that you said no to me because I wouldn’t be able to take your shit!” 


She looked at me in shock. she looked down and I swear she was going to cry. God we’re both so bipolar. “Thats.. not.. Allison.” I took her hand.


She looked up at me and pounced onto my lips. Putting as much passion as she could and shocking me. My eyes were wide open but I closed them and kissed her back. What does this girl do to me?


She already told me no that we can’t be together but then we always find ourselves making out or kissing. I pulled back and looked into her hurt eyes. “Allison..” Her eyes widened even more and she opened the car door. 


She stuck her head out and puked. This is great. She was sitting on my lap puking her guts out because I made her drink.


After a minute she sat up and shut the door. She looked at me, blushed and looked back down. Slowly she got up off my lap and into the front seat. She put on her seat belt and looked out the window.


So, that was just another pointless heartbreaking kiss that will end up in my dreams once again.




Allison’s point of view


We got back to Harry’s hotel room and I kind of didn’t really want him to sleep on the couch and I didn’t want to either. So, we decided that we’d both sleep in the bed if he kept his clothes on.


Once I was almost unconscious I felt Harry’s strong arms wrap around my waist and pull me into his body. I soon felt him snoring and took it as a sign he was asleep. I tried to be quiet and I turned around.


His smooth chest was moving lightly as he breathed. His arms were still wrapped around me and I felt myself let a tear fall. I don’t know why. I stare at his chest and move in and kiss it.


I take in the deep smell that always accompanies him and I smile. It smells amazing. I remove myself from his arms and look back at him. His face becomes disoriented and sighs in his sleep.


Hmm, that’s probably what I look like in my sleep. I watch him for another minute and almost feel like hopping back in bed with him and snuggle up to him and be all cute and spoon but..I can’t.


I’m not even dating this kid but, I want to so bad. All the things I’ve heard and all of Simon’s complaints..


I walk to the table and find a piece of paper and pen. I write him a note for when he wakes up. “Harry..I had to leave. I can’t keep kissing you or sleeping in the same bed as you. We should really probably keep our distance. Thinking about moving to an uncle’s that lives in the US. Would really have to beg my mom and Simon though.. ~Allison” 


I’ve been thinking about trying to move back ever since I’ve moved here. Even though I like everyone here I just miss home really bad. 


The guy wasn’t actually my uncle he was my mom’s friend. I never actually thought of the idea before Nicki brought it up three days ago.


I called for a cab and made my way to the house and got home at 4 in the morning. As soon as I walked in Sophie ran up and started barking until I started whispering and soothing her. But, it was too late.


“Allison? I thought you were staying with friends?” Simon came out shirtless. Ew.


“Uh, I didn’t feel good so, I came home. Sorry I woke you.” I apologized and went into my room and fell asleep sad.




I woke up and hopped in the shower. I know that by now Harry had gotten the note because he text me. “You don’t have to leave allison. Simon likes having you around. I’ll stay the hell away from you okay?” 


I ignored the text and went on doing morning things around my room until my door opened. Simon walked in without knocking and that took me by surprise because he knocks.


“What the hell is this??” He throws a newspaper on my bed and it’s Harry and I kissing at the beach. 


I looked down. “I..uh...aren’t you suppose to be..” He cut me off.


“I cancelled because I’m going to end this relationship between you two!! Why can’t you leave him alone??” I backed up shocked. He was screaming at me and I was going to cry.


I didn’t look at him I just let tears fall. “Don’t give me that shit!! You’re constantly crying Allison! Grow up! I just don’t understand what you want from me!! Do you want money? A new dog or car or your own house or a pool in your room??? What the fuck do you need from me Allison!!” I just kept crying.


“I need Harry!! He makes me happy Simon!! He asked me out like twice! But, I said no because of YOU!” I was bawling and could barely get those words out of my mouth.


“No. That is out of the question. Harry will fuck you and leave you heartbroken! I’m just trying to protect you Allison!” He sat down on the bed and motioned for me to.


“I have to Simon! He makes.. me.. happy and there’s butterflies. I need to, you can’t stop the butterflies Simon. They do what they want.” I wipe my tears.


“Why do you want him so bad?” He sighed. Was I actually winning about this?


“He’s... him..” I cried more. He pulled me into his chest and patted my hair down.


“I can’t stand to see you cry Allison..” He rested his head on mine. “If you must date..” 


“I can?!” I screamed like a little girl.


“Please.. give me a couple days or weeks maybe please..” He looked at me.


I nodded and we both stood up. “Thank you so much!” I smiled and hugged him. 


“Please..don’t move too fast love. And.. no sex in my house.” He left and I squealed into my pillow.


I guess I’ll have to wait a couple days to talk to Harry. But, I can still call my friends! I get my phone and dial Nicki’s number.


“Hello? Girl, why do you call so damn early?” She yawns.


“Guess what?” I scream.




“I’m probably gonna be dating thee harry styles in the next week or so...But, you can’t tell anyone until I say you can!! okay?” 


“Of course!” 


We talked for a little bit and then we hung up from each other.




I spent pretty much all day texting Amanda, Izzy and Alec talking to them and telling them what happened last night. I went uptown and got a muffin and coffee from some place and then spent the day trying to figure out how to talk to Harry about it.


About 8 I got a text from Louis:What did you do this time?


I text back: What? 


I was confused then remembered my note last night.


Lou: Harry fucked up his solo in WMYB and he’s been crying and hes stressed out and threw a chair and now we’re at the flat and hes throwing a fit. And he won’t talk to me.


Why does Harry act like this? 


Me:Well, go hang out with Eleanor.. I’ll come over and talk to him. don’t tell him I’m coming though. I have a surprise. (:


I decided maaaaybe I should just say something now.




I pull up and take a deep breath.. I shake my head and breath in and out. I wore a pair of high waisted shorts and a flowy top and put my hair in a bun because I wanted to look nice. I hopped out the car and walked through the lobby and into the elevator.


I’ve never felt more nervous in my life. I press his floor number and tapped my fingers on my knee. The door binged and I was thinking about going back down and just leaving.


Instead I brought myself to the door and knocked lightly. I don’t think he heard it because I didn’t hear footsteps. I opened the door surprised that it was unlocked.


I walked down the hall until I stopped in front of his door. I heard him weeping and my heart grew for him. I slowly twisted the knob trying to be quiet. He heard it and his head whipped him and he stared at me.


“What are you doing here? Leave! Now Allison!” He got up and went into his bathroom. He was angry but at least he was talking.


“Harry, What happened?” 


“Nothing. Just leave!” He screamed but I didn’t stop asking him.


“I keep fucking up!” He hit the wall. I jumped back and my eyes widened.


“Why are you still here?!”


“Because Louis blames me..” I look down.


Harry snorted and I followed him out the bathroom door and he sat on the bed and put his head in his hands. He lightly tugged on his hair. “Why do I keep messing it up? Everything.” He looked up at me.


He was so cute. His eyes were red and puffy from crying and his nose red. His curls were a mess because he keep tugging on them and his phone was on the floor. 


I walked over to it and unlocked it and saw that he was twitter. It was just like that one concert where he messed up. I read all the hate and saw how terrible people were. “I just didn’t take enough breath and I messed it up. Just like everything.”


“You don’t mess everything up Harry and you didn’t mess it up. Your fans still love you.” I laid his phone on the dresser.


“No they don’t.. you read that.” He sobbed. “I messed us up. It’s because my stupid image that we aren’t allowed to date. Simon despises me.” He looked at me and I couldn’t take it anymore.


I walked over to him and sat on his lap he looked at me shocked and I embraced him in a hug. “You didn’t mess us up..because it never begun..but.. I’d really like it to.” I pulled back and looked at him. 


I pressed my lips onto his but only a second. “We can’t play games Allison. We keep playing games.” He stopped.


“No, I’m not playing. I want to be your girlfriend!” I screamed. 


He smiled slightly and kissed my lips. He pulled back once again. “What made you change your mind?” 


“Simon said we could.” My grin was huge and I once again planted a huge kiss on his lips. This time he didn’t pull away but pushed into the kiss.




Okay, so I know that Harry and Taylor dated in like December and stuff but we’ll just pretend that it never happened. Because it’s only like July or August in this book and them dating doesn’t fit into my plan! Plus, sorry if you guys don’t like it if I get too sexual or not enough sexual or cuss too much. Just comment and give me feedback! 



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