Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


18. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


“Oh my gosh! Styles! I can’t believe no...I didn’t mean to say Styles you little horny bastard! I can’t believe that my pictures going to be in the paper saying I kissed you! First Niall and now you!!” I started panicking.. Simon!


He chuckled. “I’m really sorry.. I didn’t notice them or we would have left I’m sorry babe.” 


“Simon is going to flip out! Ugh! I hate my life!” 


“Don’t act like you didn’t like it.” He stopped me and grabbed my arm. Did he not care that there were a ton of paps all over the place taking our pictures?




“No, tell me. Do you like me?” 




Harry’s point of view


Yeah, I liked her and I think she does me too. So, first thing we have to do is..admit right? Because she needed to admit it before I do. I honestly don’t care about Simon right now. All I care about are these butterflies in my stomach.


“We can talk when we’re away from these..” She waved her hands around, “people.” She jumped down and grabbed her towel and started packing stuff up. 


I helped her and sighed. She would’ve said no right then if she didn’t like me. I mean, she did push into the kiss a little. I don’t know why this is so important but, I need her to like me.


We rushed into my car and I quickly sped off.


Allison pulled her legs up and hugged them. “Dude, Simon is gonna freak Harry.” She looked at me.


“Well, at lease we weren’t having sex. He’ll get over it. Besides, he doesn’t even know about the first one.”


“Yeah, but he knows that we’ve slept in the same bed like 3 times. And he thinks that I have something going on with you and Niall.” She looks at me ashamed.


“Do you want me to take you to Simon’s? Or my flat?” I ask her at the turn.


“Simon’s.” She looks down. I felt my stomach drop and I was disappointed. I wanted her to come over so we could talk about our kiss that I enjoyed a lot!


But, she didn’t want to and I would be gone for like the next week. 


We get to the house hopefully not followed by any paps and I pull up through the drive way that was now dark and gloomy. The trees weren’t casting shadows anymore and the heat had died down and the windows were down. 


I put the car in park and shut it off. “Can we talk now?”




Allison’s point of view


“Yeah.” He was going to ask me if I liked him. I already decided that I wasn’t going to show my romantic feelings anymore. But, if I admit I have a crush on him then..that wouldn’t work.


“I don’t really know what to say..I mean, we’ve kissed like twice. And, they’ve both been really nice and..I don’t care what Simon has to say! I have butterflies..something I don’t think I’ve ever felt around someone.. I want to be with you.” He took my hand and I looked down at it. How can I say no..just for now?




“No, Allison. I think that I really like you..” He looks down. “At least that’s what Lou tells me.” He attempts a smile.


“Harry..Simon doesn’t want us dating. I’m sorry.. I’m not sure how I feel..” His face falls and he lets go of my hand. I unbuckle myself and move in and go to kiss his cheek.


“No.” He backs up and closes his eyes. 


I nod and step out. As soon as I shut his car door he speeds off. Great now I’ve totally pissed Harry off. I just don’t really think it’d be best for me right now.




I wake up two days later to a text from Louis.


Lou: hey what happened between u & haz? hes been moping around and he isn’t really talking 2 anyone..


Me: Idk.. what you’re talking about..


Harry was seriously all moping around? Ugh, they won’t be back for another three days and maybe I should talk to him when he gets back. But, what would I say? I don’t know how I feel.


I mean, my reaction should be all “Oh my gosh! Yes!! Harry omg omg” But, I have to think about it..


But if Harry is acting weird then maybe I should talk to him.


Lou: Yeah, so what happened?


Me: Well, he told me that he liked me..rada rada and I told him that we shouldn’t date now..I didn’t think it mattered. God, is he mad at me?


Lou: Idk he wont talk really. hes been quiet and after concerts he goes to his room and leaves us alone. don’t you like him you crazy girl? date him!! make him happy! He needs you!


Me: I want to but.. i can’t. Harry is trouble! Simon doesn’t want me dating him..


Lou: You have to! he isn’t trouble to you! he really likes you! he told me. he doesn’t just like you b/c you have big jubblies. 


Me: ..................


Lou: seriously..(: bye! When we come back please tell him your feelings that you like him! You do!! Bye! Love ya! :D


Louis is ugh. “Hey, Simon can I go up town?” 


“Are you going to drive yourself?”


“Yeah..” he nodded and I headed out into my NEW CAR and headed towards town.


I found a newspaper stand and parked near it. The street was busy considering it being a weekday. What day is it? I look at the corner of the paper and it reads Thursday. I pay the guy and walk down the street.


I bump into someone and look up and find a girl texting on her phone. “Sorry.” We say in unison. She giggled a high pitched voice.


“I’m sorry.” We say at the same time again.


“I’m Amanda! You’re Simon Cowell’s daughter right?” She puts her phone in her bra. 


She was wearing a gorgeous dress that had blue flowers all over and clung to her and I was jealous.


“Yeah..” I sigh. “How’d you know?” 


“You’re on the front page love.” She points and I look down.


“Dammit!” I sigh again. 


“What’s wrong.” She looks very confused.


“I’m Simon Cowell’s daughter.... So, you know I’m Allison.” I stuck my hand out to her.


“And I also know that you’re dating Harry freaking Styles!” She screamed.


“Shh. I’m not.. we just.. kind of like each other. I don’t know..” I look down.


“You wanna go to get food? I was on the way to meet  my sister for lunch, wanna come?” I nod and walk next to her. It was odd that a girl I just met on the street was asking me to have lunch with her and her sister. But, I’m kind of friendless right now and could use some friends.


“Wait, I have my car. I can drive us there.” We cross over to it and she gives me directions to a fast food place.


She takes the newspaper and opens it and reads a page but I don’t see what she’s reading. “I think that you’re dating someone and you don’t want to tell me.. harry styles..” She looked at me and I laughed. she was adorable!




“Because there are pictures of you at the beach right here!” I look down quickly and see him carrying me and me smacking Jason and Harry rubbing sunscreen on my back and us..kissing in the water.


“Crap!” I was going to die when Simon reads this!





We pull up and get out. I follow her through the door and sat down at a table. A guy and then a girl that looked exactly like Amanda were sitting there laughing.


“Hey, who’s this?” She stood up and stuck her hand out.


“I’m Allison.”


“I’m Izzy.” She shook my hand.


“This is Allison, she’s dating Harry Styles.”


“Oh my gosh!” she pushed me into the booth and Amanda sat next to me. “So, how is he in bed?”


“Oh my gosh! You can’t ask that Iz!” The guy slapped her arm. “I’m Alec. So, how was it?! Harry is a total hottie!” He started fanning his face and they all stared at me.


“We aren’t dating..” I looked down and I felt shy because they were all staring at me.


“From what I understand they both like each other but nothing has happened yet.” Amanda stands up and takes my arm and drags me to the counter.


We ordered something to eat and went back to sit down at the table. “By the way, Alec is gay.” Izzy nodded towards him and he just nodded and winked.


Finally! A gay friend! “Okay.” I smiled and took a bite out of my sandwich. 


“Have you ever been here?” Amanda asked me.


“No, I just moved here a couple weeks ago.”


“Where have you been?”


“Nowhere really. Some celebrity restaurant with my dad and The white Swan with some jerk.” I finish my sandwich and start sipping my pop.


“What’s his name?”


“Jason Allen.” I sigh and look at them.


Their eyes widen and they look at me in disbelief. “No.Way. That kid is like the hottest boy in our school! He is so fit!!” Izzy puts her head in her hands and closes her eyes.


“Well, he already had a girlfriend.. Even though we went on a date and he asked me on another!” I looked at the ground in disgust. 


“What an arse! I don’t ever remember him going dating anyone though.” Alec looks confused.


“I don’t know.. but, we go to the same school if Jason goes to school with you!” I shout.


“Really, Angel high?” Amanda asked.




“Oh yay!” 


“I’ll have someone to talk to..thank God!” I laugh.


“Yeah, so where were or are you even suppose to be?” Amanda suddenly remembers that she picked me up off the street.


“Where ever. I told Simon I was going to town. Hey, I got an idea. You guys wanna come over and hang out? I have a pooool?” I smiled. It’d be nice to get to know them and have some friends.


“Yeah, can we stop by our house first?” I nodded and we all hopped in my car.




They gave me their addresses and I went to Izzy and Amanda’s house first. I met their mom and father who were both really nice and funny. They told them they had to be home by 10 which just mean that I could drive some more.


Then we went to Alec’s house and his parents weren’t home yet. His house was amazing. It was three stories. His bedroom was even better and I found out he actually thought that all the boys were really cute.


Then we went to my house and they awed and started spazzing out because it’s so amazing.


“Hey, Simon, this is Alec, Izzy and Amanda. They’re twins!” I said excitedly.


“I see that.” He chuckled. 


“They’ve came over to go swimming..that okay?” We started heading my room. He nodded and we left.


We went in my room and starting getting ready to go swimming. “Oh my gosh! You look great! You have an amazing body.” Alec sighed.


“Oh thanks!” I blushed. I now felt self conscious . Now I feel like they’re staring at my body now.


We went outside to the pool and Simon and Meghan were out there in the pool. “Hey, do you guys mind if we swim a little?” Meghan asked.


“Yeah, that’s fine right?” I look towards everyone and they nod. We walk over and slide in and adjust ourselves to the chilly water.


“Hey, I was wondering if you’d wanna go out with us tonight?” Amanda asked me after a couple minutes.


“Where to?” I looked over to Simon and Meghan were floating on floats holding hands and smiling at the sun.


“Some club a couple towns away. It’s really nice and we go there frequently.” Alec answers.


“Wait, club club?” I asked and gave them a look.


“Yeah, of course.” They laughed at me.


“Wait, I though that you had to be 18 to get into clubs and stuff?” 


“Yeah but, Alec’s boyfriend is 22.” Izzy smiled a proud smile.


“Oh, when?” I asked. I wouldn’t mind going out I was bored.


“Tonight! Even though our parents want us home they’ll let us. We just have to say we’re staying at Alec’s house and they don’t question it and we probably won’t leave until like..late.” 


“Oh.. I’ll ask Simon.” I started swimming towards him. I wonder if he’d let me go. I’m not really sure how he’d feel about me going to a club.. Maybe I should lie about it?


“Hey Simon? Do you think I could go out with them?” I stand next to his floaty waiting nervously.


“Where are you going afterwards?” He takes off his sunglasses.


“Alec’s house. He’s gay by the way.” He smiles.


“I was hoping. Yeah, you can go. We won’t be home tomorrow so, we probably won’t be here when you get back.” I nod and he puts on his sunglasses.


Thank God he didn’t ask me where we were going.. I wasn’t sure what I’d tell him!  “Oh Allison?” He called out to me.


I got nervous and I thought he was gonna say something to me about going out. “Yeah?” I turn around.


“We’re getting out in about 10 minutes, do you guys want steaks or fish or hamburgers or..?” 


“What do you guys want?” I ask Amanda, Izzy and Alec, relieved that he didn’t say anything.


They answered back with steak so that’s what I told him.




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