Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


17. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


“I love the beach!” Melody screamed and flopped down on her towel.


“I know, so do I.” I rolled my head back to let the sun get my neck. 


“You look like you’re getting burned.” Someone blocks the sun. I look up and see Harry standing in front of me. Melody’s jaw practically drops and I let out a chuckle.


“Did you use sunscreen?” He sits down next to me and throws me a tube. 


“Yeah I did. Thank you though and how’d you know I was at the beach? Plus aren’t you suppose to be at a concert right now? Oh but I bet you’re gonna say how you missed me so much you couldn’t stand to stay away.” I wiped a fake tear off my face.


“You should probably put some more on.. and Simon told me where you are. And no, it’s not because I missed you..” He narrowed his eyes at me. “But because Niall and Liam have the shits. It’s bad.” He made a disgusted face. 


I spit my pop that I was drinking and Melody started laughing. “This is not a joking matter Melody. It’s bad they can’t go on stage so we came home for tonight and we’re trying again tomorrow.” He sighed.


“Wait, you know my name?” She instantly because serious.


“Yeah..You’ve worked at Simon’s for like ever.” He laughed and grabbed my coke and finished it off.


“Hey!!” I slapped his arm.


“I’ll go get another one for you, you baby.” He stood up.


“I have to go to the bathroom..” Melody got up and walked the opposite way of Harry. 


“Well, do you want to sit here all alone or walk with me?” Harry held his hand to me.


I’d rather sit alone and take a nap but, I know that I’d actually rather go with him. I took his hand and wiped off my legs from the sand. 


“So, how’d you get Simon to give in?” I was curious.


“He said you had Melody so nothing would happen.” He snorted.


“Why are you snorting?” 


“Because even if she is here that’s not going to stop me from doing anything.” He looked down at me and smirked.


Way to make it like really awkward Harry.. “Well, yeah because I wouldn’t do anything! By the way one reason is because I have a date tomorrow night soo..” I looked up at him and like his entire body tensed up and his jaw got hard and he was intimidating.


“Oh, good for you.” He acted like he didn’t care but he was totally jealous.


“So, how long are you hanging out with us?” I asked trying to get him to calm his tits.


“I’m probably gonna leave soon. Just wanted to say hey.” He looked at me and said hey. I rolled my eyes. He’s an idiot.


“Why aren’t you going to stay with us? Hang out. Come on Harry. Melody’s nice! You’ll like her.” I acted like a little kid. I didn’t really want him to go. And he only wants to go because he found out I’ve got a date.


“I already know she’s nice Allison.” He rolled his eyes and we got in line.


“How is that?” I asked suspiciously. 


“Well, Niall never shuts up about her.” He looked down at me.


“What?” I gasped and a huge ass grin got thrown on my face.


“Yeah. It’s not a big deal.” He shook his head and we moved up.


“Yeah it is! they both like each other! We should hook them up!” I pulled on his arm.


“What would you like?” The man at the counter asked us.


“Uh, three cokes and a hot dog with mustard.” Harry ordered for us.


“I don’t hook people up. Besides me and fit ladies.” He smirked at me.


“ don’t know how to respond to that.. so.. I’ll take it as a yes!!” I slapped his arm and jumped up.


He laughed lightly and took the three pops in his hand and the hot dog container in the other. “I can take the pop.” I took the pops and held them in my hands.


“I don’t know.. what if it ends badly? They’ll blame us.” 


“Harry! Shut up! they like each other and they clearly aren’t going to do it themselves. Besides.. I don’t think that Melody’s ever had a boyfriend and Niall being her first one! Aww that’s so cute.”


“You’re so fucking romantic and gushy.. I do not remember you being like this when we all met..” Harry slapped my arm.


“Hey! I almost spilled the pops!”


“Ooops.” Harry winked and we arrived back at the towels and Melody still wasn’t back yet.



I accidentally let out a small sigh and Harry stopped his eating and turned his head towards me. “Put sun block on.” I shook my head and he repeated himself.


“No.” I pouted like a little kid. 


“’re a huge little kid.” He stood up.


“What are you doing?” I stood up too. He was probably going to dump sunscreen all over me.


“Putting sun block on the little kid.” 


I narrowed my eyes. “I’m not a little kid.” I flopped my shoes off and headed towards the water. Harry wanted to protect my skin, he was going to have to catch me. I turn back and see that he isn’t even chasing me anymore.. where’d he go..?


I suddenly bump into someone and turn back to them. “I’m sorry. Oh, Jason! Hi!”I perked up when I saw him. 


He was in swimming trunks holding hands with a blonde.. “Um, hi, I’m Allison.” I smiled to the girl.


“This is.. my girlfriend...Rebecca...” He looked down. 


His girlfriend..? I felt like slapping him! How could he take me out and kiss me and ask me back out and..and I slapped him. “Woah!” The girl let go of his hand and stepped up.


“Becky, don’t..” He grabbed her arm. I felt like crying. He seemed so sweet.


“No, she can’t just slap you! What did you do to her?” She turned back to me she was probably going to slap me back.


“What did he do? He took me out on a date last night.. to some really nice and expensive place and kissed me good night and he also asked me to a date tomorrow. That’s what he did to me.” 


She raised her eyebrow and turned to look at him. “Is that true??” She had steam coming off her body.


He slowly nodded and she smacked him harder than I did and stomped off. Harry walked up and looked at us. He probably just saw the whole thing go down. 


“Hey, who’s this?” He nods towards Jason. Harry’s shirt was off, he had trunks on that hung down and sunglasses. He looked gorgeous.


“This is Jason..” I smiled. “This is my boyfriend Harry.” I grabbed Harry’s hand and we started walking back towards the towels and saw Melody sitting there with headphones in and sunglasses on.


“Who was that?” He stopped me before we reached the towels.


“That was Jason. The kid I went on a date with last night..” I felt like crying. “That girl stomping off was his girlfriend.” I gave him a fake smile but then laughed then a tear fell down my cheek. Why did he do that. I started to actually like someone besides stupid Harry.


“Oh.. I’m so sorry love.” He pulled me into his chest and hugged me. He was radiating off heat and made me feel happier. 


“Whatever. You’re glad that I don’t have some boyfriend dude..” I looked up at him but never let go.


He accidentally let a smile form on his lips but pushed my head back into his chest. “Shh....oh, and you do have a boyfriend! Me remember?” 


I pulled back and laughed. “You wish Harry.”


I sat down on the towel and threw Harry the lotion. “Put some one my back.” He smiled and I rolled on my back.


He tried to undo my top while I was on my stomach. Before his hands could get it I turned and slapped his hand. “um.. No!” I stared at him in disbelief.


He gave me a cheeky smile and practically pushed me back onto my stomach and he started rubbing the sun block onto my back, probably enjoying it a little too much.


He then whispered into my ear all seductive like.. “If we were at your house I probably would have talked you into it and slowly talked you into letting me have my way with you Allison..” He sighed and I gasped.


I sat up with my jaw almost hitting the ground. “I don’t think so Harry.” I stared at him I was mad. Now I actually knew that he liked me. But, not in the good way. There was no way that I could let my romantic feelings show up while he lets his horny feelings show up.


I mean I did see him get jealous when I talk about another boy. And all these ‘jokes’ he cracks doesn’t help his case. Maybe two can play at this game and I can help him realize that he’s totally in love with me and that maybe I have a crush on him..I can’t believe myself.




Two hours later we were sitting at a bench in the shade eating. 


After that little incident that Harry did I’ve been keeping my body away from him and been talking to Melody. Harry has been talking to us too and flirting with me every chance he got. But, usually when that happened I’d bring up Niall and talk about how sweet he is is or something.


“This is probably the best nachos I’ve ever had.” Melody moaned. They were really good!


“I know. They’re amazing.” We had milkshakes and nachos from the concession stand thing at the beach. Of course thanks to Harry.


“So, what time do you have to go home Harry?” I asked.


“Whenever I want.”


“Don’t you have a concert tomorrow?” He looked at me and pursed his lips.


“Hey! I just got a text from my mom! Sorry guys, I have to go. I’ll see you at home Allison!” She got up, ran to her stuff and left. Every chance that girl got she was leaving me and Harry alone together! 


“Alone at last.” Harry gets up and throws his stuff away and sits back down.


“Stop watching me!” I slap him. Something I’ve been doing a lot. 


“You’re always smacking me!” He pouted then grabbed my empty trash and motioned for me to get up.


“Why are you rushing me Styles?” I shook my head and walked next to him back to the towels. It was about 7:30 now and the sun was setting. 


“You’re slow! That’s why!” He nudged my hip with his and I almost fell.


“Ay!” I slapped his arm.


“Ugh!” He screamed and came at me.


“Stay away Styles!” I tried running but he was too fast.


He laughed evilly and started walking towards the water. “What are you doing?” I sighed. I knew he was going to throw me in and I didn’t even want to fight about it. Too much wasting of my time.


“You aren’t gonna fight?” He put me down. “No fun.” He narrowed his eyes at me and I darted off towards the water anyways.


“Oh my gosh!” He screamed chasing me.


He caught me again and put me over his shoulder and started into the water. I know he wanted a fight so I pounded on his back until I felt my feet being dipped in the water. “Harry!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.


Then we both went sinking in and he let go of me. Until I came back up bobbing up and down trying to catch my breath. “You suck.” we were out where I couldn’t touch the bottom.


“You love me!” He smirked. 


No I kind of like you. “Nope. I hate you Styles.” I shook my head and splashed my wet hair in his face.


Then I felt his hands on my hips as he pulled me towards him. I wanted to struggle so freaking bad but.. he was staring into my eyes and I didn’t really notice our heads move closer. “It’s actually really hot when you call me Styles.” 


He wrapped my legs around his toned torso and kissed me. I pushed into the kiss because I’ve actually wanted to for a long time. Ever since our last kiss I’ve been dying to taste him.


We both pull apart and look up to find that we aren’t that far from shore and there had to be at least 25 people taking pictures of us. Paparazzi caught us!



Hope you guys like it! :) Oh and so i went to walmart and got three one direction cups! Now i can say that i drink their juices... ;) I told my mom that joke and she didn’t laugh..


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