Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


15. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


Allison’s point of view


“Dinner is ready!” Meghan called out the door. I was lying down on a lawn chair tanning. Even though I had caked myself in sunscreen I still sat down instead of swimming with the boys. 


We had been swimming outside for a couple hours and its not dark out yet. “I wanna keep swimming!” Louis whined.


“Well, a hour after you eat you can go back.” She went inside. She is really cool and comfortable with the boys and they’re cool with her too.


“Night swimming!” They fist pounded and ran inside.


I slowly stood up and made my way inside. I grabbed a plate and a steak and baked potato. I sat down next to Liam and started chewing on the steak.


“Hey, Allison, want a beer?” I looked up to see Harry standing with an open fridge handing out beers.


“Ew. Get me a coke pleaseeee?” I stuck my lip out and begged.


He rolled his eyes but chuckled and gave me one. “Thank you.” I chirped.


I was in a really good mood. I don’t know why. It’s just one of those weird days where everything felt okay and happy.


“Why aren’t you eating that potato?” Niall pointed at it with his mouth full.


“I am?” I took a bite out of it. He almost choked on his food and gasped.


“Why isn’t there anything on it?” He wiped his mouth.


“Like what?”


“Well...” He stood up and ran to the isle and filled his arms with food.


He came over and started throwing stuff on it. By the time he stepped back my potato was caked with food.


There was butter, sour cream, bacon chunks, cheese, more cheese and chives. “This looks gross.”


They all gasped at me. “What? I’m speaking the truth!!” 


“Try it!” Zayn encouraged and they all started chanting. Simon and Meghan were eating here too but they were engaged in their own conversation.


I shook my head but Harry picked up my potato in his hand and started inching it towards me. “C’mon just try it babe!” 


Everytime Harry called me babe it made me melt like a little fangirl. It made me fall into his lights eyes and his trap. I swear he is magic because after a second I nodded and opened my mouth.


I let Harry move it in and I took a bite getting all the toppings in my mouth. It was actually really... good! I have fallen in love with a potato! Now I know how Niall feels!


“Oh my...” I took the potato and started munching on it. They all started laughing and started eating their own food. This was too good. How did I not know about all these toppings?


“This is amazing!” I cry out in joy.


“I know!” Niall laughs and grabs the rest of the potato and sticks it in his mouth.


“Niall!!” I slap his bare chest and start pouting.


“Niall, dude..” Ed shook his head. Ed is pretty cool and I like him. He seems sweet and he even sang some of his music for us.


He is an amazing singer and his songs are beautiful and I’d marry him. But I guess he only has eyes for a girl named Kaitlin. Sadly.


“So, you’re sixteen right Allison?” Ed asked after a minute.


“Yeah. Why?” I chewed a piece of meat while waiting.


“Just wondering. Harry, didn’t know you were into 16 year olds.” He whispered to Harry but everyone heard.


Everyone started laughing and I felt my cheeks heat up. I just looked down embarrassed. I didn’t know what to say. “We don’t have anything going on..” 


“Well, all the boys think different. So does Simon.” Harry looked at me. My cheeks stayed red and my stomach started doing summersaults. My head felt like it was spinning and I think someone had set fire to my cheeks.



“Well, they’re wrong.” I rolled my eyes and stood up. I couldn’t take being in the same room with Harry anymore and my plate was empty. 


I couldn’t be in the same room with him because my face. My cheeks were burning and I don’t know why my stomach started churning. I smiled as I walked past and went into my bedroom.


I look through my closet and find a baggy shirt that I got a summer ago at a concert. It was black and had a picture of Luke Bryan and was my favorite shirt ever. I threw it on to cover up my bare stomach. 


I didn’t put any pants on but sat on the bed and turned on the t.v. I turned it to Disney channel and started watching a re-run of Wizards of Waverly place. One of my favorite shows.


What did Ed mean by oh Harry, you’re into sixteen year olds? Ed is only like 20 something... I haven’t asked yet. But, Harry can like whoever he wants. Rather it’s me or... Louis. 


Just because I’m sixteen that doesn’t mean anything! I’m not that young. If Harry still went to school he would just be graduating. So we aren’t that far apart. 


I don’t even care. Harry doesn’t like me and I don’t like him. It’s just that.. hanging out with him makes me feel all bubbly. This isn’t suppose to happen! It isn’t a crush you can’t even call it that. Maybe a... cr.. see? No ush!


“Hey, Allison? Why’d you leave the table?” Simon barely knocks.


“Because I was done. I’m gonna watch t.v for a while.” 


He nods and sits on the bed. “Are you going to go swimming with them later?”


I shrug and look at my fingers.


“Hun, I don’t know what the hell is going on with you and Harry but.. I don’t approve of it.” 


“That’s the thing. That’s why I came in here. I don’t like Harry. But, I think knowing I can’t  is my problem. That’s why he’s chasing after me. I don’t know I just, I’m turning into some idiot that is like in love with them. I mean.. I’m not inlove with them! But, ahhh!” I throw my face into a pillow.


“I know, it’s typical. That’s why I was afraid of moving you out here. But, you seem to be a lot stronger than other girls. And, just try not to like them.” 


“Why, why are you so against me liking them?” 


“Because Allison, a lot of their favorites are Harry. And, if you start dating that would be the end of me.” He shook his head kind of chuckling. He left without saying anything else and I felt like crying.


I don’t even know why. Just the fact that I might start having a baby ounce of a crush on Harry. And the fact that we can’t date no matter how much I want to.




“Allison, we have your birthday present!” Meghan comes into my bedroom and shakes me.


“I don’t want anything.” I groan.


“Come on!” She pulls the blankets off. I sit up and feel a heavy weight on my head. Since I put my damp hair in a bun last night after my shower it’s all loose and heavy.


I follow her outside and rub my eyes. Standing or sitting in front of me is a brand new car! “What is it..”I run to it.


“A Benz cl550.(pic -->) It was really expensive so be VERY careful okay?” He laughed.


“Oh my god! Are you sure, is it all mine!?” I screamed. 


“Yup!” He threw the keys and it landed in my hand. I was getting ready to have a heart attack oh my god!!


“Thank you so much!! Oh my god!” I jump to him and give him a huge hug. He probably doesn’t know how great this is for me. 


“There is something in the car..I chose that one.” Meghan smiled at the sky.


I slowly walked over and opened the door. A little dog jumped onto me and pushed me onto my butt. Actually it wasn’t that little. Quite large for a puppy.


“She’s a husky. I figured you’d like her.” Meghan smiled gleefully.


“Oh my gosh!” The puppy was licking me all over and i just let her and giggles were escaping my lips. 


Finally she just sat on my stomach and stopped. I sat up and hugged her. I was so excited. Even though my birthday was forever ago this was still the best birthday ever!!


“Are you going to be able to care for her?”


“Um, yeah! Thank you guys so much!!” I stood up and walk to Simon and Meghan with the dog stepping on my toes to get to me. I hugged them both at the same time.


“Okay, well I’m going to the store soon. I’ll get her food. And any information you need to know about her ask away!”


“Well, how old is she? Is she full blooded? Was she really expensive? Can she be an inside dog?” I asked really excited.


“Woah.. Um, she is 6 weeks. Got her from my mum’s dog. She is full blooded. That’s where her mum and father are both huskies? And she was only 50 pounds because it was my mother. And of course she can stay inside.” 


“Thank you so much! Both of you guys! I’m gonna go play with her then go for a drive, okay?”


They nodded and I ran inside with her and the keys in my hands. “Well, what should we name you...hmm.”


I took her into my room and shut the door. I sat on the bed and dialed my mom.


“Guess what I got for my birthday mom!!” I screamed probably waking her up for good.


“Ah, gosh, I don’t know. um a car and dog?”


“How’d you know?!”


“Your father never lost my number.” She laughed. 


“So, you told him that my favorite dog was a husky?” 


“Yup. Glad you like it honey. I miss you.”


“I miss you too. What should I name her?” 


“How about.. Sophie?” She said quietly. 


“Okay..” It became really awkward all of a sudden. 


Sophie had so much meaning to us than just being a name. My mom was pregnant with twins. I was suppose to be a twin but that other baby came out...dead. My mom was devastated and I never really have ever felt there.. completely. 


“How are you and Harry?” She all of a sudden asked shocking me.


“Um, we’re just friends..” 


“That’s not what Simon thinks.” She chuckled. “Hun, you’re old enough to tell from right and wrong so I’m not going to tell you not to date him. Just do what YOU want. Okay?”


“Okay mom.” I nervously giggle. I’ve never liked talking to mom about boys. I mainly talk to my friends about it.


“Harry is only trying to protect you from having a boyfriend. He is your father and even though he hasn’t been there doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you and want whats probably best for you.”


“Yeah but, Harry is so cute! God mom I can’t stand it! But, he is a player. At least that’s what everyone says.”


“Yeah, theres always gonna be stuff about him. And if you dated then well, there’d be stuff about you..I’m gonna go kay? Love you.” She hung up and I turned around towards Sophie.


“You’re Sophie!” I smiled at her. She barked and jumped on me. Oh my gosh she is just so dang cute!


Her fur was white and black and felt so soft and I couldn’t stop petting her.


“Allison!” Melody ran in and jumped on my bed and started petting Sophie.


“Hi!” I chuckled and fell into bed. “Oh my gosh! I just remembered that I got some really hot kid’s number!” I smiled and pulled out my phone. I searched my contacts and called him.


“Hello..?” He mumbled. He sounded like he just woke up and his voice was so hot!


“Hi..It’s um Allison the girl from-”


He interrupted me, “I know who you are! Allison!” 


“Uh, yeah..” I laugh.. “Soo, what are you doing?” I ask cheerfully. 


“Just woke up. What about you beautiful?” I can hear his cheekiness across the phone and I blush.


“Nothing.. Sooo, you wanted me to call you.. right?” I didn’t know how to approach this.


“ haah, would you want to.. go out tonight? For a date?” He chuckled softly.


“Yeah, sure. What time?” I was dying on the inside.


“Text me your address.. I’ll pick you up 7?” I agreed and we hung up.


“Oh my gosh! You’re so lucky! You have like 3 boys in love with you!” Melody pouted.


“3?” I asked confused.


“Um, have you forgotten about Niall and Harry?” she smiled.


“Harry!” I sighed. My feelings have been showing for him and he’s going to freak out when he finds out.




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