Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


14. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


“Hey.” He smiled when I got in the cab next to him.


“Why aren’t you driving us there?” 


“Well, I don’t have my license.” He looked down embarrassed.


I laughed and it made him look up. “Its fine. Just odd.” I punched his shoulder playfully.


After that I just leaned my head against the window and watched the scene. We passed a small pottery shop and big mall. I will have to go there sometime.


A couple minutes later Liam was handing the cabbie cash and I was stepping out of the cab in front of a little coffee shop. 


It was cute and the paint looked worn out and chipping. The light yellow paint made the place look smaller. There were a couple people in here but they didn’t look like they were going to notice that Liam Payne had entered.


We sat down at a two chaired table and waited for someone to take our orders. “So, what’s good here?” 


“Well, I usually get a vanilla iced mocha.” He smiled and rubbed his stomach.


“Is that what you’re getting?” A waiter suddenly popped us scaring us.


Liam nodded and the guy turned to me. “I’ll have the same.” He smiled and his eyes lingered on mine for a moment until Liam coughed.


“Seems someone has a crush?” Liam started teasing.


“Him! Not me!” 


“So, I have a question...” I started nervously. I don’t even know why I was nervous. It’s not like I’m asking him out or something.


“Shoot beautiful.” He smiled with a fat cheesy smile.


“Ha.ha. Shut up. Anyways, um so I watched an interview and you guys talked about me. Why didn’t anyone say anything to me?” 


“You watched our interview?”


“Yeah.” I blushed and looked down.


“Aww.” He pinched my cheek and we were interrupted because the waiter came up.


“Here you go.” He gave me a half smile and left. 


“Gosh, you can’t keep your eyes off him.” Liam started up again.


“Shut up.” I blushed. He was really cute but I wasn’t gonna do anything about it..


“Talk to him. I can tell you think he's cuuuteee.” 


“I’m not going to say anything. So..” 


“Excuse me.” Liam waved his hand towards the waiter. I looked at his name tag and read Jason.


“She thinks you’re fit. Be right back!” Liam hurriedly ran to the bathroom.


I blushed and put my face in my hands. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! Hes just... ugh!” 


He just laughed. “Brother?” 


“Just a friend..” 


“Well, I’m Jason. I haven’t seen you around before and I’ve been working here for awhile.” 


I could barely take my eyes off his eyes. He had the biggest brown eyes. “I’m Allison. And yeah, I just moved here a couple weeks ago.” 


“Oh well, if you ever want to hang out I could.. I don’t know, show you around town? Here’s my number.” He took my arm and wrote 7 digits on it.


He started walking away but turned around once and gave me a shy smile. Thank you Liam.


“You’re welcome love!” Liam ran up and sat down across from me.


“I can not believe you Liam!!” I slapped his chest.


“Well, oh well. Looks like maybe you’ll get a date soon?” He wiggled his eyebrows. 


I blushed and took a large drink of my coffee. “Lets go.” Liam stood up and put his arm out to me. I grabbed it and walked out. “Wait, put his number in your phone!” Liam encouraged me and I did.


I still had a whole cup full when Liam chucked his in the garbage. He had suggested that we walk around and he can show me all the beautiful sites.


So far we’ve seen nothing. “Look! Its a park!” He grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the large jungle gym.


“Lets slide.” I shook my head and motioned to my drink. He nodded and flew down.


I sat on the bench and watched Liam play for about 5 minutes. Suddenly a group of boys walked up. They looked about 16 and terrifying. 


“Ay.” A cute one sat down next to me.


I just drank my coffee and ignored them. Even if there was one cute one that doesn’t mean I’m going to talk to these trouble makers. They looked like they probably enjoyed drugs and rape.


“Whats your name?” One nudged my shoulder. I still ignored them.


“Hey, he asked you your name babe!” But the way he said babe was taunting.


“Whats your name?” I said slowly and rudely.


“Why are you talking like that?” They asked me confused. I was actually quite scared. I’m gonna get all sassy with a large group of boys. 7 of them!


“Well, I didn’t want to confuse you guys but, I can see that it isn’t too hard to confuse you idiots.” I snapped and stood up.


I handed one guy my drink and tried walking away. “Why the hell did you hand me this?”


“Well, I was giving you my trash. Considering that you should practice picking up trash off the streets or do they not punish prisoners like that in London?” I turned and started away.


“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? You’re a little bitch aren’t you?!” A tall one pulled on my arm.


“Get off of me!” I screamed.


“Come here!” 


I kicked him right in between the legs and he fell. I tried running but one pulled my ponytail and I almost fell backwards.


“You’re coming with us, maybe back to my house?” 


“Get the fuck off of her!” I looked up through tears and found the boys standing there with bats in their hands.


Surprised the guy let go of me and I quickly ran into Harry’s arms. I didn’t even care which guy’s arms I sobbed in.


“Oh yeah, what you gonna do?”


“Well, it seems that we have bats right? You have....?” Zayn waited for them to say something but nothing came out. “Thats right better get going..” Niall ran up and started swinging the bat.


He didn’t even look where he was swinging it but the boys ran off screaming words like he’s crazy.


“Thank you guys so much! How’d you know that they were harassing me?”


“Liam was here remember? He saw and called us to come quick.”


“Thank you guys so much.” I stayed attached to Harry. But I quickly pulled away and stepped back and wiped my face.


“I’m sorry...” 


“It’s okay. Come on lets get you home.” Louis grabbed my hand and held it soothing me. 




Harry’s point of view


We insisted that we stay with Allison for awhile and I was glad. I was glad that we were getting along again and we can be friends. 


I honestly think that if we hadn’t shown up when we did that Allison would have gotten raped. Those boys looked bad and scary. I feel terrible for her. But, it made me feel good when I was the first one she ran to.


Allison turned on the t.v and started a spongebob episode. One that I’ve seen a thousand times. I’ve seen all of them plenty of times. But, I don’t think that I’ll get tired of them.


“Sorry our day got ruined. We were having such fun.” Liam sighed.


“I was watching you play.”


“Like I said; fun!” He jumped up and down.


“Wow, it’s hot in here.” Zayn started fanning himself.


“Guys wanna go swimming?” Allison stood up and offered. Of course we all got excited and totally agreed.


She went into her bathroom and I heard the click of the lock and quietly chuckled. I stripped down to my briefs and jumped back on the bed. I heard a loud vibrating noise and realized that my phone was ringing in my jeans pocket.


I get down and see a text from Ed Sheeran.


Eddddy:Wanna hang?


Me: Eh, Idk hanging out at Allison’s with the boy’s. Come hang with us! The boys miss you and you haven’t met Allison!


Eddddy: Dude, if it was any other girl I would tell you to leave her but... the way you talk about her I can tell you’ve got it BAD! 


Me: I don’t like her. -_-


Eddddy: Whatever... I’ll be there half hour? Find you out back.


I put my phone up and noticed that Louis was reading my text over my shoulder and Allison wasn’t out yet.


“I hate you lou!” I stood up.


“Haha.” He kissed my cheek and they all ran out apparently out of patience with Allison.


“Hurry!” I screamed and pounded on the door.


“I’m coming!” She threw the door open and my mouth slightly fell open. Her thin body was tanned and her hair was falling down around her shoulders. Her huge boobs were popping out and her legs looked amazing.


“Harry, get your eyes away from me!” She slapped my bare chest and walked away. I tried to keep my eyes off her bum but it was really difficult. 




“Ed’s here!!” Louis shrieked and jumped out of the pool to wrap him in a wet hug.


“Ay guys!” He smiled at everyone. Then his eyes landed on Allison and I noticed her blushing. I felt jealous but didn’t think anything about it. Ed thinks I like her. Even though I don’t. He wouldn’t do anything.


“Woah who is this beautiful girl?” Ed complimented her and she blushed even more. She lifted herself out the pool and stuck her hand out. 


Even though her hair was wet and clinging on her neck she looked great. 



“I’m Ed, I’m guessing that you’re Allison? Simon’s daughter?” Ed flashed her a cheeky smile.


She nodded and smiled a bit. 


“Well, I hope you don’t mind that I came but, Harry told me he’d rather stay here than go out for a drink with me.” He pouted. I gave him a dirty look behind Allison’s back and she slowly started to turn around.


With one eyebrow raised she teased me. “Aww, Harry wanted to see my fit body in a bathing suit?” 


“No! N-no way! I just um, thought we s-shouldn’t leave you alone. Now everyone shut up and get in the pool.” 


She smiled but I know she saw through my lies.I got out of the pool and grabbed her to shut her up. I picked her up against her complaints.


“Harry! Let go of me!” She cried. I acted like I didn’t even hear her.


Finally we reached the pool and I made my way to the deep end. Allison was strung over my shoulder hitting my back. I quickly jumped in the water bringing her in with me. 


“I hate you.” She surfaced and splashed me with water. 


“Splash fight!!” Louis screamed and jumped it. He came up and started jumping on me and splashing all over the place. Soon everyone was coming over and splashing. I noticed that Ed had striped down to his own boxers.


He was soon piling on top of me trying to get me to go down. I looked at him and just he shook his head and sent me down dunking me. 



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