Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


13. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


Allison’s point of view


We all piled into Harry’s large range rover.


Of course I always get stuck sitting next to the most awkward person in the room. This time I was sitting in the back with Niall to my right and Liam to my left. Zayn, Perrie and Eleanor were all in the very back and Louis was in the passenger side next to Harry.


“We don’t live that far away.” Louis looked back and grinned. I just smiled and nodded. It seems that now that I have kissed 2/5 boys we’ve gone to the point where I don’t want to communicate with any of them.


I don’t mean to and I feel bad. When I saw the hurt in Louis’s eyes because I didn’t say anything I felt guilty. I don’t know who else knows about Harry and I kissing or Niall and I kissing but I want to keep it between us.


Niall was tapping away on his phone and Liam was mumbling/singing along to the song. I had no clue what Eleanor, Perrie and Zayn were doing. But, I knew Louis and Harry were up there whispering about something.



I didn’t really do anything with my hands. I stared down and yawned a little. As soon as I did everyone was suddenly looking at me. “Are you tired?” Liam questioned quickly.



I just shrugged. It was like two in the afternoon now and I was tired as could be. 


Suddenly we came to a stop and I looked up. We were in a large apartment building I’m assuming they live in. I got out after Liam and I tried not to make eye contact with anyone.


God, why am I so god damn awkward?




“So, what do you want to do?” Harry asked anyone.


They all looked at me and I just shrugged. Harry sighed probably figuring he wasn’t gonna get anywhere with my attitude towards everyone.


“Guys want to uhh... play truth or dare?” Eleanor had a smile on her face. Everyone cheered which I’m guessing was a huge yes.



“Anyone want anything to drink?” Harry stood up and headed off.



“Got any beer?” Niall’s eyes lit up.


“Yeah, I’ll take one too.”


“Me too.” 


“Get me and el one Haz.” 


“I’ll pass.” 


“What about you Allison?” 


“She’s only 16 Niall!!” Liam shouted at him and it kind of frightened me.


“So, come on. You gonna say you never drank 1 beer when you were 16?” Niall tried.


“Actually, never.” Liam stated proudly.


“Well, whats the worse that could happen? She strips and has sex with Harry?” I flinched and it suddenly became really awkward..


“I guess I’ll take one...” I looked to Harry and he walked away. I have never once tried alcohol and I was scared.


I mean, besides the fact I’m about to drink with 5 boys. 



“Allison, it’s illegal!” Liam looks at me frantically. 


“Well, it’s not fair I don’t get anything.”


“Well, you aren’t 18 love.” Liam said soothingly.


I sighed and shrugged. There was no winning against me. Screw this. 




After three beers I started to feel funny. The taste was absolutely disgusting but, I knew that the more I drank the funner I’d have.


After 45 minutes I finally said dare and regretted it terribly. By now I had already told everyone about my virginity, my first period, my favorite singer, my cup size and my first kiss. By now I should have known that a dare would be terrible for me.


Louis moved his little mouth up and down and pursed his lips. “I dare you tooooo.... Hmm...Kiss Harry.” He smiled.


No fucking way. “What happens if I don’t?” I said completely sober. 


“You have to run around my flat naked.” He chuckled. I widened my eyes at how perverted these freaks are! 


“Fine. I’ll kiss Harry.” Harry quickly turned his head and stared in disbelief. Everyone else had the same expression. “What, it isn’t that big a deal, we’ve already kissed guuuuuys.” I giggled.


Harry was sitting right next to me and was easy to access. I grabbed his shirt collar and brought his lips crashing into mine.


For the second time I was kissing Harry Styles and it felt so good.




“Ow.” I touch my head and look up. I was surrounded by a huge light. I turn and see that the light is actually the sun coming through the curtains. But not my curtains. Where the hell am I?


I turn around and find out that I’m alone. I sit up way too fast and fall back down quickly realizing that I’m hungover. That’s right, I remember drinking a beer or two but then it’s all gone.


I hear a squeaking noise and look up to find Harry slowly opening the door. “Uh, where am I?”


He just chuckled and slowly walked in. He brought a glass of water and what seemed like three Advil over to me. “Whats this?”


“Water and Advil.” He handed me it and I took it slowly. 



“Thanks.” I said shyly. 


“No problem. After drinking 3 and a sip of a 4th beer we realized you were a lightweight.”


“Well, yeah, I’m 16! I can’t believe you guys gave me beer!” I cried out. I can’t believe I got drunk!


“You’re the one who asked!” He defended them.


“So, where am I? And why am I not home?” 


“You’re in my bed.” My face fell and I felt sick. “We didn’t do anything. I slept on the couch. Calm down. And, we couldn’t send you home drunk so we told Simon you passed out and we’d bring you home today.” 


“What time is it?” 


“Noon. He’s probably having a fit.” He sighed.


“Oh.. What else happened?”


“Well...We played truth or dare and... we found out that you got your period in gym class and everyone laughed at you.” He shrugged.


“Oh god!” I buried my face in my hands.


He laughed. “Its alright. The same thing happened with my first period too.” He grinned widely.


“What other embarrassing thing did I do?”


“Well, Lou dared you to kiss me and then you were all ‘Harry, you have such a long penis, can we have sex yet? Ohhh yeah’” He started making faces and moaning.


“Whatever! You pervert!” I slapped him.


“No, but you did kiss me...again.” He let his huge smile turn down some.


“You kissed me the first time!” 


“You totally wanted me to!” 


“Nope.” Was all I said.


“Whatever. We were full on snogging!” 


“Your fault. And, you almost untied my top! I would have so killed you!” 


He just laughed and blushed some. “So, can this whole thing stop being awkward? I mean, I’m sorry I kissed you and if it was that terrible...” 


“It wasn’t terrible...” 


“Really?!” He practically peed his pants with excitement. 


I shrugged and got up. My headache was barely noticeable but I ran straight to the bathroom and spilled my guts out.


I felt Harry walk after me and hold my hair. “Sorry if talking about kissing me made you sick.” He sighed dramatically but I kept puking. Suddenly I realized something..


“Harry, it’s noon! Weren’t you suppose to do a concert?!” I screamed frantically.


He laughed and I narrowed my eyes. “We cancelled because Niall got pretty drunk. Plus Andrea’s son had an asthma attack.. he’s okay though! So, we’re off for today but the next week after today we’re out of town.”



“What happened last night? Are you okay?” Simon bombarded me with questions as soon as I walked in.


“Uh, we just had a sleepover I guess.” I chuckled. 



“Okay, well, as long as you’re okay...” 


“Yeah, Liam wants to hang out soo, can Liam and I hang out today?”


“Yeah, I trust him.” He patted my head and left.


I walked to my bedroom and my head was still pounding. Not nearly as bad as before but a little bit. I laid down in bed and turned on my t.v. The first thing that came on was a One Direction interview. 


“So, we’ve got some new topics to talk about!” The interviewer’s squeaky voice came through loud. I turned it down and closed my eyes.



“Harry, you were seen with this girl here... Seems you were getting cozy in the park!” She giggled.


Harry chuckled and I opened my eyes and looked. There were two pictures of us in the park in the woods! 


“That’s just a friend.” He nodded.


“Well, looks like you’re close to kissing...” 


“She’s Simon’s daughter. That’s all. I swear! I was showing her something on the tree..”


“So, is this your new girlfriend?” She showed everyone a picture of that one girl we met at Starbucks.


“No, we went out once but... it’s nothing.” He shrugged sadly. He’s a great actor.


“So, if that’s Simon’s daughter is that this girl here?” She popped up a picture of Niall and I kissing.


I froze... How the hell did they get pictures of us in my own house?!


“Yeah... I made a mistake. We were hanging out and I didn’t mean to. I kissed her and... yeah.” Niall blushed looking down.


“So, will we be seeing a lot of her?”


“Of course! She’s became an amazing friend to all of us! She’s so sweet!” Louis lied. I’m not sweet.


“Well, maybe next she’ll spend a day with Liam! Maybe you’ll get you a kiss too.” She winked and I was mad. Was she calling me a whore?! Saying I’m going to kiss them all?!


“No, it’s not like that! We are all just friends with her!” Liam put his hands up.


She just smiled and cued for a commercial. Why the hell didn’t they tell me I was mentioned in an interview?


I grabbed my laptop and googled my name. Sure enough a ton of pictures from yesterday popped up. I didn’t look half bad. Looking through them I found one of us inside the restaurant and my head was back and I was laughing.


The one that really caught my eye was the one my head was back laughing and so was everyone else’s. Except Harry. He was staring at me all seductive like. He was staring at me like he was in love.


Apparently other people saw that because on the site the blogger wrote, “Is thee Harry Style in love with someone? He is seen here with Allison Weiss, Simon Cowell’s 16 year old daughter and looked pretty seductive towards her! He has been seen with her once or twice before but maybe there is something going on between these two hotties.”


I shut my laptop and sighed. If Simon saw this I was sure I’d get in trouble. I sighed again. I sigh constantly, this is really becoming a problem.


“Are you okay love?” Melody walks in and sits on a chair.



“Yeah, it’s just.. I’m not really sure.” I shrugged.


“Well, I can’t help with that.” She smiled. Over the past couple of weeks I feel like we’ve become pretty good friends.


“Well, theres a bunch of stuff about Harry and I dating and Simon isn’t gonna like it. Plus, theres pictures of Niall and I kissing.”


“You... kissed him? W-when?” Her face fell and I felt like I’ve disappointed her majorly.


“Like when I first got here. I didn’t kiss him. I swear!” 


“Okay. Its okay.” She smiled but stood up hurt. Shit.


“Well, I’m gonna get back to work. Bye.” She waved and left.


I threw myself backwards on the bed and sighed a heavy loud deep sigh.


I pulled out my phone and dialed a number. “Er, hello?” 


“Hey, want to go get that coffee now?” I asked Liam because we had some talking to do.



Hey, So I hope you guys like it so far and i love the feedback I'm getting!! & if you want me to read your book just comment the name or something and I'll try to get to it! (:  ~AllisonxX
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