Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


12. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)



Allison’s point of view


~Two weeks later~



“Come on, get up Allison!” Simon screamed into my room for the fifth time.



He insist that I get out of the house today so we’re going out for brunch. I have been out of the house a lot actually. Just, there weren’t a lot of paparazzi around. This place is going to be full of them.



Simon wants me to come with so we can get seen out together and he can inform everyone about his daughter. Which meant that I’m going to have to get up, shower and look amazing. My pictures gonna be taken.



Also meant that I would have to see One Direction and I guess, communicate with them. I haven’t talked to Harry at all since the kiss. Niall either. They haven’t been over but Liam text me the other day.



Simon had to go do some work with them so Liam and text and told me to tag along. I didn’t really feel like leaving the house so I politely reclined and went back to bed.



I don’t know why I’m being such a drag. At home I was so fun and energized. But here the place that isn’t my home I feel tired and slouchy. I never want to put on jean or get up. But, that also had to do with it being my time of the month.



“You have ten minutes.” Simon pulls my blankets off; again.



“What, no! I have to shower!” I stand up and protest with my hands.



“Nope, you’re coming and you don’t have time. Don’t you understand, we have reservations. I tried waking you up two hours ago. Get dressed, now.” He slams the door behind him.



He has been a total turd head lately. It probably had to do with my laziness and constant crying but... still. I didn’t like it. 


It wasn’t like he invited me anywhere a lot. He was gone a lot. Kind of ironic that my mom sent me to Simon’s house because she doesn’t want me home alone a lot. But, living with Simon I am home a lone a lot.



Unless you want to count the three maids. They all are really quit though and clean and cook and stay in their rooms. 



Melody and I have talked some though. She seems to be my only friend that I’ve made in England. Unless you count the boys. Can’t really count them as friends. Unless you make out with almost half of your friends.



Melody is the youngest out of the maids but she’s my age. Her mom and aunt are the other two. Melody told me once that she actually likes it. She gets to see famous singers and such constantly!



She really has a thing for One Direction and is over excited when they come over for visits. She says that she’s had a lot of conversations with Niall and he’s really easy to talk to.


Plus, I’m pretty sure she has a huge crush on him!


I jump up and look in the mirror. I took a shower yesterday but my hair looks greasy. I move to the closet and grab a strapless floral dress that flowed a little under my knee. Today is the last day in July but it is hotter than it has been the entire summer.



I go into my bathroom and look in a drawer. Louis bought me some power that I sprinkle in my hair and it looks... less greasy. Maybe I should be offended by that and take it as a hint...?


I sprinkle it in and shake my head and brush through tangles. I then grab two hair ties and pull my hair into a loose bun. Then I use the other two hair bands and make it tighter. 



“Come on.” Simon opens the door.



I look and the mirror and still look horrible. Practically ignoring Simon I pull my bangs and a couple strands out. I go to my closet and get a pair of white flats. I slip them on and grab some make up.



I throw it in a purse and follow Simon. 



We walk out and I follow after Meghan and hop in the limo. I surprisingly find a mirror on the back of the seats and start by applying light foundation. 



“You’re really doing your make up on the way there?” Simon asked me.



“Yup!” I snapped and continued.





“Simon!! Who is this?!” 


“Simon, are you hosting x factor?”


“Meghan, you look great!”


“What’s your name?” 


“Simon, is this your new daughter?” 


Simon stopped us and started to talk to them. 



“This is my daughter Allison. She decided she wanted to come live with me so she could see new things over here in Europe!” 


I look at him and he smiled encouraging me to go along with his lie. I scowl at him but quickly turn it to a smile for the paparazzi. They went crazy and I just smiled for the pictures.



Quickly a body guard or two came up and started pushing us into the restaurant. “What the hell was that?!” I asked Simon while we stood in line.



“Well, what am I suppose to say? That I didn’t know about you? They wouldn’t believe that and I’d look like a terrible father. It’s okay. Calm down hun.” He smiled sweetly.


I sighed and looked around. There weren’t a lot of people here. The people here looked famous but I didn’t recognize any of them. 


There was a large table that was secluded in a corner that the waiter led us to. It was huge and would fit a lot of people.



“Who all is coming?” 



“The boys, their girlfriends, my mum so you can finally meet her and a manager because we just have a tad bit of business to discuss.” He patted my hand and smiled boldly.



I have a grandmother? I never once even thought about it. My mom’s mom and dad had both rejected her when she got pregnant with my sisters and she moved miles away from them.


We never once got cards or calls for holidays or birthdays. My mom called them once when I was about 7 and told them about me. They didn’t seem surprised but called my mom a tramp. I didn’t really know what that was but ever since then I didn’t like them.



We took our seats and Simon sat at the head of the table, Meghan sat next to him and I sat on the other side of him. Leaving one side by me open, I wonder who will fill that seat..




Harry’s point of view


“We’re going to be late!” Niall bellowed while I stared at myself in the mirror.


“What do you even care Nialler?” Liam was sitting next to him and ruffled his hair. 


“Oh, I bet Niall cares a lot... More than you know.” I mumbled. 


“I’m.. r-really hungry!” He started stammering. 


Zayn was in his bathroom getting ready and Perrie was still in the shower. They woke up late so we’re in their house waiting.


“What?” Louis come up to me.



“Yeah, what was that you mumbled Haz?” Liam asked.



“Nothing.” I smiled bitterly. Ever since Allison told me he kissed her I felt this rage of jealously when I’m with Niall.



I’ve been waiting to see if she’s going to text me or something but, nothing. I even had Liam ask her to come with the other day because I wanted to see her but, she rejected him.


“Aw, Harry is jelly.” Eleanor messed up my curls. Of course she knew about Niall because of Lou but I didn’t care.


Eleanor is one of my best friends and I consider her a sister and a big part of my life. And if her and Louis broke up I don’t know what I would do without her constant teasing. 


I rolled my eyes and banged on the bathroom door again. 


“She’s getting out now! Hold up!” Zayn screamed through the door. I don’t know how they’re so comfortable with each other.



The door opened and Perrie stepped out with a towel wrapped around her tiny frame. “Harry, get your eyes off my girl mate!” Zayn smirked. I rolled my eyes and let her walk past me towards the room.



“Are you done?” Zayn’s hair looked fine but he shook his head and shut the door in my face. 



“They done yet?” Niall asked with a sandwich in his mouth and one on the plate.



“Niall, we are going out for brunch! You can’t eat that much!” I screamed.



He shrugged and started for the second one. Even when I want to be mad at Nialler there is no way I can stay mad at him for more than a hour.




“You’re late.” Simon stated as soon as we walked towards them.



“Blame Zayn and Perrie!” Louis started getting defensive while helping El into her seat.



I saw that there was a seat next to Allison open. I quickly scurried to get there. Once I did I noticed Simon’s mum was there.


“Simon, you leave these babies alone.” She shot daggers with her eyes at him. 



We all laugh at him getting scalded. I’ve always liked her. She is the sweetest old women ever! She was sitting across from me. When I saw her narrowing her eyes at me and Allison I rolled my eyes making sure she saw.



“Harry.” She slapped my hand playfully and I just winked.



“Harry, she is married!” Liam hit me and we all just laughed. I glanced at Allison and saw how beautiful she looked.



Her little bit of make up that made her face look flawless. Her dress fit her perfectly and her hair looked amazing. I realized I had been staring at Allison when she looked up and blushed when her eyes met mine.



I quickly looked away but found myself looking at grandma Cowell. She was smirking at me wiggled her brows when I met eye contact.


I felt my face blush a tad and found all eyes were on me. “What??” 



“Didn’t you hear Andrea?” Liam asked.



“Oh um, no... Sorry.” I coughed and looked at her.


“Well, she said that we should go a couple towns over and do a small concert.” Zayn repeated words I didn’t hear.



“Okay, that’s fine. When?” 


“Tomorrow. So, make sure that you’re at the station by 7 tomorrow morning. Then I have a schedule that has a couple concert dates that you guys should do, not making you but it’s a nice surprise for the fans. They buy tickets right at the venue and all you need to do is tweet about it and do whatever you can to get them to come.” 



Andrea handed us all a piece of paper. I scanned it but before I saw too much I looked up because a waiter gave us all a cup with tea. “Are you guys ready to order?” 



“Yes, I’ll have this right here.” Niall pointed at something. I looked over and saw he’s getting 10 pieces bacon, 3 pancakes, plus 3 corn dogs.


We all took our orders and he left. His hand is probably sore from writing down 10 orders.


I draw my attention back to the schedule and noticed we had a concert tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. My week is booked solid.


“Well, when we’re done eating I vote we all go back to Harry and I’s to hang out.” Louis chirped and everyone nodded. Simon frowned and Allison just answered a text. Acting like she didn’t even hear him.



“So, who all is going?” I ask hoping that she raises her hand.



Of course all of the boys raise their hands but that’s all. “What about you Simon?” 



He gives me a look answering me. Meghan and him were not coming. I figured Andrea wouldn’t and neither would Simon’s mother. 



“What about you Allison?” I turn to her uttering my first words towards her since we’ve been here.



“I don’t think so... I’ll just head back home with you guys.” She nods at Simon.



“Allison, you haven’t been anywhere for a really long time, maybe you should go.” Meghan encouraged her.


“I don’t know...” She shook her head.


“So, it’s settled! Allison will be going home with the boys to hang out for the day!” Simon’s mum screamed, shocking everyone. I just looked at her and she winked with a smirk. 




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