Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


9. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


Harry’s point of view



“Well, I should be going. Sorry I couldn’t help you guys anymore.” I read my watch and it read a quarter past 8.



“Where are you going?” Allison asked me. We’ve almost got everything moved into her huge room and we were all almost out of breath. Except Allison, she seemed perfectly fine even though she had carried as much as us. 



“On a date. With Sierra. From Starbucks.” I shrugged and walked out the door. 



I know that her and Niall had something going on. It was obvious. 1. He had told me that he wanted to kiss her at Nandos. 2. The way that he was acting last night. 3. She was blushing like crazy when we asked about them.


I don’t know if she felt the same way or not though. It’d be really weird if she did though. But, I don’t see them going too far. I don’t even know why I care.



I had almost completely forgot about Sierra until Lou brought up Niall earlier. Then when I realized that I totally wasn’t jealous I decided to text her. I mean not that I want something serious at the time or anything.


When girls say that you should hang out they probably like you. In this case she knew I was Harry Styles and she likes that. I don’t know what she is going to want out of this relationship but, I doubt we’ll be thinking the same thing.



Except I did invite her to go to a club with me. Not on an actual date I guess. Right now I’m really just wanting a hook up. I want to relieve stress and this is the best way to do it.




“Hold on!” I heard someone that didn’t sound like Sierra scream at the door. I rolled my eyes hoping she was ready.



“Harry right?” A tall women stood towering over me. I’m assuming it was her mom.



I nodded and she ushered me in. Great now I’m going to get a lecture about ‘don’t hurt my baby. She’s been through so many relationships that didn’t work. Make sure she is home by... rada rada...’ 



“Well, I’m Leeann. I’m her aunt. Sit down.” I did as told and waited awkwardly.



“Okay Harry.. I know that you’re world wide famous boy band Harry Styles. Plus I also hear that you’re a sex God... from Sierra. I know that you’re probably just looking for a hook up. Thats why you’re going to a club. I’m totally fine with that... Just try to be a gentleman...?” She shocked me.


“I’m not like that. Don’t worry.” I smiled sweetly at her.



I felt even worse. I stood up because I heard heels clacking from behind me. I reeled around and stood in front of Sierra’s nice frame.



She wasn’t fat or lean. She had curves which was good! Her dress clung to her nicely and she looked great. Her short red dress was nice and she cleaned up good.


“Are you ready to go?” I held my arm out for her. She looped her arm through and we said our goodbyes to her aunt.


“Oh my gosh... your car is amazing.” She awed at it. I chuckled and opened the door trying to be a gentleman. 



I kind of scurried over to the other side of the car and hopped in. I want this date to go by fast. There was one image of someone in my mind and I can’t seem to get her out. I have to stop this! I’m Harry fucking Styles for crying out loud.



Look at me. I have a girl sitting next to me that I could take any time I wanted. She was waiting for it. That is what she wanted. Why am I beating myself up over Allison though?




When we arrived to the club it was already full and it was 8:45. You could hear the music three blocks away and that made me cringe. 



It was a nice club and we got in easily. When we got in I pulled her over to the bar asking what she wanted. I ordered us our drinks and sat on a stool waiting. I kind of just wanted to get drunk as fuck. A nice way of saying it.



“You look nice.” She rubbed my clothed chest flirty. 



I smirked and thanked her. “You look great too.” I smiled showing my dimples. She blushed and our drinks came.



I quickly drank mine and requested another. She sat and sipped on her fruity cocktail. I looked over at her long legs and she was bouncing them to the beat. She wanted to dance.



I waited for my second drink and offered my hand. She looked up and accepted it, smiling.



We moved to the dance floor swaying to the heavy music. We danced for about thirty minutes before some sleazy dude came up to us. “Hi, I’m Lenny.” He flashed a huge smile to Sierra.



“I’m Sierra.” She stopped dancing with me and stared at this dude.



“And I’m Harry.” I stuck my hand out and he just nodded and paid attention to her.



“Would you like to dance?” He asked her, ignoring me.



“Yeah.” She started walking away.



“Um...Hello?” She kept going further into the crowd.



I turned away and walked towards the bar and ordered two more drinks. Well this “date” is going great. I should probably leave.



Allison text me “How is your date going? :D”


Why must she always be in my mind?



“Oh, just great!” I replied back sarcastically. I should really leave.



“Oh, have fun!” I rolled my eyes and laughed. 



“I’m kidding. She left me to go dance with some bum. ):” Like I actually cared. I just needed a stress relief.



“Aww, poor Harry. :) only wanted to go out with her for..ya know.. :o ” 



“How rude! And that is not why! Well maybe.. I’m sad.. I need someone to relieve myself in.. D: But, now I’m sad.” 



“Oops. Oh God Harry. You’re gross! This is why you haven’t found that reliever person yet because you talk like that! Oh & I know a great person for you.. :) Ohh and Are you sad that someone finally chose a different guy over you?” What.



“Gasp, words like that coming out of your mouth! And who, you? You know you want me to relieve myself if you. &What, no! Why would you think that? -_-” 



“Why are you getting so mad about it ay Harreh? And no.. your hand! :D” 



“I’m not.(: And ehh i prefer not to.. that’s more Niall’s taste.” 



“xD I’ve heard rumors about that..Okay, well I should be going. Just checking to see how your amazing date was going. Adios.” 



I didn’t want to stop talking to her. “Well bye then loser! ;::)” 



“Woah man! That hurt. ): Btw nice smiley face. You getting drunk? aha” 



“Hahah, well you’re the onue who said bye to thee Harry Styles. No one says adios to me!” 



“Looks like Sierra did. :o” She was good. Kind of.






“Hahah, bye Harry.” 



I didn’t even feel like responding. By now I had already chugged a couple beers and maybe I should leave. I don’t think I should keep drinking. Should I even drive? 



I turned my head to see Sierra full on snogging this guy in the corner. I sighed and started walking away. “Hey cutie.” I turned around to find a familiar girl leaning against a stool. 



I rolled my eyes. “What do you want?” 



“Aw, nothing. Just wanted to say hi.” A smirk playing on her lips.



“Okay, well, I should be heading out.” I tried leaving again.



“You seem kind of tipsy. Let me drive you.” 



“I don’t know Caroline.” 




Allison Point of View


“Okay. Thanks guys.” They all said their goodbyes and walked out the door. It was eleven and I was tired. They had been here all day and we got everything moved into my room.



My room now consisted of my bed, dresser, tv, entertainment system, table and desk. The large dresser was already filled with my clothes. The tv wasn’t hooked up to the cable yet but I had a DVD player for now.



The desk had a spiney chair that came with it but Simon traded me it for a non spiney one. 



Niall and I had barely looked at each other the entire day. It was really awkward. He smiled at me a couple times and I didn’t want to be rude so I forced back a couple smiles.



“Hey, I’m going to b... your room looks great!” Simon walked in and admired it.



I laughed. “Thanks. Thanks for everything. For taking me in and buying me everything. I really appreciate it.” I stood up and hugged him tightly.



“Its okay.” We both sat down on my bed. “Ya know, I didn’t really even know that you were even alive until you were 3 or 4... I still thought I could party every night and I could get any girl that I wanted. Your mother is fabulous and she is so sweet and she’s beautiful but... I couldn’t take the pressure of a kid..”



“Its alright. We got by fine. I had her and my older sister and my friends to take care of me. Ya know when she first told me she was shipping me off I was furious but... Now I realize it might not be that bad.”



“You only say that because you have Harry and Niall.” He nudged me.



“What? No, I don’t like them!” I already told him this!



“Meghan told me about Niall.”






“So, has he asked you on a date?”



“No! I don’t really like him... I just haven’t told him that yet...” 



“Oh. Well, I guess I should be going to bed now. I’ll try to get cable soon okay?” I nodded at him and he left.



After about ten minutes I got off my bed and walked into the huge living room and turned on the large flatscreen that almost resembled mine. I then suddenly heard my stomach growl.



I slide into the kitchen and find a pack of Ramen noodles. I’m actually surprised that he has Ramen noodles. I filled a bowl up with water and then put the noodles in. I’m too lazy to actually cook them so I stick them in the microwave.



I grab a coke and a cup and fill it with ice. I’m pretty tired but then I don’t think I could fall asleep. I wait for the ding to ring from the microwave and bring everything back to the giant couch. 



As soon as I sit down I hear the doorbell. I let it ring two more times and sigh. I stand up and open it to find a shirtless Harry about to fall over. “Can I commme in Alledon?” He slurs and I can barely even understand what he says.



I let him and shut the door behind him. He walks over and takes my spot on the couch. “Turn the t.v on!” He request. I turn it on and I play Spongebob; One of my favorite shows!



“Why are you eating?” He looks at me while I slurp my noodles.



“What do you mean Styles?”



“You’re eating food. Thats not fair. I want food.” He pouted and closed his eyes. “Will you share with moi?” He batted his huge eyelashes. It is so unfair that guys have huge lashes and girls have to wear mascara.



“I’ll make you your own bowl. Hold on.” I placed the bowl down and stood up.



“No, share with me babe!” He pulled at my waist and pulled me onto his lap, giggling all the while.



I rolled my eyes and his face was super close to mine. Making me want to barf. He reeks of beer. “Ew Harry!” 



“What? You don’t like me?” He acted hurt.



“Harry, you smell of beer. Its nasty.” 



“Oh.” He looked down and lifted me off.



“I’m gonna go to sleep. Can I sleep in your bed with you?” He stood up.



I sighed and pondered it... “I guess so...” 



He practically skipped off to my room. 




After about an hour I turned off the t.v and trotted to bed. I looked at my bed and Harry was snoring into my pillows. He stretched all over the bed. I still kind of wasn’t tired. I grabbed clothes and made my way towards my shower.



When I was done I got into a pair of short pajama shorts and a tight tank top. I quietly walked into my bedroom to find my bed bare. I looked around my room and didn’t know what to expect.



Maybe he went to sleep on the couch. Or maybe he went home. I don’t know so I just decided to lay down and try to sleep. I finally fell asleep but I awoke because I felt someone sneak into my bed.



“shh. Go back to bed.” Harry slid in next to me and wrapped his arms around my stomach.



“Harry, that better be your finger or something touching me...” I said giggling to myself. I was just joking.



He just laughed with me. “The world may never know.”



“Oh ew! Harry!” I screamed, pulled the blankets back; hoping he was joking. I shrieked and closed my eyes and fell on the ground hitting my butt.



“Its not ew!” He defended himself. Somehow forgetting to wrap himself back in my blanket. Oh God! My blanket! I must burn it tomorrow!



“Get out of my bed!” I kept my eyes closed.



“No. Its really comfy. Why don’t you get back in?” I could hear the smirk in his voice.



“Harry... Seriously please. Thats nasty. I don’t want your dick touching me.” I spat, not trying to be mean. I didn’t hear him anymore. I waited a couple minutes, thinking that he left. 



I opened my eyes and sighed. He was just sitting there staring at me. Still naked and no blanket on.



“...Harry.” I sighed.



“Just get back in bed. I won’t try anything. I swear.” He sighed.



I sat there and slowly stood up. I still didn’t open my eyes but walked towards the bed and got in it. I scooted until I was almost falling off. Harry was on the other side practically doing the same. I mean, why wouldn’t you get back in bed with Harry Styles? He was so... irresistible 



Slowly I felt him coming closer to me. “Want to lose your virginity sweet thang? Besides.. I never got my stress relief.” He nibbled on my neck. He wrapped his arms around my waist again and tried to flop me so I was facing him. I got out of his grip and stood up. 



I grabbed one of my pillows. “I think that this could be classified as rape so... I’m just going to go sleep somewhere else...” I ran out of the room and flew myself into the room next door.



Harry is such a perv! He was drunk and probably just upset that he didn’t get to have sex with Sierra. 



I sighed to myself. I did feel something... besides his wiener. Like lust towards him. I wanted to save myself until marriage. But there was a tiny ounce of my brain that was telling me to just fuck him.



Hey, guys so, I've been getting way more reads and I'm really excited!! Thank you all so much! :D  ~AllisonxX
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