Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


8. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


I couldn’t sleep last night. I felt terrible. Right then and there I should have ran off to find Niall and told him my feelings. That I didn’t have any for him. Now I feel guilt. What if he really liked that kiss. What if he wants more?



“Hey.” Meghan smiled to me. “You stay up all night or something?” She always seemed to know..



“Yup. I feel terrible.” She knew that I didn’t have feelings for Niall. I feel like I could tell her anything. She isn’t as old as Simon so I feel like I have a friend to consult in.



“Well love, you should just tell him. He should understand.” She offered and I just shrugged. I took my sweetened coffee to my bed. I sat it on the small table and I was left sitting in the hall way still.



I couldn’t leave at all today. I would have to stay here hoping that they’ll put carpet in my room so I can move everything in there. Actually moving the stuff was going to be hard.



The boys will probably show up so I plan on making them do some heavy lifting! I go into my bedroom and grab my small laptop that my mom got me on my 14th birthday. I slide Harry’s CD in it and add all the songs to iTunes. 



Then I found my Up All Night album that Louis insisted I buy and exported that too. I sat up against my bed frame and put my headphones in. I took my coffee and held it in my hands and slowly drank it.



I closed my eyes and started swaying my head to the music playing. I absolutely loved Luke Bryan. I’m not some big “cowgirl” or something but the only music I really enjoyed was country.



At the beginning of summer Alexis, Nicki and I all went to a Luke Bryan concert and he was amazing. Living in California meant that a ton of singers came to my state. If you’re a singer then it was almost guaranteed you would have a concert there.



One Direction had even been there twice just in this summer. My sister went to both and begged me to tag along. No thanks!



I didn’t realize at the time that a couple months down the road I would see them practically every single day. It’s really weird. When are the press going to start finding me and taking pictures of me?



Of course I know that it will happen... sadly. I don’t really want to be in the media. That reminds me of the picture with Harry, they think I’m dating him! Which reminds me about my mom and the tickets.



I call her and she answers on the 5th ring. “Mom! Guess what?! For my birthday present, one of the boys got you tickets! You can come stay during fall break for 3 days!” I was excited.



“Aww, that was sweet of him! I’ll try my hardest to get off okay? Your sister wanted to come down but I’ll tell her no.” Was she trying to make me feel bad....?



“Okay... Well, I called to tell you. Bye love you.” I hung up almost in tears. 



I dialed my old friend’s phone number and waited for her to answer. “Hello?” She mumbled. It was like noon here. I never seemed to have time to call in the afternoon so she’ll have to suffer.



“Alexis!” I cried into the phone.



“Oh, Allison! Oh my gosh! How are you?!” Now she seemed alert.



“I miss you guys so much.” I sighed. 



“We’ve missed you too! Oh, Nicki is here too!” I heard the beep indicating that I’m on speakerphone.



“Hey Nicki! I’ve missed you too!” I felt like crying. It wasn’t fair that mom was choosing work over me. Now I live thousands of miles away from my friends and family.



“Aww, we’ve missed you too...” She started crying. I could hear her weeping.



“Its okay! Don’t cry! I’ll be there during winter break...” I accidentally let a tear fall.



“Why are you crying?” I look up to see the boys standing at the end of my bed.



“W-what? Nothing.” I got up and walked in my bathroom.



“Allison, it started again...” Nicki was still sobbing. I knew what she was talking about. She keeps having these recurring nightmares. Nicki is a year older than everyone in our grade.



She was held back when she was 15 and got stuck in our grade. She got pregnant but her abusive dad didn’t like that... He had beaten her constantly causing her to loose the baby.



After that she ran away and started living with her grandparents. They didn’t want to accept the fact that their little Nicki was pregnant but they didn’t want her getting killed by Steve.



Ever since she lost the baby she has these terrible nightmares... the way she describes them scares the crap out of me... She said that once we all started hanging out and spending the night at each other’s houses they dulled down. She just needed friends.



I guess now they’re back and I feel terrible. “I’m sorry... Thats terrible. When is the last time you talked to your therapist about it?” 



“Two months ago...” 



“I’m sorry...” I don’t know how I could make them stop but I wanted to. She is my best friend, I don’t want her to cry.



“Anywaaays, who was that. Asking why you were crying?” Alexis tried changing the subject.



“Well, ya guys know how I moved to my dads.. Well, his name is Simon Cowell and um he created the band One Direction...” I took a deep breath in.



They both screamed into the phone. “Why are you guys so excited...?” 



“We might not like them but we like their faces!” They both giggled.



“Oh my gosh...” I rolled my eyes.



“So, which one are you going to get with?” Nicki asked. She was a huge perv.



“None!” I felt my cheeks turn red.



“Well surely one of them is bound to like you, you’re fucking hot Allison Paige Weiss!” Alexis screamed at me.



It reminded me of Niall kissing me... “Well...” I paused.



“Oh my gosh! Who is it?! Who do you like?!”



“Well, Zayn and Louis have girlfriends but Louis claims he is my new best friend...” I heard Nicki grunt causing me to laugh. “Liam went on a date or something... I don’t know... Um...” 



“What about the Irish one... Neil? He is pretty cute! Oh my God! Harry is to die for! I would love to strip him an....” I interrupted her.



“Ew, shut up! I have to look at his face! No ewww.” I squeezed my eyelids tight.



“Niall did um... kiss me last night and it was really awkward because I don’t have feelings for him.” I talked really fast.



“Oh my gosh! You kissed him and you don’t like him! Wait.... what about that Harry one?” 



“Well, I don’t know. Nothing is going to happen between us. Yes he is really cute and flirty but everyone keeps warning me to stay away...” I sigh inward.



“Oh well. You dated Connor...” Alexis mentioned.



“Yeah, I know?” 



“Just saying. But, hey my dad wants us to get up and go uptown with him. Bye! Love you!” They both say bye and I step out of my bathroom and out into the hall. All the boys were sitting on my bed.



“Who was that?” They all stare at me.



“My friends, Alexis and Nicki.” I walked into the living room with them trailing behind. 



“What are we doing today?” I actually asked them first.



“Woah, you want to hang out with us?” Harry’s lip turned into a smirk and I rolled my eyes. I shrugged and grabbed a package of pop tarts.



I stuck them into the toaster and sat on the counter. I sat there waiting for them to cook and I let my eyes wander to Niall. He was already staring at me but I accidentally let my eyes stay hooked to his.



For a minute we just stayed there staring at each other. Then the toaster popped the pop tarts out and made me almost die. I shook my head removing Niall’s eyes and I tried to grab a plate. 


Apparently Niall saw me struggling to reach one and came over and got one. Niall wasn’t much taller than me but tall enough to reach one. 



“Thanks...” I mumbled and got my pop tarts. I sit down and start eating them. I feel everyone’s eyes on me as I look up.






“Nothing..” They all look away.




At noon the person finally comes and starts with the carpet. I was so glad that I would have a little bit more privacy when I fall asleep now. 



“So, do you want us to move your stuff in when they’re done?” Zayn looked up from his phone.



“If that’s okay.” 



“Yeah.” They all agreed that they would and such.



“So Liam, how did your date go?” I asked him because there wasn’t anything else to talk about.



He smile and blushed a little... “It was amazing. She seems lovely. We’re going out for coffee tomorrow morning.” 



Everyone started ‘awwing’  and calling him cute. It was adorable. 



“So, what happened between you two last night?” Louis pointed at Niall and I. I could feel my face turning red so I turned my face.



“Nothing? What are you talking about?” I lied.



“Well, he left something at the house and came back to get it and he was acting weird...” 



“Nothing happened... I don’t know what you’re talking about...” Niall told him.



I looked at Harry and his jaw was clenched and an emotion ran over his face. Was it jealousy? 




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