Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


5. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


Harry steps back and I turn around. The tree that I was pinned up against had names carved all over it. “Look.” Harry points to something.



Harry must have carved on it, “HARRY LOVES:” Then underneath that there were tons of names. 



“I did that about eight months ago. Then I put a picture of it up on Twitter, I guess a lot of girls found it.” He smiled to himself. I bet he loved being so famous and attractive. Every girl that had sense was in love with him!




Harry’s Point of view 



I could see that Allison wanted to kiss me. I wanted to kiss her too but, not yet. She just came here and I couldn’t be fooling around with her. After awhile Simon won’t really care. Then I can do whatever I wanted.



“Look.” I point at something on the ground. There was a small carving knife that I placed there awhile back. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. She gave some thought to it and bent over and grabbed it.



She sighed and turned away from me. She carved Allison into it and put a heart to go with it. “Are you happy?” She threw it down and started walking away. 



“Whats wrong?” I caught up to her.



“Nothing.. I’m just tired. We’ve been walking all day.” She stopped and stood in front of me.



“Oh well, lets go back to Simon’s.” I led us out of the woods and onto the sidewalk. I’m tired too but I won’t admit it to Allison. 



“So, tell me about yourself.” I nudge Allison.



“Well...” She hesitated. She sighed then opened up to me. “I’m 16 and my birthday is July 10th. My favorite color is blue... I was in soccer back home, I have an older sister that is in love with you guys. I’m a virgin... You already know that.” I laughed and told her to continue. 



“I love cats and have an obsession. I only really like country music. I want to shoot every single rap singer ever! I lived in Cali and never been out of the state before now. My mom’s name is Katie, dad’s name is Simon. I don’t know... nothing that interesting.” She laughed.



“Oh.” Was all I said. 



“Well, I’m Harry. I’m 18 and my birthday is February 1st. I’m a virgin too!” I winked and she laughed and rolled her eyes. “I don’t play sports, beside football,like you. I have my older sister named Gemma, my mom’s name is Anne and my dad’s name is Joe(idrk if this is truee hhaaha.. ive read a lot of stuff about his stepdads and dads. ): ) and stepdad’s name is robin. 



I have a sick obsession with cats,” I winked. “I like almost every type of music except country. I’ve been all around the world and I have billions of girls crying over me constantly.” I look at her and smirk.



“I doubt it.” She rolled her eyes at me and I laugh.



“Its nine thirty!” She exclaims. “We’ve been gone all day! I’m so tired!”



“Here.” I grab her arm and put her on my back. 



“No, let me down Harry.” She barely says.








“Harry?!” Simon is towering over me.



“Wha?” My eyes adjust to the darkness.



I sit up and realize that I’m in the bed with Allison. Thats right we came back here and I just stayed the night in her bed with her. Which is in the middle of the hallway still. 


I mean, it probably doesn’t look good. I have her in my arms and I’m shirtless. 



“What are you doing?!” Simon grabs my arm.



“Calm down!” I get up and trot to the closest guest room and lay down on the small bed.



“I’ll sleep in here tonight okay?” I make sure its okay with him. Why is he so fucking protective over her? Gosh, its not like he wanted to protect her all these years.



“Good!” Simon slams the door and leaves me alone to go back to bed.





Allison’s point of view



“Harry?” I sit up and hes gone. I thought he fell asleep in my bed with me? 



Oh well. I find my phone a couple feet away from me on the small table. I pick it up and I have a missed call from Louis.



I call him back and he answers. “Allison?”



“Yeah, you called?” 



“Are you and Harry still together?”



“I don’t see him...” 






“Allison?” I turn around and Harry is standing in briefs rubbing his eyes. My eyes lingered on his perfect body but I knew that I had to turn away that he’d catch me staring at him.



“Oh he is here.” I report to Louis who is asking questions on the other line. 



“Okay! I thought something happened!” Louis screamed.



“No, calm down!” I screamed back at him. Now I have a huge headache forming.



Harry stuck his hand out and took my phone. He walked back into the room with my phone. I flopped myself back onto the bed and covered up my entire body with my blanket. It was so warm and I just wanted to sleep all day.



“Well, I’ve got to go. Yesterday was fun! We need to start hanging, just us!” Harry gave me my phone and kissed my temple then left.



I got  up and walked into the kitchen. “Hey do you want anything?” Meghan was standing in the kitchen. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight t-shirt.



“No thanks.” I replied and smiled.



“I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to be gone all day so you’ll be home alone.” Simon walked in and was pulling a blazer over his shirt.



“Its okay.” I sat down on a chair.



“Well I know you don’t really have any friends yet so you can just hang out with the boys today? If you want. Just make sure you call me first!” They headed out the door and left.



Well, nothing to do today... It was already 11. Mom would be awake. I haven’t talked to her in forever. I talked to my sister a couple days ago though and it was nice. I would call Alexis and Nicki today and talk to them. I miss my two best friends.



“Hello? Honey! I’ve missed you so much!” My mom screamed into the phone. 



I haven’t talked to her since when I first got here. I start crying. “Whats wrong honey?” She whispers.



“I’m homesick and I miss you.” I wipe my tears.



“Well you don’t seem that homesick! I saw a picture of you and your boyfriend on T.v you were at a park! Then it showed you on his back and it was the cutest!” 



“What, I don’t have a boyfriend...” 



“You don’t have to lie! You’re old enough to now sweetie.” 



“Harry!” I hissed.



“Yeah, thats what his name is! From that band! You’re cute together!” 



“We’re not dating, I swear. Simon knows them or something, I don’t know... But I promise we’re not dating!”




When I’m off the phone with my mom I step in the shower. I take a long shower and think. Maybe living here won’t be so bad I guess. 



The boys seem to be fun. I  mean they treat me like they’ve known me forever. I like that about them. They aren’t shy! They’re all really cute and they have cute accents. I really like Niall’s Irish one and Harry’s husky british one.



Simon seems to be pretty chill. I think that he has to go to America soon though and he has to start the X factor... I don’t know what he plans to do with me though. Take me with? Leave me here with his girlfriend or something?



I can’t believe that my picture was on T.v. Me with Harry Styles... People are going to start hating me. People are going to resent me. I have already told Rebecca, my sister about this whole thing. She promises me that she plans on coming to London to stay with me.



Alexis and Nicki don’t like One Direction so they shouldn’t care. Except they’ll think  that I’m dating him and they’ll throw a fit about that...



When I left Nicki had her eye on a boy named Taylor. He flirted with her constantly and it was sickening! I had to break up with Connor before I moved because I knew that it wouldn’t really work...



We had been dating for six and a half months. He always came off as a player to everyone. People said that I “tamed” him. Pshh he probably already had a new girlfriend! Everyone in that school had known that I wasn’t planning on having sex with him anytime soon so they were really surprise when they found out that we had lasted how long we had.



As soon as I finish my shower I hear the door bell! Oh crap! Its the person who is putting carpet in. I don’t have time to get dressed so I wrap my body in a towel then do the same for my hair.



When I arrive at the door no one is there. “Hello?” I call out. I don’t see a car or anything... I shut the door and turn around. “AHHH!”



I almost fall backwards. Louis is standing in front of me.



“Whats wrong?” He smiles and hugs me.



“I’m happy to see you again! I’ve missed you! I hope you don’t mind but this is my girlfriend! Eleanor!” A really pretty girl stood up and smiled.



“Hi, its nice to meet you. Harry has said so....” Louis kissed her. 



“Oops, can’t get enough yum!” He kissed her again....



“Okay well um, nice to meet you too. I’m going to go get changed.” I walk into the bathroom and shut the door. I look behind the shower curtain to make sure Harry didn’t sneak in or anything!



I get dressed in short denim shorts and a baseball tee. Louis had picked it out because it was grey and said “British boys” With heart with the british flag in the middle.



I didn’t take time for make up or do my hair. I walked out and they were sitting on the couch giggling. 



I sat down across from them and let my eyes move all over. It was awkward he was just like holding her in his arms and they were whispering about something.



“So what are we going to do today Allison?” Louis pays attention to me.



“Um I don’t know. I don’t have anything planned.” I shrug.



“Well, do you want to go out to eat with Eleanor and I?” 



“Um I don’t know... I’ll feel like a third wheel.”



“No you wont! I never even pay attention to Eleanor!” 



Eleanor slaps Louis in the chest then he kisses her. “Okay, well I guess so. Let me go put make up on?” He nods and I stroll to my bedroom.



I put on a pair of red TOMS. I put mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss on. I find a small purse that I’ve had for a really long time and throw stuff in it.



I walk out and they’re standing by the door waiting for me.



“You’re really pretty Allison!” Eleanor tells me as we start out the door.




“Nando’s again?” I complain to Louis as we pull up.



“Don’t let Niall hear you complain about Nando’s!” Eleanor laughs. “He’ll go crazy on you!”



I get out of the back seat and feel the sun shine onto me. I take my sunglasses off and throw them into my purse. I feel so mature carrying a purse. 



“So, how are you liking London so far?” Eleanor makes conversation with me while we’re waiting to be seated.



“Um, its nice. I haven’t really met a lot of people but they all seem to be nice.” I don’t know how to respond because I haven’t been around here a lot.



She nods as we get ushered to a huge booth. I don’t understand why we need such a big space for a couple people but I don’t argue. 



The young women comes over and ask what we want to drink. Louis replies the usual with a  coke. I’m guessing for me. “Ya know, I don’t want my usual to be coke.”



Louis smiles at me. “Well, what do you want it to be cowboy?” Cowboy?



As soon as the word cowboy slips out of his mouth I almost die. A ton of people shout in my face, “HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ALLISON!”



All the staff and customers joined too. 



“Oh my gosh!” My eyes are wide at Louis. “I’m going to kill you!” I laugh.


I hope you guys like it. afjk ahaha I actually have some pretty good things planned out for the book so make sure you keep reading! (: ~AllisonxX
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